Friday, March 20, 2015

Danger! Fake Adobe/LinkedIn emails

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Current spam email campaigns are trying to infiltrate or infect email accounts by pretending to come from either Adobe or LinkedIn Support. The emails from LinkedIn claim ‘irregular activities have prompted a compulsory security update’. With the Adobe emails attempt to direct the user to the latest updates

Get your dog chipped for free

Free micro chipping events for dogs in Purbeck

Dog owners can get their dogs micro chipped free of charge this spring in Upton and Wareham.

Events, organised by the Dogs Trust in partnership with Purbeck District Council, are taking place from 11am to 3pm on the following dates:

·         Thursday 9 April
The Upton Community Centre car park, Poole Road, Upton  BH16 5JA

·         Wednesday 6 May
Hauses Field, Northmoor, near Wareham

·         Wednesday 10 June
Recreation Ground, Worgret Road, Wareham   BH20 4PQ

Richard Conway, Environment Manager at Purbeck District Council, said:  “Dog micro chipping will become compulsory in 2016 for all dogs, so why not take advantage of these free events and get your dog chipped free of charge.”

Richard continued:  “Having your dog micro chipped is one of the best ways to increase its chances of getting home if lost or stolen.  Don’t forget, the law also states that all dogs must wear a collar and tag, with their owner’s name, address and telephone number.”


Contact:  Jill Jackson, Technical Officer, Environment Team, Purbeck District Council.  Telephone 01929 556561

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Utility prices

I thought I was pretty on the ball with utility prices, but after listening to the news today ( Dual-fuel customers of the big energy firms have missed big savings by not switching suppliers, early evidence from a competition inquiry suggests.) I decided to compare the meerkat again and saved a potential £400 on both Dad’s and my duel fuel account. We ended up with Sainsbury's online fixed 2016 rate. Martin’s Money Tips site proved excellent because they carry on monitoring the market for you and tell you when and what to swop to if you would save £75 or more. How many old people in Swanage are being ripped off for their loyalty/inertia/lack of confidence? [posted by nick the fish 180215]

Friday, November 28, 2014

Recycling Centre changes? Consultation underway ..

 Have your say.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Special needs?

ALLSORTS is a Purbeck-wide information and social/support group for parents and carers of children with special needs. The group was set up some years ago to help parents and carers of children with special needs. The people behind setting it up no longer seem to require the support it provided, but is there anyone out there who would be interesting in taking on running the group? One easy aspect is simply running this blog to keep people informed:

If so, let me know and I can give you editing authority to run the blog and advice on anything else you might to do in terms of linking with various specialist bodies.
Mike Hadley

Special needs 121 swimming lessons ..

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Delivery scam (PDS)

Swanage Residents Association?

Some of you will recall there was an advertised public appeal in 2011 to keep the Swanage Residents Association going. I actually thought it had already been wound down, but it seems there are still some formalities to complete. I thought it worth making one last effort to see if anyone is interested in keeping this going (in whatever way a new committee determines). If no community-minded people step forward to fill the key roles (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, etc) and form a legitimate committee, the organisation WILL finally be formally wound down.
If you wish to join the Committee or stand for election as an Officer, please let me know asap, as the SRA is scheduled to be dissolved at a committee meeting on 15 December 2014. Mike Hadley (Committee Member):

Friday, November 07, 2014

New subject

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Severe weather meeting 3 December


Swanage Coastal Change Forum Meeting
‘Severe weather – who is responsible for what?’

3 December 2014
5.30 - 7.30pm
Emanuel Baptist Church & Centre, 160 Victoria Ave, Swanage, BH19 1AZ

The aim of the meeting is to build community resilience and it will include presentations from organisations to outline their role when there is severe weather in Swanage. Organisations presenting will include:

·        Environment Agency- Nick Reed
·        Fire and rescue -  Phil Burridge
·        Emergency Planning (Purbeck DC) – Kirsty Wriglar
·        Coastguard Agency & Swanage Town Council- Ian Brown
·        Police - (TBC)

Please book your place by or calling 01305 224833 by the 31st November. This is a free event

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Purbeck’s Normandy Veterans to be honoured on Monday 8 September

Our local WWII Normandy veterans are to be honoured and presented with the French Insignia on Monday 8th September at Swanage Railway. Any members of the public wishing to attend should ideally meet the veterans off the train when it returns to Swanage at approximately 16.20 on Monday afternoon, when they will be awarded the French Insignia, which were personally collected from Normandy by Mr Tony Watts.  See Purbeck Gazette website for full details:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dolphin Alert service

[From Durlston Country Park newsletter] 
Dolphin Alert! Text Service
What with all these new fangled technologies
(mobile phones!) now allowing almost instant
communications we have decided to drag
ourselves kicking and screaming into the
1990’s and offer a text alert system to anyone
that’s interested in spotting the magnificent
creatures of the sea. By making the call out
system more accessible we hope to
encourage more people to text in their own
sightings to give us a better idea of
populations and behaviour in the waters off
Dorset. Although called Dolphin Alert! it is not
just Dolphin sightings we’re interested in, we
would love to hear about sightings of Whales,
Sharks, Seals or anything a little unusual such
as Sunfish. All you need to do to receive a
text notification of what has been spotted,
where and when, is to email your name and
telephone number (texts can be sent to a
landline if you don’t have a mobile, or one
that you switch on!) to
with the subject ‘Dolphin Alert’. The service
costs £5 per year (cheques payable to
Durlston Marine Project) (1st August – 31st


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shark in Swanage!?

I was by the stone quay this morning when the kids crabbing suddenly shouted out, and there was a four-to-five feet long shark swimming around. I'm told this was probably a tope (as too big for a dogfish), but if anyone else who was there knows better ...

Thursday, July 03, 2014

(NO) Parking on Swanage old stone quay

In case you're interested, Dorset County Council Highways Department have just confirmed to me (3 July 2014) that parking is now NOT allowed on the pedestrian area by the old stone quay (i.e. where the motorbikes [and some cars] park, and the traffic wardens WILL issue tickets.