Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Better car park management?

From time to time we hear of things like integrated transport policy for Purbeck. What has hit me recently is all Purbeck Car Parks seem to be managed by a great number of organisations(Town Councils, National Trust, Swanage Railway, County Council etc). How about getting one organisation to run them and plough any profits back into Purbeck. The benefits are there to be seen. Norden Park and Ride which costs approx £40000 a year to run could be financed by Victoria Road Car Park, enabling the Park and Ride to remain free. By controlling the costs of parking you could direct the traffic where you want it.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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Friday, November 25, 2005

New sand for Swanage

New sand for Swanage
Originally uploaded by m.hadley.
Barge delivers sand from dredging Poole harbour, pumps around 2000 c m in 40 minutes on to the beach. Let's hope they finish putting in the new groynes before all the sand just goes straight out to sea again.

New groynes
Originally uploaded by m.hadley.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

SeaCourt Passed

SeaCourt received planning permission on Thursday 24th November. Planning Officers fiercly argued for approval and threatened a 3% rise in council tax may be needed to fund the award of costs at any further appeal. Local Residents very sad. The discussion lasted about an hour, going round and around in circles, very close all the time. Finally members were let off the hook with an amendment to screen off certain windows and it was passed 6 to 4.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What a load of rubbish!

Echo (online) Wednesday 23 November 2005

Residents say recycling's a load of rubbish
by Diana Henderson

Pier Head (revisited!)

As regular and frequent visitors to Swanage from "oop north" , my wife and I are amazed and puzzled by the condition of the building just in front of the pier entrance. It used to be a cafe, but now it looks a complete eyesore.Who is responsible for the building?

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Local elections

It is not generally known that second home owners are entitled to vote in local elections if they are registered at their second home. If, as we are lead to believe, their numbers are increasing they could influence who is elected to represent them by using their vote.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harrow House to close in winter?

There is a rumour that Harrow House is going to close in the winters and only open in the summer. There certainly don't seem to be many of their students about at the moment. If this is true it will not do the local economy much good. Does anyone know anything about it?

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sweet-talking councillor?

The hearing of the Adjudication Panel of the Standards Board.

The hearing started late at 10.50 a.m. There was a three member adjudication panel, chaired by a solicitor. Two ex local
government councillors sat beside her. The prosecution had a barrister (or solicitor). Julie Wheeldon sat with her barrister.
The latter tried to get some of the charges withdrawn at the outset and generally tried to string out proceedings. The
chairperson allowed her and the prosecution much leeway. But for the late start and this, all would have been completed by 5 p.m.

After the objections had been largely dismissed, Mike Goater, District Planning engineer, was called. Later, Brian Hawkins
from the Belle Vue Residents Group, was called and , later still, Julie Wheeldon.

The panel have not yet considered some written evidence, or made their judgement, and will reconvene before Christmas.

The case centres around two issues :-

(1) the use of foul language to council employees and others by a District Councillor and consequent implications of bullying.

(2) the lack of observation of the code of conduct for councillors resulting from Julie Wheeldon’s refusal to distinguish
between her interests as a resident of Durlston Cliffs and her position as a District Councillor.

With regard to issue (1), she was upset by the contents of the first draft of the report from High Point Rendel (HPR) when it
was published in February, 2003. On February 10th, she entered Mike Goater’s office at P.D.C. and said that she wanted the
report to be adjusted. All references to property values and all reference to the Durlston Cliffs block of flats must be removed. Her concern was that possible problems in obtaining insurance and mortgages would affect the values of the properties. If the HPR engineer thought that the landslip caused any risk to Durlston Cliffs, then he was a ‘f******g w****r’. Similarly, if Mike Goater thought that there was a risk to the property, then he too was a ‘f*****g w****r’. On August 18 th , she called Roger Garwood and Mike Goater aside after a meeting in Swanage Town Hall about beach Recharge. She told them that she did not like what was in the second HPR report draft. She was angry and called them both ‘a*******s’. Julie Wheeldon denies using these words and the use of bad language on the first occasion. With regard to the second, she denies that the meeting ever took place.

