Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sunday 30th December LIVE MUSIC

There will be Live Music at the Grand Hotel on Sunday 30th December
from 8.30pm in the lounge bar. Free admission, all welcome.

Steve Darrington - piano, vocals, harmonica
Mike Biggs - guitar, vocals
Chris Lonergan - bass, vocals
Bournemouth Fred - drums

For more information, see

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Play in Swanage boost

Congratulations to all involved with Play in Swanage! I hear that (with help from PDC) they have got the full £85,000 they were seeking to complete the next stage, aimed particularly at the younger kids. I believe those responsible for the success include Sue Bryant, Gill Dight and others whose names I shall add if I missed anyone ...


Thanks to everybody who supported my campaign to improve the town's pavements for users of mobility scooters, wheelchairs and baby buggies.

When I started in 2004, I found that the town, district and county councils all wanted improvements, but were having difficulty coordinating action.

By various means I managed to get more drop kerbs installed in Swanage over the last three years.

I am pleased to say there is now a plan across the county to provide a consistent approach to the provision of drop kerbs.

This follows on from "a report in February 2007... and a letter sent to the Town/Borough/Boroughs on 18th October on the subject of Footway Dropped (Tactile ) Kerb Provision" – NS Hamer, Dorset County Council.

Now that the professionals are working on it, I'm taking a back seat and have made all my findings available on my website - go to and click on the link to "Accessible Swanage".

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The 8th Swanage Blues Festival

The next Swanage Blues Festival is on 7, 8, 9 March 2008.
Admission will be free to all venues, except some restaurants where conditions apply.
Anybody who wishes to put up a poster or musician, make a donation, advertise in the printed programme or on the website can contact me at

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Online scams

A reminder for the unwary... I just received an email saying there had been some unusual activity on my online account and that I should 'click here' to investigate. I phoned my bank first, and of course it's a scam, probably with a dummy site that will ask for your account details. My bank said they would never do anything like this: they would always provide my name (this didn't have my name in the address) and account number. Take care ……

Purbeck events

I've added this site to the Links list on the right. It carries details of events going on in and around Purbeck:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NEW TOPIC (Help, Information, Ideas)

If you want to raise a new topic, post your comment in this section — just click first on Comments (bottom right), then on Post a comment (bottom left of the next window), and a new heading will soon be set up, allowing others to see and add their own comments. It seems it's sometimes easier to click on 'Post anonymously' than to open an account in your name - you can always add your name to your message. We try to keep posts civilized.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Vote for the £50m winner

The "people's lottery' vote ends at 12 (midday) today. See details of the four projects at:

(If you know that you want to vote for 'The Edge' at the Eden Project, you can just phone 0870 24 24 601. They will automatically record your vote for you.)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Street Market

The Station Rd market is cancelled, though the lights will be switched on at 6pm...(no Santa though today).

BUT the Commercial Road street market is going on.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Durlston Bay

Sunday's surf (and rain and wind)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Winter trade?

Are Swanage businesses doing well?
Would they like to do better?
Do they think that attracting more visitors out-of-season would increase their business?
What attracts people out-of-season?

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Isn't it this kind of thing that makes people lose faith in local councils and become convinced they are staffed by serried ranks of the petty-minded and heavy-handed.

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Money, money

The Sub Prime Mortgage Market and Securitisation, and where your pension fund went all explained at:-


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get paid to visit the pub?

Mystery Shopper

Organisation: Serve Legal Ltd
Job Location: Dorchester and Weymouth, Dorset
Salary: £6.00 - £9.00 per hour
Job Type: PartTime
Ref: 14231715

Are you 18 or 19? Do you want to get paid to go drinking? Nope, you're not dreaming. This is for real.We are a market research company. Our aim is to provide pub and supermarket groups with a service to check their cashiers/bar staff are checking young people for ID when selling alcohol. We need young adults to visit the premises and report back to us. It's a really easy job. You go to a pub or supermarket, buy a drink and then report back to us on a few things. Core questions are:

1. Were there any door staff on the door?2. Did they ID you?3. What did you buy at the bar?4. Did the person on the bar ID you?

You also need to be able to describe the person who served you and the people on the door. We also have some other yes/no questions that change for each pub. Easy!
Visits can be completed at a time to suit you. You get paid per visit, plus we pay for your drink (plus any other expenses). Contact reed employment [ 0845241 9293]

Monday, November 19, 2007

Conservation Area link
Just click on it!
Also remember PDC web site is hard to navigate and you have to click on the words not the icons!?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Local development framework

And yet another consultation. PDC is seeking comments on ideas and needs to formulate strategy for the next 20 years in Purbeck. More at: For further information on the Local Development Framework please call a member of the Planning Policy Team on 01929 557339 or email

Swanage Conservation area

PDC is seeking comments on the Conservation area in Swanage (until 21st December). There are leaflets at the library (in the hall, downstairs — look carefully) and more information is available at:

So if you have any views about preserving the character of our town, have your say.

