Sunday, May 31, 2009

Old/broken wooden boat

Anyone got an old or damaged wooden boat they no longer need? Can collect. If so, please get in touch: mail(at)


Mike Hadley

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Missing Advertiser?

Are you missing your Swanage Advertiser lately? It seems they've stopped delivering to parts of North Swanage and Durlston.
Anybody else not getting a copy?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For One Short Moment Forget The Expenses Debacle.

In the midst of all the justified furore of our once honourable members, I wish to pause to look at the mess 12 years of Labour lack of governance has brought us.
Education an utter shambles, hospitals no better than untold billions of wasted cash, police thuggish and politicised, a disgraced speaker still lauded as he is forced to quit. Our secret services and armed forces strapped for cash, a public transport like a "Carry On" film and our roads so badly maintained they kill untold thousands a year. We have a State Broadcaster who now makes The USSR Pravda look amateurs, we have laws forced upon us by a crowd of unelected EU Commissioners aided and abetted by an expenses culture Parliament, that puts our fraudsters in the bottom half of the Conference League.
At the head of this unmitigated disaster sits a man who picks his nose in public, is as nasty to his own party non-believers as he is to the rest of us doubters of his sanity. You might care to add your own list of failure and incompetence.
So amongst this shambles and wreckage of out Country Jimmy Brown "carries on" regardless. The Speaker, Labours' own place man, is forced to leave in shame. His ministers more singly corrupt than the rest of The House put together, remain intact and rich beyond most peoples' dreams. What has the great man have to say?
"Mr Brown again resisted calls for an early general election saying the crisis was not about government but about the system and it was reforming the system that would solve the problem."
Translation, "Nothing to do with me Guv." So was the system created in America? Did he change the system over the last 12 years? You bet he did. Well if these revelations of collective greed, neglect and utter arrogance and incompetence fail to force an election what will it take? For sure the real economic tsunami has not yet reached beyond the beach. That will hit around October. We should take heed and vote Labour into oblivion, or else face further destruction.

Hat tip oldrighie

Saturday, May 16, 2009

PEAT on the SCREEN !

Please support this active local group that are making a positive change for Purbeck.

We are happy to offer our support to other groups too.

PEAT (Purbeck Environment Action Team) is hitting the screens and putting on the following series of FREE environmental film and documentary showings all across Purbeck in May and June..Please come along for a fun and interesting evening out.

**Thursday 21st May – 7pm – A Crude Awakening – At the Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

**Thursday 4th June – 7pm – A Message In The Waves, At Studland Study Centre, Knoll Beach. Guest Speaker Steve Trewhella

**Saturday 6th June – 7 pm – Power of Community – At Corfe Castle Village Hall. Guest speaker Andy McKee.

**Thursday 11th June – 7pm – The 11th Hour (Narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio) – At The Rex cinema, Wareham. Guest speaker Mark Constantine

PEAT is a local group of like-minded individuals working towards sustainability in Purbeck. The group formed in June 2006 to focus on how Purbeck can play its part to combat climate change. They encourage “living lightly” and sharing the Earth’s resources fairly and are supported by DA21 (formally Dorset Agenda 21).

PEAT has grown from strength to strength following the success of the “PEAT on the Street” day in September last year where the group took over the streets of Wareham to highlight ways of living sustainably and to celebrate the natural wonder of the local area. PEAT is now focusing on moving towards Transition Purbeck.

Transition Purbeck joins other Transition initiatives locally and worldwide. The main aim of the Transition initiative is for local communities to become sustainable and self-sufficient. The first step on this exciting and necessary journey is to raise awareness of peak oil and the cause and effect of climate change on a local and global level.
If you would like to find out more please contact us at or take a look on our website at

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live Music In Swanage

A new poster is appearing in the shop windows of Swanage, dedicated to local Live Music. It shows who's playing where and when during May.

This first, trial issue is available from the Tourist Information Centre; participating venues and advertisers; and can be downloaded from

If you wish to see your Live Music event listed in the June issue, or you wish to advertise, please contact me. Thank you.

Steve Darrington
01929 422338 (during usual office hours)

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Parish Assembly Weds 6th May

The 2009 Parish Assembly will be held at the Bayview Caravan Park at 7.00pm on Weds 6th May.

These are the minutes of last year's meeting:

Minutes of the PARISH MEETING of the Parish of Swanage, held at the Town Hall, Swanage on
WEDNESDAY, 7th MAY 2008 at 7 o’clock p.m.

Councillor Gary Suttle, Town Mayor, was in the Chair, and, in addition to members of the Council and officials, 34 persons were present.