With regard to issue (2), she is accused of abusing her position as a councillor in trying to get a report changed before it was formally published. She says that she was always acting as a resident of Durlston Cliffs except in Council meeting, when she declared an interest. With regard to the Belle Vue Action Group, who say that she was also rude to them, she says that she met them as a resident. They say that they invited her to meet them because she was a District Councillor and that they were desperate to get something done about the landslip of December 2000.

The above is necessarily a very brief summary of the day’s proceedings before the hearing was adjourned at 4.45 p.m.

see also page 10 of
and also original PDC report

Rubbish (again)

More rubbish!Everything I predicted has come true. First we had blue bags, then we complained and got a wheelie. Then nobody collected it. A fortnight later, school holidays, the kids were riding my wheelie and I had to put it away, it wasn't collected again. Another week and loads of bags show up in the area so I join them but there's an obstruction, a couple of bags go (maybe by themselves having probably grown legs by then)and the rest are left. I think of complaining but I've given up. I nearly asked a bin man, struggling up the High Street pushing two recycle bins but he says "seemed like a good idea at the time"I think yeah probably was, on paper.On a positive note, Swanage will have a plague soon and we will all be famous, there will be a film and a book made, but at that point we may get back to weekly pick ups... hooray!Mr Royston Vasey

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Want to run caravan site restaurant & bars?

In case you missed it..Swanage Advertiser today (17 Nov) has an ad '..inviting expressions of interest from individuals or a business to run our recently refurbished prestigious restaurant/function room (90 covers) and bar overlooking the Jurassic Coast and a further bar (with catering for 40 covers).... Contact Alan Leeson 01929 423636 ( by 12 December 2005'

Come on someone, let's get it open and running properly.

Drop Kerbs?


The pavements of Swanage are notoriously bad, particularly for people who rely on wheels: that’s the elderly and disabled with wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and parents with baby buggies. The high kerbs and lack of drop crossing points make it extremely difficult to get around.

A year ago I discovered that people at local, district and county level were all interested in getting improvements made, but everybody was waiting for somebody else to do something. All that was needed was co-ordination, a task I set myself. I kept asking questions and making recommendations, until I was invited to meet Dorset County Council’s District Highways Engineer for Swanage.

We spent two hours travelling around the town centre, after which he drew up a schedule of building works. The first phase has just started with drop kerbs being installed at the junction of De Moulham Road and Victoria Avenue.

More drop kerbs are due in De Moulham Road at the junction with Walrond Road; Shore Road at the junction with Walrond Road; Victoria Avenue at the junction with Northbrook Road; in the High Street at the angling shop where the footway narrows; outside Swanage mail delivery office; and Commercial Road at the junction with Station Road.

BUT the District Highways Engineer agrees there are plenty more places where improvements can be made, and has suggested that you all let me know where.

So, let me know where you think drop kerbs are needed. I will collate your requests and pass them on to Dorset County Council in January. It’s worth a go, isn’t it? After all, I haven’t done too badly so far!

Please send details of where you think drop kerbs should be installed as soon as possible to:

Steve Darrington, 18 James Day Mead, Ulwell Road, Swanage BH19 1NQ; phone 01929 422338; or e-mail

You can read the complete history of my campaign by following the link ‘Accessible Swanage’ on my website

Thank you.
Steve Darrington

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Too many signs?

The Echo carries a story today (16 November) headed "`Distasteful' signs must come down" referring to the
Purbeck Hotel being ordered to take down many of the signs outside thepub.

What do you think?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Blues Festival (March)

The Sixth Swanage Blues Festival will take place on 3, 4 and 5 March 2006. Admission is free to all venues. Artists appearing include Pete Saunders' Fat Tuesday Band, Cal Batchelor Band, The Guv'nors, Sonny Black, Robert Hokum Band, Roland Chadwick, John Crampton, Hollow Bone and The Jives. For further information see or phone 01929 422338.