Library (reduced service)

Dorset County Council is seeking feedback on its proposal to further reduce the hours the library is open (from 37 to 30 hours). So if you value the service, visit the library and complete a questionnaire. Or you can have your say at

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Children in years 3 and 4 from two local First schools -
St Mark’s CE VA in Swanage and St George’s CE in Langton
have been busy...
They have all designed a poster to celebrate what’s great about living on the Jurassic Coast as part of a new winter art project called Designosaur.
These are the poster designs going up on the taxis hut opposite the Old Stone Quay - more of their artwork will be up here and at Durlston this winter.
40 children are taking part in art workshops, seafood tasting, beachcombing and visits to Durlston Country Park.
This project has been funded by Community Champions.
You can see a preview here:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day Centre to close

As we approach Remembrance Day, perhaps we should spare a thought for our elders who gave their efforts and survived the wars — only to be rewarded by the County Council withdrawing support for them (and their carers) just when it's most needed. (Oh, and they'll have less chance to visit the library too, as the opening hours will be reduced there).

Monday, November 05, 2007

Freedom of speech

"freedom of speech" is dead !

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Need funding?

Purbeck Community Partnership have some funding available, for projects that meet certain criteria. Essentially, there are two schemes: small grants up to £1000 and larger grants up to £10,000. Both grants must be for new initiatives (though consideration will be given to new schemes from existing groups). Closing dates for bids: 30th Nov and 30th January 2008.

The small grant application will be via a special form that will be provided.
The larger grant requires detailed application forms to be completed, to include action plans, etc.

For more information, contact: Sue Bellamy, Community Strategy Officer on 01929 557303

Winter Skating Weekend (8/9 Dec)

8th & 9th December 2007 10am - 4pm at St Marys RC First School, Manor Road, Swanage.

Come on down and join Peter the skating Penguin on the Breeze Volkswagen ice rink and pick up some presents in the Christmas themed marquee with quality craft stalls & refreshments sponsored by Ellis Jones. Tickets on sale at Tourist Information Office, Shore road, Swanage.
Children £3.50 Adult £5 Family £15. Places on ice are limited to 30 skaters per session so pre booking is advisable

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Local Live Music Venue Closes

The demise of the Kings Bar will leave a terrible hole in the local live music scene. The Victoria Club was ruined by the loss of the upstairs club room to flats. The Kings Bar will become shops below and flats above. What a terrible shame. For those of you who didn't know, the Kings Bar hosted six blues festivals, several jazz festivals, open mic nights and more. There were gigs by artists such as JAMIE CULLUM, LIANE CARROLL (both jazz pianists and singers), BEN WATERS (international boogie woogie pianist), THE GUV'NORS (7 piece funk band), saxophonist CLAIRE HIRST, trumpeter BARBARA SNOW and, at the recent new blues festival, members of Jools Holland's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.
Not forgetting all the wonderful music from local artists such as Jon Sibthorpe, Frankie Rudd, Steve Darrington, Martin Johnson, and so many more.
The Kings Bar offered a positive affordable alternative to the Mowlem Theatre, because not only did the owners give it free, but they were always ready to spend their own money to encourage live music.
Thank you Bruce and Chris for giving us so much great music over the years.

Now what will happen to the local live music scene?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Martin Johnson Band: Tonight, Thursday

TONIGHT (Thursday 25th October) for the last time at the Kings Bar, Kings Rd East, Swanage
Starts at 8pm, followed by Frankie Rudd at 10pm and then Disco at Midnight.
Admission Free

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Get new posts emailed to you?

Is anyone using the service at the bottom of the page, which is supposed to send any posts/comments to you via email, so you don't have to view the website? Or did you not know the service was there? Just would like to check ……… thanks.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Local websites?

Let's have some opinions on the best and worst local websites.
I'll start you off with my vote for the worst:

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Second homes

I see Gord and his chancellor have made it a lot more attractive to purchase 2nd homes now. really helps this area.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Keep Blues alive!

Thanks to everybody who helped to make the October blues & roots festival so successful.
With 16 venues in Swanage, Corfe Castle and Studland playing host to over 70 performers, it's been estimated there were more than 1,000 different festivalgoers over the weekend!
It is ironic that the more successful the blues festivals become, the harder it is for me to be reimbursed for my expenses. That's because it just isn't practical to charge on the door, and I have to rely on collection buckets.
The more people in the venues, the harder it is to get round to collect the money!
Still, a big thanks to volunteers Maggie and her friends who did a fantastic job.
The Holiday Accommodation Association makes a contribution, so does the LVA, and the Town Council helps too, for which I'm exceedingly glad. Thank you.
But there are many businesses in Swanage that benefit directly from these festivals and don't shell out a bean!
It's not cheap for me to do all this and Yes, I honestly do pay for all the organisation costs out of my benefit money.
So come on, all you restaurants, shops, and accommodation providers that as yet don't show their appreciation in the time-honoured manner - with a small donation!
If you run one of these businesses - or maybe you work for one and can have a word with the boss - please don't be shy!
I'll accept money off anyone to keep all this going.
Thank you all
Steve Darrington
01929 422338

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Blogday

So it's four years since I started this little blog. Thought I would have a go at some tweaks. Not sure quite there yet. Trying to get a wider pitch for the text, to save scrolling. Shall see how it settles down....