Chairman – Councillor G.M. Suttle (Town Mayor)

In attendance:-
Councillor Mrs. C. Gainsborough
Councillor M. Hadley
Councillor Mrs. G.A. Marsh
Councillor S. Poultney
Councillor Mrs. A. Turner
Councillor W.S. Trite
Councillor M. Whitwam

Before the commencement of the Meeting, the Clerk outlined the procedure that would be followed during the Meeting. All registered electors in attendance had been issued with blue cards, and other interested parties (not on the electoral register) were allowed to attend the Meeting at the Chairman’s discretion.

Apologies for their inability to attend the Meeting were received from Councillors Audley, Bright, Gloyn-Cox and Pratt, and Mr. J. Wootton.

The Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 21st May 2007 were approved as a correct record and signed. (Copies of the Minutes were circulated to those present at the Meeting).

Arising from the Minutes, the following matters were raised:-

MR. P. CLARK enquired when the Public Report on the Bay View Holiday Park would be published. He was informed that the Options Appraisal was almost completed and that a Report would be included in the next edition of “Swanage Matters” which would be published shortly.

MR. P. CLARK then referred to Page 3 of the Minutes and enquired whether the Council’s management accounts were being produced on a monthly basis, in keeping with “best practice” procedures adopted elsewhere. He also enquired whether it was the Town Council’s intention to appoint a CIPFA qualified accountant. The TOWN MAYOR confirmed that the management accounts were presented to the Council on a regular monthly basis. Consideration had been given to the appointment of a CIPFA qualified accountant, but having regard to the Council’s limited financial resources, negotiations were currently being undertaken with Poole Borough Council for the provision of accountancy services on a consultancy basis.
MR. FOOKS referred to the piece of land adjoining Day’s Park (approximately 1/3rd of an acre) and maintenance work that had recently been carried out in this area. He requested that this area be included within the Council’s regular maintenance programme, and enquired whether the land is designated as being within an area of outstanding natural beauty. He was assured that his request would be referred to the Council’s Operations Manager. The land was not specifically designated as being within an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The Mayor then opened the Meeting for general discussion, and invited questions and comments from the audience.

COUNCILLOR M. HADLEY requested that the Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly be made available as soon as possible after the Meeting.

MR. I. SAUNDERS referred to income received by the De Moulham Trust and expressed the opinion that monies should be made available from this source for the maintenance of the service roads within the De Moulham Estate, as a matter of priority.

COL. SQUIRREL drew attention to the termination of the lease of the Mowlem restaurant and bars with Badger Breweries. He was anxious that this tenancy should not affect the future of the theatre, which should be secured for the benefit of the residents of Swanage, and suggested that the Town Council considers sponsorship of the theatre if the Trust is unable to secure a suitable tenant.

The TOWN MAYOR welcomed representatives from Dorset Police and introduced Inspector Ashley Adams, the Section Commander for Purbeck.

MR. I. MACKENZIE expressed his concern regarding the stability of the wall on the western side of Shore Road in the vicinity of Battlegate toilets and enquired whether responsibility for the wall had been established. He also enquired when the pedestrian crossing would be re-instated as he was concerned for the safety of pedestrians with the approach of the busy summer season. He was informed that the ownership/responsibility for the wall was being researched by both Purbeck District Council and Dorset County Council but no clear ownership had been established at the present time. COUNTY COUNCILLOR DONALD HIETT gave an assurance that he would pursue the re-instatement of the pedestrian crossing with Dorset County Council as a matter of urgency.

MR. P. CLARK reported that the proposed closure of the Swanage Household Recycling Centre was a matter of major concern to the residents of Swanage and the surrounding villages. He strongly criticised the way in which the matter had been dealt with by Dorset County Council, and PROPOSED:-
That the matter be put on the Agenda of the next full
evening meeting of the Swanage Town Council and that,
prior to the meeting, the Council seeks to obtain an up-to-date
report on the matter from Purbeck District Council.

This proposition was seconded by MR. I. MACKENZIE and RESOLVED.

MR. D. SPINDLER enquired as to the ownership of the former Grammar School building, which he understood had recently changed hands. He was informed that the Council was also aware of this rumour, but had no further information on the matter.

MRS. SPINDLER was concerned at the total disregard of the speed limits in Northbrook Road by some motorists and requested that action be taken to deter this practice. Her comments were endorsed by MS. P. KEELING who highlighted her concerns at “boy racers” in the High Street. They were advised by Police Officers in attendance at the Meeting, that in certain circumstances a Section 59 Notice could be served on persistent offenders, which may result in the confiscation of the vehicle and a fine of £125 being issued.

MR. I. ALLEN reported that the Swanage Town and Community Partnership had made recommendations to Dorset County Council regarding traffic improvements that could be introduced in Swanage, and COUNCILLOR M. HADLEY also reported on traffic issues that were being raised by the Town Council’s Transport Committee.