FREE ADMISSION to all venues
The Sixth Swanage Blues Festival
3, 4, 5 March 2006

Free admission to Live Music on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon,
Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon

Saturday, November 12, 2005


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Anyone go to the hearing the other day at the Purbeck House Hotel, about Councillor Wheeldon's conduct as a district councillor? I gather this is about using foul language (calling council officials f****** w ****** and a*******s) and also not declaring her official interest at private meetings.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christmas Market 10 December

Did you know that on the 10th December there will be a market in Commercial Road? It's well attended and the vast majority of the stalls are manned by locals: either arts & crafts or local charities such as Play in Swanage

This is a one-off event held in the lead up to Christmas, but the guys organising it are aware of the businesses that attend the Dorset farmers markets.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Seacourt petition

If you are against the proposed development of flats in the garden of Seacourt, please click on 'Comments' and simply add your name and address to support this petition. That's all you have to do here: if you wish to add any other comments, please post those elsewhere on the site.

To the members of the Planning Board of Purbeck District Council:

We, the residents and electors of Swanage and visitors to this town, urge you at the meeting on the 24th November 2005, to VOTE AGAINST Planning Application 6/2005/0887 to build a five-storey block of flats in the garden of Seacourt, 6 Taunton Road, on the grounds of the plan being virtually identical to the plan that was dismissed in August 2005 at the Public Enquiry held at the Mowlem Theatre.

Name / Address

Monday, November 07, 2005

Swanage Residents Association

Swanage Residents Association
Minutes of the October Open Meeting
Meeting held at 7.30pm on Monday 17 October in Mowlem Committee Room
1.The SRA Chairman, John Leach, chaired meeting. Committee members present were: Stewart Borrett, Robert Owen, Rowland Hughes, David Price-Hughes and Mike Hadley
Apologies: Councilor Cherry Bartlett, Councilor Colin Bright and Ann Faulkner who had hoped to attend to discuss the Community Plan.

2. Hilary O'Donovan
John Leach asked Mike Hadley to say a few words concerning the recent sad loss of Hilary. Mike noted that he was sure those who knew Hilary were sad at the loss of such a fine lady, and suggested that even those who hadn't known her owed thanks to the work she put in for the best interest of everyone in Swanage. He noted that although she was one of his Lib Dem colleagues she took no account of Political allegiances in her work for the community.
3. Previous meeting.
Minutes were published on: and www.swanageview, and available in the meeting room.
Matters arising:
a) David Price-Hughes noted that he had in fact been present at the last meeting.
b) Plastic bottles/recycling: as asked at the last meeting, John Leach had written to Purbeck District Council to suggest that convenient venues be provided for people to deposit their plastic containers for recycling. A response is still awaited.
c) Emergency Ambulance cover for Swanage area. John Leach visited the Swanage Ambulance station, and was told they needed an ‘emergency care practitioner'. He also wrote to the Dorset Ambulance NHS Trust HQ and awaits a response.
4. Swanage & District Community Partnership/ Community Plan
John Leach explained that Ann Faulkner (Chairman) had hoped to attend this meeting but was unable to do so; he had also tried to get Emma Fernandez (the town's newly appointed Community agent) but she was unavailable at such short notice. He called upon Mike Hadley to provide an update, as he had been on the original committee.
Mike admitted that he couldn't provide much information, that he was confused by developments and asked if anyone present could explain the current position. No one was able to. Mike read a brief extract from a note sent to John by Ann Faulkner, explaining how there had been a ‘Bringing it All Together Day. On this, the different research projects, including the Parish Plan, Beacon Vision, Rural Renaissance, Regeneration Research etc which have been carried out in Swanage, were brought together.’ No one seemed to know much about these different bodies. Mike noted that in his opinion, before any projects were initiated, the people of Swanage should surely see a report summarising the findings and outcome of the consultative process. A resident noted that " it's not right to involve the community and not report back to it; and that no similar projects could properly be undertaken in the future if there was no record of earlier work." Another resident noted that a recent meeting Ann Faulkner had said that a report would be published shortly.
John Leach summarised that there did appear to be considerable confusion, with names being changed (or new groups/projects introduced). It was suggested that John Leach should ask Ann Faulkner for clarification on the current position and when or if a report may be expected that will describe findings of the consultative stage of the Community Plan and actions arising.
5. Multi-function Centre
There appeared to be further confusion about the status of this project. But it was noted that there is to be a weeklong exhibition about this at the Tourist Information Centre, from 11 December. A resident noted that he hoped something would come of this, but regretted that similar projects had been enthusiastically developed before and then been scrapped for one reason or another.