If you want to raise a new topic, post your comment in this section — just click first on Comments (bottom right), then on Post a comment (bottom left of the next window), and a new heading will soon be set up, allowing others to see and add their own comments. It seems it's sometimes easier to click on 'Post anonymously' than to open an account in your name - you can always add your name to your message. We try to keep posts civilized.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Old dogs/New tricks?

(For our senior readers…… and anyone else)

Swanage Library/Youth Service partnership project for "Make a Difference Week".
Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Amaze yourself and the grandchildren!

Learn to Wii … Learn to text … Set up an email account

Learn from the experts at Swanage Library, Thursday 25 October, 5 pm - 7pm.

Friday, October 05, 2007

'Gay bomb" scoops Ig Nobel award

A study on how to relieve jetlag in hamsters won one of the prizes
Pioneering research into a "gay bomb" that makes enemy troops "sexually irresistible" to each other has scooped one of this year's Ig Nobel Prizes.
Other winners included work on treating hamster jetlag with impotency drugs, extracting vanilla from cow dung, and the side-effects of sword swallowing.

Swanage MIU to stay 'open all hours'

Disregarding the above tripe, it's good news week! Hot off the press from the PCT today is the following:

'Following a period of public consultation, Dorset Primary Care Trust has decided to withdraw its proposal to change the opening hours of the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) at Swanage Community Hospital during the night. Swanage Minor Injuries Unit will remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whilst Dorset Primary Care Trust (PCT) works with NHS partners, including the Ambulance Service, local GPs, staff at the community hospital, the people of Swanage and members of local groups to review the way that healthcare in Swanage might be provided in future, particularly during the night'.

That and the Blues Festival - both in one week - perfection!!!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blues w/end 5,6,7 Oct

Don't forget, it's the Blues Roots weekend coming up

Part-time Secretary?

Part-time secretary for Purbeck Transport Group

Opportunity for a computer literate car user to join a pro-active
voluntary team working with transport in the Purbecks.
Arranging meetings, taking/managing minutes for up to 6 meetings a
year, correspondence: £204 pa. To find out more, call Debbie Weller
on 01202 624261

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Swanage lifeboat offered to take police to the scene, but when two officers turned up at the jetty with a defibrillator they were ordered off

In another case revealed today, two Dorset police officers carrying life-saving equipment were ordered not to board a lifeboat to reach a suspected heart attack victim because they were not trained in sea survival.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Mowlem again

Take a look at this, is it going to happen?

Autumn in Swanage

The Autumn Seaside Town.

The seaside town in Autumn, the saddest place on Earth.
Dirty deserted boats rocking, in their end of seasons berth,

Ice cream adverts, rained stained, and sadly out of place,
Flower baskets with dead plants, all lacking former grace.

Shiny rain swept streets, with muddy leaf choked gutters.
Here and there an old coffee carton, adding to the clutter.

The shop awnings noisy flapping, in the West wind gale.
White plastic bags that tumble, along the beachside trail.

Shop fronts all darkened now, just vacant empty panes,
On the shelf a left over gift, a heart, a silver copy chain.

The seas are iron grey and angry, sweeping up the sand,
Summers gone, now the gales, will drive across the land.

Children’s voices quiet now, around the ice cream stalls,
No kiddies play on golden sand, no anxious parents call.

Summer yearning, the heartbreak of that love struck girl,
Men eagerly watched, the girl’s windswept skirts that swirl

The painful teenage heartaches of summer, tearfully gone away.
See the dry Autumn leaves drifting, was all this just yesterday?

Now Autumn’s here, and from the East, comes an icy blast,
Let us all be thankful! the Grockles have all gone home at last.

Dancing Ledge.
Autumn in Swanage.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A351 closure

I note in todays Advertiser that the main road between Swanage and Wareham, Sandford Road is to be closed off, with long diversions, during October and November. ? November? Is that not the time the Sandbanks Ferry also closes for it's Refit?

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Here's a thought. I teach in a College of Further Education. At lunchtime today we were having a chat about this years in-take. Our conclusion was; 'they're good'. Motivated, polite and humourous.

There were 5 to 7 of us - we don't all get the same breaks - from 5 different departments. We started to put an historical context on this, and year on year (YoY) the students are improving.
Sure we still get a few challenging students, but, YoY, fewer and fewer.

After a long chat, a mixture of Authortarian (do what I say or else), Consensual (well, let's talk about that - ME) and Laissez-faire (yeah, whatever suits you), teachers came to the same conclusion. Ah, the beauty of group therapy!

That conclusion is that we've had 10 years of a Labour Gov't. and their policies are working!
Please remember, Labour have spent a fortune on the Infrastructure. By 2012 EVERY SINGLE school in England (possibly Wales) will have been re-built or refurbished.

The huge 'sick bill', back in approx 1995 DCC's second largest expenditure - after wages, was the 'sick bill', is now much smaller. Resources are appearing - too slowly, but they are turning up.

The main thing that isn't being funded are our wage rises! But as we don't run away and get new jobs, mebbie there's a message there!

