Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine is Dead!

According to the Beeb, Swanage Railway is to drop their T the T weekends due to legislation that would require the Staff to take Training Courses.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blues Festival is on 7, 8, 9 March

The 8th Swanage Blues Festival is on 7, 8, 9 March. Admission is free.

Artists include The Guvnors, Jon Walsh Blues Band, Sonny Black, Storm Warning, Will Killeen, John Crampton, Angelina & JC Grimshaw, Robin Bibi, Motel 6, The Mustangs, Robert Hokum Blues Band, Coalhouse Walker, Ernies Rhythm Section, Debbie Giles Band, Chris Collins & Blues Etc, The Ragtime Jug Orchestra, Hightown Crows, Coast, C Sharp Blues, Steve Darrington, the Fabulous Fezheads and Harris, Budden & Osborne. Plus open mic sessions every afternoon and a blues steam train ride.

For full information, a free programme or to get on the mailing list, see website www.swanage-blues.org

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chamber of Trade meeting 23 Jan

The Swanage Yacht Club will host an Extraordinary General Meeting of Swanage and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce on Wednesday 23rd January at 7.30pm.

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German delinquent banished to Siberia

German authorities exasperated at the behaviour of a 16-year-old boy have sent him to a remote Siberian village for an "intensive educational experience".
The unusual measure by youth welfare officers in the central state of Hesse has raised fresh questions about how to deal with delinquents who have been blamed for a series of ugly crimes.
The boy, who has not been identified, was dispatched east after behaving violently in school and at home and attacking his mother.
He is being forced to fend for himself in boot camp-style conditions in the forlorn village of Sedelnikovo, several hours' drive from the city of Omsk, in the western Siberian interior.
He has had to cope by collecting and chopping firewood to make his own fires, digging his own toilet and pumping water supplies from a well.
He will stay there for nine months, separated from family and friends, the internet and television, under a program designed for him.
The youth spends most of his time trying to cope with his day-to-day existence.
If he doesn't chop the wood, his room is cold. If he doesn't fetch water, he can't wash.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Olympic opportunities?

The Olympics are really not too far away, with the Olympics in general and the Sailing Olympics in Weymouth , in particular, attracting hundreds of thousands of people. I've heard estimates of 40,000 journalists alone, and 2000 spectator yachts expected at Weymouth, with people from over 60 countries. Although the Sailing Olympics take place in 2012, there will be major "test events " in 2010 and 2011. There are opportunities for all sorts of businesses to get involved, and to benefit during the events as well as before and beyond. I'm trying to arrange a presentation in Swanage, but meanwhile,if you think you or business could benefit, you might be interested in two things: free training and registering as a potential supplier. To register as a supplier, see: http://www.competefor.com and https://etenders.london2012.com . For training, see: http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/sharingtheflame/

Day Centre to stay!

Congratulations to all who campaigned so tirelessly to keep the Day Centre from being closed. I gather that at a meeting of the Dorset County Council yesterday, it was agreed to reprieve the Swanage Day Centre (and some others in the county) for the time being at least. I understand the plan is to see how the centre may be better used, perhaps by other groups, to maximise resources. More at: http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/purbeck/display.var.1974816.0.day_centres_win_a_stay_of_execution.php

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


On ITV tonight (Tuesday 15th) at 10.35pm there's the first of three programmes about Sandbanks (continuing on Wednesday 16 January and concluding on Thursday 17).

Piers Morgan investigates why Sandbanks is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Didyousee the designosaurs?

Hie on down to the Stone Quay to see the work of children from St George's, Langton and St Marks, Swanage. They worked with artists Antonia Philips and Nina Camplin, and the support of Durlston Country Park, Nick Storer, the Community Champions and others.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Graffiti in Swanage

Graffiti again supporting less second home ownership in Swanage...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

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