6. Reconvened Parish Assembly
Mike Hadley reported how at the original Parish Assembly Meeting John Wootton made a proposal "that all meetings of the Swanage Town Council, committees and sub-committees, should be held in the evenings.... (to) enable a wider range of townspeople to consider standing for election and more to attend as observers." At the first meeting, the Mayor and Town Clerk did not allow the matter to be debated; they later agreed that this action had been wrong, so the meeting was reconvened. At this meeting, 31 people voted in favour of the proposal, with one voting against. The conservative council members did not vote. The matter is therefore to be discussed at an early Policy meeting of the Council.
7. Swanage Residents Association
There was some debate about the influence/effectiveness of the Association, with some suggestions from the audience that the committee should be more aggressive.
Mike Hadley noted the committee had no authority and could only act as conduits to present information and suggestions. But that committee members would (and do) raise issues with the council either in writing or at public participation time at the regular monthly meetings - which anyone may do.
Rowland Hughes emphasised the value of the Association as a means of exchanging information. He related his past experiences of the difficulty in getting any suggestions adopted or considered by the Council, even though some time later the same suggestions may be re-presented as the Council's initiatives. Examples included keeping the youth club, ignoring opposition to coach parking in Gilbert Road, the suggestion to reverse traffic flow on Church Hill etc.
A resident suggested that perhaps individual council members should be 'named and shamed' where appropriate.

8 CCTV Cameras. Lower High Street
Robert Owen (who attends the Purbeck Task Group which comprises a number of bodies involved in law and order) noted that funds previously thought certain would now not be available to provide CCTV coverage of Lower High Street (which he noted can be particularly violent at times).
A resident suggested that footage from existing cameras could perhaps be used (White Horse, Club, Quay Hole). RO said he believes there are legal difficulties in using private footage, as well as practical advantages with remotely operated cameras linked to in-car screens.
9 Residents parking
Robert Owen noted the suggestion that had been passed to him by residents unable to park, that space should be allocated to them in the Broad Road car park (a principle that could extend to other residents and other car parks). Mike Hadley suggested that perhaps this should be raised if the promised consultation materialises regarding the review of residents parking throughout Purbeck.
Rowland Hughes explained about the indispensable work of this organization in supporting people with mental health problems, and his belief (and fear) that the centre at Hahnemann House, Bournemouth was in danger of closing when there was no need for it to do so, and when it did such essential work. He asked anyone who wished to find out more and/or to express their support, to visit the special website: A resident further endorsed these views and asked for the support of residents.
Robert Owen suggested that Rowland consider setting up an all-party parliamentary group to review the matter, and will discuss this further with him.
Another resident suggested that the Association also write, as a group, expressing its support. This was agreed.
11 Next meetings
Committee meeting: TBA
Quarterly meeting: TBA
12 Thanks
John Leach thanked residents for coming and closed the meeting. The committee would also like to thank Phyllis Denton and her daughter for preparing the refreshments.

[If you wish to support the Association - and receive 4 newsletters per year - please contact Stewart Borrett on 423837, or collect an application form from the library]

Seacourt Elevations

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Winter Economic Wilderness?

Do people realise how bad it is getting in Swanage? I know New Years Eve has been allowed to die a death; but now I understand both the Grand and Purbeck House hotels are both to close over the Christmas period.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Council meetings

What's happened to public debate at the town council?This last meeting ran for around 10 minutes.Okay, so there was 15 minutes of questions before that.But it's not that long ago that the monthly meetings, which are the only ones held in the evenings and when most local residents have the time to attend, used to have some discussion and last a couple of hours, or even longer.Everything these days is brushed away into a quiet corner where it can be talked about without anyone knowing much about what was said.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vista pool

At the Council meeting last night I asked the question; "Can you assure us that there is no truth to the rumour that the Vista pool is to close at evenings and weekends?" The Mayor said that the idea had never been considered and there were no such plans.