So, what Labour is doing is working. We were quite shocked.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Anybody out there with aspirations to be a Roadie? Now I'm starting to do a few gigs round the area, I'm looking for people who can help me get there with my equipment. That's a keyboard, PA and a couple of stands. It's all relatively lightweight, nothing weighs more than about 35 lbs/15 kg. So you'll need a car or other vehicle and to be able to carry stuff. I'm looking for a few different people to do a bit now and then. There's money in it for you too!
Enquiries to Steve Darrington on 01929 422338.

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanage view at 2:14 PM

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Keep on rolling

At 7:54 AM, Steve Darrington said...

There's a lovely Swanage rumour going round that I'm "rolling in it" because I have a new mobility scooter. But sorry to disappoint folks! it's only the Shoprider Cordoba available from London Mobility brand new, delivered and guaranteed for one year for under £1,600.

Hospital (MIU)

What happened at the meeting last night about reduced hours for the so-called MIU (or A&E) at Swanage Hospital?

Need funding?

Purbeck Community Partnership have some funding available, for projects that meet certain criteria. Essentially, there are two schemes: small grants up to £1000 and larger grants up to £10,000. Both grants must be for new initiatives (though consideration will be given to new schemes from existing groups). Closing dates for bids: 30th Sept/30th Nov.

The small grant application will be via a special form that will be provided.
The larger grant requires detailed application forms to be completed, to include action plans, etc.

I have more details if you are interested: get in touch via <> and I shall send what information I have.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


"I thought recent posts have been interesting and comments lively - wrote Bill Storer under the topic 'Hard News?'

But posts seem to have dried up since "The technology does exist to track down the computers from which posts are sent" - The Postman under the topic 'Newzzz'.

Was anybody else put off by this? Can The Postman assure us that he does not have access to this technology? If he does, can he assure us that he has not and will not use it to determine the identity of those posting?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:46 AM

Friday, September 07, 2007

Pitch & Putt vandals

On Tuesday night someone vandalised two greens on Andy Kirkwood's Pitch and Putt at Victoria Avenue.

Anyone with information should contact Dorset Police on 01202 222 222

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Help! Please.

Hello Everybody,
Due to unforeseen circumstances I've lost my helpers to put up posters in shops around the town this week. The idea is to have them there mainly to promote the new blues festival in October ( to the crowd that will be here for the folk festival on 7, 8, 9 September this weekend. I've got the posters and the bluetack, so if you fancy giving me a bit of a hand either by coming round with me or you can put up a poster in somebody's shop etc, please let me know. Please! Thank you!
Best Wishes,
Steve Darrington
01929 422338

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ah!The charms of Swanage

What a delight it might be to stroll through the pretty cobbled ways of these ancient lanes (or drongs as they used to be called). If only people didn't feel they had the right to leave their rubbish stored away from their own back yard but in full view of everyone else. And when will the district council stop turning a blind eye? PDC might as well close down its tourist office if this is what it encourages.

Hard Copy?

Bill Storer asks: "I thought recent posts have been interesting and comments lively. It's a pity the site isn't shared by more people. Is there any merit in doing a periodic summary that could be printed in the Gazette or published as a newsletter which could be made available from the Library or Town hall? Perhaps comments from STC could be included."

Monday, September 03, 2007


I thought PDC have Winfrith set to be our industrial future,
I wonder how this'll effect it.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Mowlem

A delighted visitor to Swanage wrote about having dinner "in a pub called the Mowlem"

When will people stop getting it wrong? It's not a pub, it's an arts centre and theatre.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 7:56 AM

Not young

I'M GLAD I'M NOT YOUNG (part one)

44 years ago Cliff Richard was going on a Summer Holiday.
Today, Amy Winehouse was going to Rehab but she said no, no, no.
You don't really need to say any more, do you?

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Gambling Act

It will protect children and vulnerable people, cut crime and keep games fair, according to the Government.

It will bring increased opportunities to gamble and the "normalisation" of an addictive activity, fears the Salvation Army.

What is it?

It's the Gambling Act 2005 which today comes fully into force, overhauling pieces of legislation dating back as far as 1845 when Queen Victoria was on the throne and Sir Robert Peel was her Prime Minister.

Disraeli, who lost heavily on the Stock Exchange, said that "There is no gambling like politics."

Who said "Gambling is the only sure way of turning something into nothing"?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 9:02 AM

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shark..croc.. now big cats?

A mystery big cat animal has been spotted in a field on the outskirts of Dorchester.

Mark Dawson said he is 'absolutely 100 per cent sure' that the animal he saw standing in a field near Dorchester football stadium was a panther.

....other people have claimed to see panther-type animals in the area.

Last year Marjorie Nicholson, of Talbothays Road in Dorchester, told how she saw a panther walking in her road early one morning and watched it walk off towards St Osmund's Middle School.