COUNCILLOR HADLEY then referred to the increasing number of vehicles that were parking in the vicinity of the Stone Quay, and expressed his concern for the safety of pedestrians in the area.

MR. I. SAUNDERS enquired whether the Town Council had made provision for the overnight parking of camper vans in its car parks and was informed that the Council’s Off-Street Parking Order had been amended to allow for the parking of camper vans for one night only in Main Beach and North Beach Car Parks with effect from 1st April 2008.

Other traffic issues raised included the proximity of the town centre traffic lights, illegal parking and lack of enforcement, and a request for consideration to be given to the introduction of a ½ hourly parking charge at the Residents’ Car Park.

MR. SARGENT, a caravan owner at the Swanage Bay View Holiday Park, referred to the recent resignation of the Tourist Information Centre Manager. He was very appreciative of the services provided by the Tourist Information Centre and enquired whether this worthwhile post would be filled, bearing in mind the current economic climate. The changing requirements of the tourism industry were explained by the TOWN MAYOR and he reported that the future provision of these services were to be considered at a meeting with the Economic Development Officer/Tourism Officer at Purbeck District Council to be held the following day.

The next Parish Assembly was scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 6th May 2009 at 7.00 p.m.

The meeting concluded at 8.20 p.m.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Review of Swanage Blues Festival - March 2009

The 9th Swanage Blues Festival –6-8/3/09by George & Julia Cairnsforth courtesy of Blues In Britain magazine – Volume 1 / Issue 89

Swanage Blues Festivals are multi-venue events with pubs, restaurants and hotel bars spilling over with fans throughout this friendly south coast Dorset town.As usual, organiser Steve Darrington had programmed a huge choice across the blues spectrum with 25 different Acts in 13 venues performing 40 gigs to over 2,000 people. Since starting these events in 2001 Steve has managed to keep an Admission Free policy by asking festival-goers to chip in towards expenses.“The first-ever Swanage Blues Festival grew out of a birthday party,” he explained, “and I like to keep this as a celebration!”

There is a 200 metre-long strip at the start of the High Street in which the nine venues that make up the central core of the event are located. Whenever we walked between pubs the strains of music faded in and out while crowds danced in the street. Gazing up we could even see New Orleans-style architecture to complete the scene! The other venues are not so central and include a huge Victorian hotel towering from the cliffs at one end of the picturesque bay, another hotel that is overshadowed by the incredible Corfe Castle at the end of a steam train ride, and world-famous country pub the Square & Compass, which has a museum and where they bring out the beer from the back room!

