Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Al fresco High Street?

Here is a suggestion for Swanage. Its not original, its something they do in a place called Tiburon in California which is a tourist town a little smaller than Swanage.

Quoting Wikipedia: "On Friday evenings in the spring and summer, the town's Main Street is closed to vehicles and transformed into a large alfresco dining area for "Friday Nights on Main". Local restaurants and bars provide outdoor dining and drinks, with music and lively crowds helping create a festive atmosphere."

This is something we could do in the High Street. I know we have the odd shower here but most summer evenings are dry. The oyster bar shows what can be done. Surely it is something that can be built on.

We already have lots of people sitting at the tables outside the fish plaice and on benches eating fish and chips and enjoying the alfresco experience so why not offer curry, chinese food, pizzas etc on the street as well.

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Charity to take mattress?

New topic - charity that will use a mattress

Does anyone know of a local charity that would use (and will take away)
a fairly new and good quality mattress?

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


The schools and residents of Swanage have managed to get more consultation on how two-tier education will work in the town. But this does not have to be limited to primary schools.

Swanage should get a new secondary school rather than bussing over 700 children from the area to Wareham every day.

We are the ONLY town in Dorset not to have a secondary school (except for new town Verwood) but we have enough children to fill one.

The Purbeck School will soon take 1750 children - making it enormous - bigger than 97 per cent of secondary schools in the country - most are half that size. Do we want children to go from tiny village schools to a huge comp split over two sites in Wareham? Why can't one of the sites be here?

The town lost its two secondary schools by one vote in 1974. This is a chance to put it right.

We could get adult education and sports facilities at the same time, plus all the benefits of after-school activities and better parental involvement.

Jim Knight agrees, Bill Trite agrees, the main Conservative party agree and say that communities should have their own schools. Only Dorset CC want to deny us the right to have this choice.

Carl Styants

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Downs path

Whose idea was it to have the path on the Downs resurfaced two days before the kids break up from school?

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