And farmers have reported finding dead livestock showing wounds consistent with a big cat attack.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tax credits

“Oh, you haven’t got much money to live on at the moment? Well, how much income did you have last year – I’ll divide that by 52 and pretend that’s how much you’re getting this year, then if it’s less than I think you need I’ll top it up this year with weekly payments.
“Then, if at the end of this year you’ve actually had less coming in than you did last year, I’ll give you a lump sum extra to get you through all the hard times you’ve just had…
“But if you end up having had more coming in this year than you did last year, I’ll work out how much extra you’ve had coming in that you shouldn’t have had, and ask you for it back as a lump sum (even if you’ve spent it already).
If you can’t pay it back as a lump sum, I’ll deduct the overpayment from what I pay you weekly the following year, which will be based on what you have coming in this year, meaning of course that you’ll get even less to live on than I decide you need…”
Dear oh dear.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 7:55 PM

The answer?

"Self discipline is the key. You can’t force a child to become anti-social. It’s all a matter or respect. "Let a child use his or her intelligence creatively, then they’ll respect you and the world around them. "Once you frustrate creative intelligence, you end up with an angry, impotent and anti social society." - from Agatha Christie's 'They Do It With Mirrors'. It might be old-fashioned, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

The education system in this country stifles children, making them all work at the speed of the slowest, not encouraging those with talent to develop it, you can't win at games etc.
And look at what we've got. You can't blame the parents alone, they were brought up in the same system. We've had about 25 years of all this, plus the Politically Correct lobby that basically said "Throw away all the old ways".

It's time to get things sorted. Start with the politicians who deny that there's anything wrong.
When a child is murdered by another child, they start quoting statistics and say "It's not all children." NO, but look at society and bring back PROPER EDUCATION, bring back APPRENTICES, help children to be good at something creative.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:21 AM

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Giant croc in Swanage

Never mind about the Great White. We have our own crocodile: found in Swanage, fossilised head on display at Heritage Centre.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I've been asked to find a pianist or somebody to accompany a good old singalong.
Any takers? Or do you know somebody who can do this?
Please contact me on 01929 422338.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 5:19 PM

Pavement Parking

The incidence of pavement parking in Swanage continues. I've just seen a disabled buggy driver on the pavement in De Moulham Road have to reverse down a hill because someone had parked their car across the pavement pointing at their drive!
Posted by Anon


The local free sheet weekly continues, it seems, its decline from any pretence of conveying anything as sordid as news.This week it splashes on its front page as the most vital news item of the seven days something about the post office in Swanage now being a jolly good place.Well, we know this, surely, we go there, and are aware that it is rather changed from the dark days when it was run by a Conservative town councillor.The secondmost important news of the week is yet more advertising for the Monkey World attraction.When is someone going to produce a local publication which has news?There is, surely, enough of it about.Not least in and around the Town Council.
Posted by Anon

Human responsibilities

Sentinel asks: We hear a lot about Human RIGHTS, but what about Human RESPONSIBILITIES?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Police care

The BBC reports that 5 police staff have been disciplined for failing to care for a drunk man who died after being left in a cell for 10 hours.
In summary the report is that Tony Davis, a well-known heavy drinker in Swanage, Dorset, was arrested on the town's seafront on 12 October, 2004.
He was taken to Poole police station and later found lying on the floor of his cell without a blanket and was taken to hospital after a police surgeon was called in and failed to detect a temperature and died of hyopethermia.
A police custody inspector was fined 13 days' pay, the maximum possible under police regulations, for neglect in the performance of his duties.
Two male custody sergeants were found guilty of neglect in the performance of their duties.
One of them was reprimanded and the other is to be issued with a written warning.
Two male civilian police staff detention officers were found guilty of gross misconduct and were each given a final written warning regarding the performance of their duties.
A third male civilian police staff detention officer resigned from his post before a disciplinary hearing was held.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 1:03 PM

Friday, August 10, 2007


This disgusted me! And I quote!

thr town would move better for deleveries if the arogant morons did not park in loading bays and also the bays are abused by blue badge holders,

I would point out that many of those Blue badge holders are those that during WW2, were the ones that made the sacrifices for all that you the people enjoy today.

The fraudulent use of the blue badge in Swanage, is of such a rate to be a local scandle.

The real blue badge holders are entitled to some sort of life as the rest, and certainly not the insults

Dancing Ledge

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 12:39 PM

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Noisy jet

So the jet's at it again today. I've spoken with MOD - they say not one of theirs. Bournemouth Airport are investigating, and will come back to me. Have also spoken to Civil Aviation Authority who will investigate and come back to me. I'll let you know what they say.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Seafront music

There's more Live Music on the seafront this week. The main carnival stage is still up with all the big speakers, and there are different bands on each evening.
I had a great time last night (Monday) with the Martin Johnson Band, featuring saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, Steve who runs the blues festivals on piano, and Martin himself of course singing.
It's well worth a stroll down there from about 8pm onwards. Mike Dimarco has the details of who's playing on a board in front of the sound hut in between the amusement arcade and the Fishermans Catch.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Seafront closure

