Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Question Time!

Swanage Residents' Association is holding its AGM (open to all Swanage residents) on Monday 4th May, in the Mowlem committee room at 7.30 pm. The formal AGM will be preceded by:


Put your questions to County Council candidates:

Peter Clark: Liberal Democrats
Mike Hobson: UKIP
Max Stanford: Labour
Bill Trite: Conservative

Send your questions in advance to Rowland Hughes at < rowland@showcad.com > and as many as possible will be put to the candidates.

Love in the air?

See (and buy?) local author Paul Angel's new book....


Friday, April 24, 2009

"Swanage Hospitality Association:

There was a meeting at the Conservative Club on Wednesday 22nd April 2009.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Council newsletter (Swanage Matters)

Latest newsletter, delivered to all Swanage households, further copies at Library and Town Hall

Swanage Residents' Association latest newsletter (not sure if this will work, but hey ho)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mowlem Bar and Restaurant

As a regular visitor (not a 2nd home owner!), I would be interested to know whether the refurbishment to the Mowlem has now been completed and whether it has improved significantly.

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Parish Assembly 6 May

The annual Parish Assembly will be held on Wednesday 6th May at the Bayview Caravan Park at 7pm. This meeting, open to all residents of Swanage, is a forum to raise and debate any issues of concern or interest. A key point to note is that there is no time limit for 'public participation', as at normal council meetings. Also, if a vote is taken to address a particular issue, the council must then debate the matter at an early subsequent meeting.

Not so Smart (but ferry funny)

(From BBC Dorset online) Car lost at sea after ferry slip

A car ran off the ferry slipway at Sandbanks and is lost at sea
An absent minded driver was left red-faced when his car rolled off a ferry slipway and into the sea in Dorset. Emergency services were alerted when passers-by saw a partially submerged car at Sandbanks, Poole, at 0812 BST. When a lifeboat crew arrived they were met by the driver of the Smart car coupe who had left his vehicle on the slipway before wandering off. The man said he had used the handbrake, and confirmed to police no-one was in the car. The car has not been found. Lifeboats could not locate the vehicle, and believe it was swept out to sea partially submerged. A lifeboat spokeswoman said the car had entered the water from the north side of the chain ferry crossing at Sandbanks which links Poole with Studland. "A volunteer crew arrived on scene expecting the worse preparing to search for a body when the driver of the car appeared on the chain ferry slipway. "It appears he left the car to go to the shop or loo and the car rolled into the water," she added. Dorset Police were alerted when the partially submerged vehicle was spotted floating past the Haven Hotel.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drummond Road!

What is the latest news for the Drummond Road planning application?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GP Appointments

Has anyone managed to get a face to face appointment with their own GP without having to wait a couple of weeks lately? I get offered phone calls and appointments with other doctors who always list ne to my symptoms and tell me I need to see my own doctor which wastes my time and theirs. No doubt the box ticking is going perfectly but the real picture is different.

When I was a kid you just turned up and waited. Now you wait ages for an appointment and then wait anything up to three quarters of an hour to see them. Progress?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What with the paintings all over the Pier Head, the thatch restaurant, and the removal of the balcony above the East Bar door it looks like it is a planning free for all in “Down Town Swanage”. Why are the planning officers so scared to take action?

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Thursday, April 09, 2009


LIVE MUSIC IN SWANAGE AT EASTER - all welcome, admission free

EASTER SATURDAY - 8.30 pm at the Grand Hotel, Steve Darrington Band with Hugh Budden - blues, soul and rock 'n' roll!

EASTER SUNDAY - 5pm to 8pm at Bar Seven in the High Stret, Steve Darrington Band with Mike Steele - blues, soul and rock 'n' roll!

EASTER MONDAY - 3pm - 6pm at Bar Seven in the High Street, The Refrains - 'Feel Good' songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s with great harmonies too!

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SOS! A Vision for Swanage/Purbeck

Recently new campaign groups have sprung up in Purbeck. There may be a concern that there is a decline in peoples involvement in politics but there is certainly not a lack of enthusiastic wonderful people that are trying to make (political) changes at a 'grass roots' level.

A few years ago Purbeck Housing Action Group was created and led very strongly and successfully by Nico, this opened up the gates for contraversial discussions to take place. What a breath of fresh air! The Gazette enabled many people to voice their concerns. Politicians and councillors took notice. This has had a positive outcome in that the Swanage group has supported other rural groups in eg Devon, Cornwall and Wales. MP Matthew Taylor has presented a sustainable communities report to central government. Members of the Swanage housing group continue to be active and communicate with Purbeck District Council over housing concerns. Thank you Nico.

More recently groups such as SOS (Save our Schools)and 'Say No to the 2 Tier' have been formed. These groups have attracted many concerned teachers, Teaching Assistants, governors, staff, parents,councillors and members of the community. Two hundred people marched to Dorset County Council to show their strength of feeling!

PEAT (Purbeck Environment Action Team)- has been meeting for about 3 years. More recently this group has agreed to work towards 'Transition Purbeck www.TransitionTowns. This group has expanded hugely and attracts many younger people in their 20's and 30's!! It is hoped that the group, by going into schools, will sonn be able to encourage older children too.
PEAT has officially joined with the other Transition areas throughout this country and abroad. Transition Dorchester has been running for about a year. They are supporting each other to find ways of creating more sustainable and thriving communities.

What all these groups have in common is that they attract many 'active' like minded people from the community, they work hard to try to make a positive difference. They do not wait around for Purbeck District Council to do the work for them. They are inclusive and believe very much that decisions should be made by the community.

Dave Pratten the headmaster of Swanage Middle School has spoken positively at public meetings. He has highlighted the importance of 'A Vision'. This is what is needed for Swanage/Purbeck.
There are more young people wishing to live and work around here, and more young families have chosen more recently to move here permanently because of a healthy lifestyle and good schools.
So...somehow we all need to get together and make this Vision happen!
There is no reason why it can't! There are little pockets in Devon, Cornwall and Wales that have created sustainable thriving communities. As soon as you arrive, you can feel the difference.

If you have any 'positive' ideas of how to create 'this vision' then post them here. Its not all doom and gloom!

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Sunday lunchtime


What do people do nowadays on a Sunday lunchtime - between, say, mid-day and 3pm?

Do you stay at home and have a roast dinner? Do you go out? Watch sport? Have a drink at the pub?

What would you LIKE to do on a Sunday lunchtime in Swanage?

Comments please!

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Free speech

It looks like from tonight we will all have to be carefull of where we visit on the net whom we speak to and censor our own emails this Orwellian Govt: has it wish now, here endeth free speech and privacy!

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