Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sunday lunchtime


What do people do nowadays on a Sunday lunchtime - between, say, mid-day and 3pm?

Do you stay at home and have a roast dinner? Do you go out? Watch sport? Have a drink at the pub?

What would you LIKE to do on a Sunday lunchtime in Swanage?

Comments please!

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 11:24 AM


The Postman said...

Walk from Swanage, through Durslton Country Park, along the cliffs, up Seacombe Valley, rest at Square and Compass, back along Priest's Way, home for tea. Who needs Tower Park?

Anonymous said...

Walk from Langton, along Priests Way, past Acton and Eastington, admire the view, a few pints of Eves Idea and a pastie at the Square and C and wobble back along Priests Way:o)

Happy Easter!