From todays Advertiser:
The County of Dorset) (Shore Road, Swanage) (Traffic Management) Experimental Variation
Order 2007
Notice is hereby given that the Dorset County Council proposes to make an experimental
Order under Sections 1(1) and (2), 2(1) to (3), 3(2), 4(2), 9 and 124(l)(d) of the Road
Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
When the Order comes into operation on 6 August 2007 it will be on an experimental basis and be in force for a maximum period of 18 months.
The effect will be to vary “The County of Dorset (Shore Road, Swanage) (Traffic Management) Order 1984 (Amendment) Order 1987 such that the prohibition of vehicles in Shore Road from the northern side of its junction with the service road to the Mowlem to its junction with Victoria Avenue will apply between 1 May and 30 September for 24 hours a day.
A copy of the Order together with a plan showing the length of road affected may be inspected from Monday to Friday during normal office hours at:
Main Reception, Dorset County Council, County Hall, Colliton Park, Dorchester, and Purbeck District Council, Westport House. Worgret Road. Wareham and Swanage Town Council, Town Hall, Swanage.
Details can also be found on the Dorset County Council’s website at: index.jsp?articleid 348484
For technical queries please contact Swanage Town Council on (01929) 423636. For other queries please contact Denise Thorner on (01305) 221709.
The County Council will be considering in due course whether the provisions of this Order should be made permanent and any person who wishes to make any observations, whether supportive or in objection to the making of a permanent Order, may do so within a period of six months from 6 August 2007 (or if this Order is subsequently varied or modified by another Order, within six months of that Order coming into operation). Any such observations should be made in writing to the Swanage Town Council, and any objections must specify, the grounds on which they are made.
Dated: 2 August 2007

So from the 6th of August the seafront between Station Road and Victoria Avenue will be closed to all traffic! How will the delivery lorries for the TIC,and other shops be able to deliver their goods if the road is closed between May and September ?

Posted by Virtual Swanage to swanage view at 10:31 PM

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rush to book the Blues (Oct 5-7)

Early rush for Blues festival hotel rooms - from Daily Echo

SWANAGE'S hotels are already starting to fill up for the eighth Swanage Blues Festival - an amazing seven months before the first note is played. Thousands of music lovers flock to Purbeck for the free festival each March, with enthusiasts attracted from around the world.
Due to overwhelming demand, organiser Steve Darrington recently announced a new Swanage blues and roots event for October.
Now, people booking up accommodation for October are also rushing to reserve their rooms for the March festival to avoid disappointment. "It's pretty huge stuff," said Steve.
"Because everyone is so keen to book for October, they are booking for March already.
"We've had 15,000 cards printed, like mini-flyers, that are going all around the country and the result of these is even more people are booking."
With the festival falling in March, the advanced out-of-season bookings come as a major boost to Swanage's economy. The town's tourist information centre confirmed they had already been dealing with enquiries for next year's festival. Alison Holmes, manager of the centre, said: "It generates plenty of interest and enquiries, and it's great for the town."Steve does a fantastic job and has been building momentum year after year. "At that time of year, it stretches out our season and fills accommodation."
The remarkable reach of the festival has even seen acts from as far away as Austin, Texas, ringing to offer their services for the weekend. Steve, who relies totally on donations and goodwill to organise the festival, even plans to return to the stage for the forthcoming events, after learning to walk again after three years in a wheelchair.
The Swanage Blues and Roots Festival takes place on October 5-7, with the eighth Swanage Blues Festival running from March 7-9 next year.

As seen at:
Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11:44 AM


It does seem such a shame that this local council has dragged us back to a byegone age, by not clearing the rubbish from households.

They will not take this, or that, only if it fits inside the bin.

What have we here, is there a little man somewhere jumping up and down squealing "They must take their own rubbish...So there"

Who voted these people in that refuse to carry out their municiple duties..That of clearing the rubbish and keeping our town clean.
While I am at it...who was it that coated our roads with tar and chippings. I would like to know, I have a heavy bill for his attention, for the damage he caused.

What is even worse is that no sooner were the chippings down than they had vanished leaving stretches ungritted.
Dancing Ledge

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 6:49 PM

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A&E consultation (on 12 Sept & 13 Sept)

Regarding proposed cuts to the Swanage MIU there is a second public consultation meeting being held at

The Methodist Church Hall, High Street, Swanage


12th Sept and again on 13th Sept, from 6.30 — 8.30pm.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Council funds shortfall?

There's an interesting letter on behalf of the local Liberal democrats in the latest edition of the Purbeck gazette on the subject of the town hall finances and a £6 million shortfall for a list of necessary works for which a partial solution might be the selling off of allotments. Is there more information available on that.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 3:22 PM


January’s grey and slushy,
February’s chill and drear,
March is wild, wet and windy,
April brings no cheer,
In May a day or two of sunshine,
Three or four in June.
July is usually filthy, and in
August comes the monsoon.
In September things start dying,
Then comes cold October mist.
November we make plans to spend December pissed.


Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 12:45 PM

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Business ad opportunity


We've just had the Jazz Festival and I know you're very busy anyway this time of year, but don't forget that my Swanage Blues Festivals are at the beginning of March and October to increase business in the town at the quiet times.

Would you like to give out some business card size flyers advertising the October and the March Blues Festivals? They're only 3½ x 2 inches small and are going down a treat! People are putting them away in their purses or wallets to pass on to other people as well.

How about an A4 festival poster for your window and/or notice board? It's only 11¾ x 8¼ inches and very pretty too, based around a lovely photo of Swanage Bay.

Have you taken out a £12 advert on the website yet? Only £12 for a year and you'll be helping to extend the festival season in Swanage from March to October!

