Thursday, April 11, 2013

Swanage Grammar School

The landowners of the former Swanage Grammar School site last year secured outline permission for 52 houses there, but only provided they gave away the rest of the site for the Free School. They then pulled the plug on the school side of the deal at the 11th hour (which happily is now being built at the Middle School site instead).
Recently they have simply resubmitted to PDC the exact same plans for the housing scheme, not mentioning that they're no longer proposing to give up the rest of the site at all. Presumably, if they got it through, their next move would be to apply to build houses on the other half of the site too. Even the so-called "affordable" units they propose to rent out at fully 80% of full market rent (so not very affordable then!). This should be objected to in the strongest possible terms as blatant profiteering. The site is outside the town settlement boundary, in open countryside and within the AONB, so there are no grounds for housing to be permitted there now the school is going ahead elsewhere. 

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 11/4/13 1:27 pm