The whole weekend was definitely one great big party as old friendships were renewed and new ones created - both at Robin Bibi’s Electric Jams and the more acoustic Open Mic Sessions in the Red Lion. What a great job Martin Froud & Andrew Bazeley did every afternoon along with John & Johnny Sharp Jnr, all four making up the backbone of this year's house band. Dad's understated but consistently spine-tingling harmonica was often accompanied by Johnny Jnr's extraordinary electric guitar, both played sparingly and with huge feeling and subtlety. At one point Pete Harris stopped by on the way to his own gig to contribute a couple of quality blues and ragtime numbers. The enthusiasm of the real ale and real cider-fuelled crowds encouraged performers onto some great heights.OK, all the venues were indoors, but what of the weather anyway? Thankfully at 5.30pm on Friday when the Robin Bibi Band took to the stage at Bar 7, there was no trace of the heavy snow that had cut Swanage off from the outside world only the day before. The packed audience was left stunned by Robin’s incredibly powerful and tight band putting on a performance that would usually mark a festival finale, not the opening! Drifting out of the door at 8pm, festival-goers were wondering which of the ten further gigs that evening could follow what they had just experienced. But there was plenty of good stuff to choose from: Sonny Black, Rag Mama Rag, Will Killeen, John Crampton, The Jives, Pete Harris & Hugh Budden, Robert Hokum Blues Band, Jon Walsh Blues Band, Motel 6, and Chris Collins with Blues Etc. Quite an evening for us, hugely enjoyable and it all started to blur into one, so we decided to make notes from the next day on!Saturday afternoon started at Bar Seven with organiser Steve’s keyboard producing the most amazingly realistic left hand double bass sounds, while his right wandered between Memphis Slim piano and Jimmy Smith organ, accompanied by Bournemouth Fred on drums and the tasty strains of Chris Collins on guitar and vocals. Robin Bibi’s jam session next door was packed to the rafters, so we caught The Riotous Brothers at the Ship Inn playing some fiery rhythm & blues with original songs “Restless” and “Fever”, while covers “Mind Your Own Business” and “Deja Voodoo” drove the crowd wild.A few doors away at the White Swan we took in some of The Shakers’ set with ex-Boogie Band singer/bassist Paul Sharman ringing the changes from the rock ‘n’ roll of My Girl Josephine, rockabilly of “Everybody’s Tryin' To Be My Baby” and blues of “Jumpin' At Shadows”, to the bluegrass of “Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms”. Hugely authentic played with great conviction and sincerity!Later on over at the Grand Hotel the largely instrumental band The Jawbreakers were delivering classic blues tracks, timeless jive numbers and a smattering of good old fashioned rock ‘n roll plus some incredible film theme tunes. “Jump, Jive and Wail”, “Help Me”, “Samba Pa Ti”, “Caravan” and the “James Bond” Theme all figured in an amazing set.Back in downtown Swanage we managed to catch a smattering of each act along the ‘Strip’: The Fabulous Fezheads’ own brand of merry mayhem in the Red Lion (Is it blues? Who cares? Pass another beer!); Robin Bibi’s funk, soul, rock, reggae and jazz again at the Ship; the Coalhouse Walker Blues Band (boogie bass on the piano) in the White Swan; John Crampton’s one man express train on harmonica and guitar at the Purbeck; C Sharp Blues (lots of Ben Waters’ sidemen there); and finally The Mustangsat the White Horse, with Adam Norsworthy climbing onto tables for posterity during “Gloria”. The place was heaving, packed to the rafters and everyone was up for a great night. We were sorry we couldn’t get to see Will Killeen or Sonny Black, but that wasn’t the end of it all, because the Red Lion specially opened the kitchen again from 11.30pm to 1.30am for those musicians who weren’t still playing, and anybody else who fancied a meal too.Sunday afternoon started off at 1pm again in Bar Seven with organiser Steve Darrington and Friends that included guitarists Chris Collins and Pete Harris, plus Hugh Budden on harmonica. This venue is a lovely addition to the blues festivals, being the original cellars of an old hotel “and reminiscent of the old Liverpool Cavern” as Steve told us, being where he played as a young lad. Bar Seven is also where Swanage Blues Club holds its weekly events on a Sunday and occasional Saturday if you’re ever in the area.The extremely reliable Robert Hokum Blues Band followed using only the minimal amount of equipment. With stripped-down drum kit and small guitar amps, they hit the whole range of classic Chess blues grooves and didn't let up - with a rhythmic repertoire that embraced Bo Diddley’s beat, John Lee Hooker's boogie and some tough funk, there wasn't a still foot in the house.Along the road we managed to catch some of The Riverside Blues Band in the Anchor, and these guys deserve a special name check for their contribution: Syd on Drums, Helen’s solid bottom end on Bass, Paul on Harmonica, and Dominic on Sax, all led by Stan on lead guitar and vocals.Back up at the Grand Hotel, as Sonny Black was finishing his excellent laid-back set, musicians arrived for the closing party on Sunday evening. Organiser Steve Darrington joined in on keyboards with Chris Collins & Blues Etc featuring Hugh Budden. The lounge was filled to bursting point with satisfied Swanage fans and expectant music lovers who weren't disappointed. The band ripped into Albert Collins’ “If You love Me Like You Say” and “I Got A Mind To Travel”, and slowed things down with Slim Harpo's ballad “Raining In my Heart”. Hugh took the mic for “Help Me” and “Five Long Years”, in which Steve, Hugh and Chris each played spine tingling solos.Just when it seemed it was all over, Steve Darrington gained a burst of energy and finished off the evening and the festival with three great songs full of personality and bursting with boogie, including two songs made up on the spot about this year’s festival.If you haven’t been to a Swanage Blues Festival yet, give it a try. They are all really special! We’ve got our guest house booked already for the next one on 2, 3, 4 October 2009 –- see by George & Julia Cairnsforth

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Funding: Chalk and Cheese

Chalk and Cheese

Chalk and Cheese have funding that is available to support small businesses. The meetings are held at Athelhampton -the only Purbeck business to apply is the Keystone (Burngate) project. All the other businesses are from west Dorset. eg Jyoti from Fivepenny Farm a sustainable farming community...where are the applications from Purbeck. The funds are there and the support..where is the energy from Purbeck. Don't sit around blaming others get off your bums and apply for what others in Dorset are doing. If you have a small business that is benefitting the community...then contact CHALK & CHEESE
T: 01305 215227-We so want to talk to you so don't hesitate.. To talk
to us about your project call 01305 215228, for local products ring 01305 215229 if you're not sure then our main number is 01305 215226. To send us anything the fax is 01305 215001 but you need to clearly mark it Chalk and Cheese as the fax lives a long way from us,
e-mail is and finally our address for a more traditional approach is:

Chalk and Cheese Stinsford Business Centre Stinsford Dorchester Dorset DT2 8PY

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