Best Wishes,
Steve Darrington
PS You can always call me for a chat or further info on 01929 422338

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canoe/Kayak Club?

I would be interested in joining or setting up a Swanage Canoe/Kayak Club, for two main reasons. Firstly, canoeing is more safely done (perhaps should only be done) in company; and secondly, with the state of my knees, it seems an ejoyable way of getting some exercise.
Several questions arise:
1. Is there such a club already?
2. Is there any support for such a club?
3. Has it been tried before? If it has, and it failed, what were the reasons for its failure?
4. Would the Town Council provide some secure storage space for the canoes, perhaps by erecting a cage in one or two of the spaces in the boat yard?
5. Are there any qualified canoeists out there who would be interested in providing training?
6. I'm aiming at people aged 16 to 100 - so no excuses!
7. Any other comments?

Posted by SK to swanage view at 3:16 PM

Friday, July 06, 2007


If you want to raise a new topic, post your comment in this section — just click first on Comments (bottom right), then on Post a comment (bottom left of the next window), and a new heading will soon be set up, allowing others to see and add their own comments. It seems it's sometimes easier to click on 'Post anonymously' than to open an account in your name - you can always add your name to your message. We try to keep posts civilized.

Seafront closure

Someone please pursue the seafront closure too. I'm sure the wishes of disabled people etc can be accommodated. Perhaps a half way house would be in order with people discouraged from using Shore Road with a 10 mile an hour speed limit, or perhaps a one way system with Shore Road for incoming and De Moulham Road out? Safety issues aside, it's the parked cars on Shore Road which I feel are most aesthetically unpleasant.Well-designed streets can boost rental values and property prices by 5 per cent, new CABE research has found. The streets really are paved with gold! see:


Alternative routes?

It takes ages getting around Town now in a car, and pedestrians run a traffic gauntlet. In the long term it still remains unsafe to me to have all traffic for Durlston, the Pier and Hospital to be dependant on Institute Road. Some incident could grid lock the Town. If just half of the traffic had an alternative route then walking in the Town centre would be much more pleasant. Bring on the café culture DCC. Have some courage to initiate this STC.

nick storer

Alternative routes?

It takes ages getting around Town now in a car, and pedestrians run a traffic gauntlet. In the long term it still remains unsafe to me to have all traffic for Durlston, the Pier and Hospital to be dependant on Institute Road. Some incident could grid lock the Town. If just half of the traffic had an alternative route then walking in the Town centre would be much more pleasant. Bring on the café culture DCC. Have some courage to initiate this STC.


Has the gaurdian gone out of print? seems a lot of people are very quite? no opinions on anything interesting.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 9:02 AM

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Boats in the bay

There is nothing nicer than on a sunny day walking down to the beach and seeing lot of boats moored in the bay. But lately they seem to try to get as close as possible to the beach, to show off I supose with all their other film star mates, and avoid paying for parking. I believe there should be some kind limit as to how far they can come in, and for a I know there might even be one.
For starters there are people who do not want to swim in the cordoned off safety area, where kids should be able to enjoy the sea safely, and constantly look out for incoming boats, secondly t oil and fuel leakage from boats no matter how small,there is alwaysa film of it on the surface and you can smell it, bottles, plastic bags etc dumped or blown over the side and more importantly the boats have ships toilets. You just use the loo and the waste is not treated and just dumped into the sea. I know that happens if they were moored further out and the tides would bring it in but it just seems so needless. All this for the "Hey, look at me!" factor somebody fetch in law to ban this.

Posted by jazzyJ to swanage view at 8:18 AM

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A&E to close at night (Consultation)

The A&E service (aka 'minor injuries unit') at Swanage Hospital is scheduled from the Autumn to no longer offer an 'after hours' service between 10 pm and 8 am. In the interim, there is a public consultation period, so please make your views known if you have any. Consultation runs from Monday 25th June to Monday 17th September.

There will also be a public meeting on Wednesday 4 July from 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm at the Mowlem.

You may download the full consultation document at Click on the 'Have your say' section.

Then comments to:

Friday, June 22, 2007


What's up at Purbeck District Council?
The Chief Executive has had a heart attack and is understandably below par. We hear the Deputy Chief Exec has left, as has the Head of Legal Services. There is still no Conservation Officer. Now it seems they are looking for a new Tourism Officer and Clean Neighbourhoods Officer.
Why don't they like working in the beautiful Purbecks?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Parish Assembly

what happened at the parish assembly? nothing seems to have been published anywhere.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 9:18 AM

Monday, June 18, 2007

Twelve quid

For research purposes, I need to know what you can get in Swanage for £12. I'll start you off:
A taxi to Norden
4 pints of Guinness
3 days sun lounger hire on the beach

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 8:34 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ye Olde Pier Head Drawings

Just for fun here are a few of the older plans put before the planning officers in Wareham. They span about 20 years. I think you can enlarge the images by clicking on them (NB use your back button to return the the blog if you do). None were deemed to be suitable for the Pier Head site.

Taxing the elderly and disabled

This week the British Healthcare Trades Association announced the introduction by the European Community of a 10% import tax on mobility scooters. Previously classified for customs purposes as "carriages for disabled persons", mobility scooters are now treated as "motor vehicles for the transport of persons". The tax – at the rate of 10% - has been backdated for three years, causing some importers to fold and seriously damaging other.

The money is being collected by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and paid direct to the EC, less an amount deducted for their expenses.The immediate result has been for the price of mobility scooters to increase by up to 25%, as importers seek to recover the backdated tax demanded by the government, estimated at £10 million.

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanage view at 12:25 PM

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Subscribe to swanageview?

I have experimented with something (feedburner) which I think should mean that, if you follow the 'subscribe to swanageview' link at the bottom of the page, you will be emailed if there are any new posts. Can you let me know a/if this works b/any advice to improve

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Council Tax

With a view apparently to establishing how our council tax should be spent, PDC has asked town and parish councillors to pick just 5 things that:

'are most important in making somewhere a good place to live'
and 'five things that most need improving' from the list below.

- access to nature
- activities for teenagers
- affordable decent housing
- clean streets
- community activities
- cultural facilities
- education provision
- facilities for young children
- health services
- job prospects
- the level of crime
- the level of pollution
- the level of traffic congestion
- parks and open spaces
- public transport
- race relations
- road and pavement repairs
- shopping facilities
- sports and leisure facilities
- wage levels and local cost of living
- other ??
- any other comments

What are your 5 priority answers to each question?
(I personally don't like such surveys, for they can be used to say "people didn't think such and such was important", but what can you do if you can only choose 5 out of 21 things?)

Friday, June 08, 2007


A recent thread asked what other festivals Swanage could consider, surely a comedy festival would be a great success, and I'm sure many of the contributors to the Swanage forums would go down a storm. Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11:03 PM

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Clean up Swanage

I had the feeling that Swanage has been a pretty nice place to be on Fri and Sat evenings of late.
Seems the police have been rounding up the underage drinkers. Cheers for that! Have a drink on me. Anon!obcsyksz
Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:34 PM

Monday, June 04, 2007

Olympic brand

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said: "This is a truly innovative brand logo that graphically captures the essence of the London 2012 Olympic Games - namely to inspire young people around the world through sport and the Olympic values. The brand, designed by Wolff Olins, has been targeted at the young people the organisers hope will get involved. It is a deliberate change from previous Olympic logos, which often feature an image from the city. Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell said: "This is an iconic brand that sums up what London 2012 is all about - an inclusive, welcoming and diverse Games that involves the whole country. It takes our values to the world beyond our shores, acting both as an invitation and an inspiration.This is not just a marketing logo, but a symbol that will become familiar, instantly recognisable and associated with our Games in so many ways during the next five years."

(Not Swanage I know, but a reminder: anyone got any ideas how Swanage might be able to benefit from people coming to the Olympics, especially those coming to the sailing in Weymouth?)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Help to store mobility scooter

Steve Darrington writes:I wonder if anybody could help please?
There's a lady with a mobility scooter who needs somewhere to garage it for six weeks while work is going on that will block where she usually stores it.Access would need to be on the flat for her to get out of a taxi and walk to it, and she would only require use during normal business hours.I know how desperate I would be if I couldn't use my mobility scooter in June and July, so perhaps some kind person with a corner in their garage, factory or workshop could help out?
Calls to me on 01929 422338. Thank you.

Posted by steve darrington to swanage view at 6:24 PM

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Website for carers

Pier Head

Hop-per long to see the murals at the Pier Head

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Community Partnership AGM 20 June

I see that the AGM for the Swanage Town and Community Partnership (developers of the MCTI Strategic Plan) is to be held on Wednesday 2oth JUne, at 10.oo am in the Town Hall. I imagine this is open to the public. People are needed to help develop a community action plan to take projects forward under a range of grant funded initiatives.

Veterans' Day 27 June

27th of June is Veterans day, Does anyone know if there are any celebrations, or remembrance of Veterans in Swanage or locally? Last year was a total washout.
Dancing Ledge.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 3:25 PM

Friday, May 25, 2007


Can I ask any cat owners to please make sure their cat/s have a collar with a bell on? This might give the birds half a chance to get away. Sad to see a blue tit fledgling from the nest in our garden fall prey to a cat's fun and games in the first few days of its life.


Can anyone tell me where office vacancies are advertised in Swanage? Obviously there are a number of compnaies in Swanage that must need staff but you look in the papers or jobcentre and there are no office vacancies advertised in Swanage. I have been working for Poole Council but the funding has stopped and I'm going to be unemployed within the next 6 weeks and would love to get employment in the Swanage area. Can anybody help?

Posted by beachdrifter to swanage view at 10:54 PM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Strategic Plan

What is this Swanage Community Strategic Plan all about? It’s just setting up more talking shops. Most of the needs they want to identify were identified years ago but have still not happened. No concrete proposals at all. No commitment to a leisure centre or swimming pool. No commitment to pedestrianisation. No commitment to more affordable housing. No commitment to improve the Mowlem. No specific commitment to youngsters. Improving holiday accommodation? Better targeted marketing of the resort? Sheltered moorings?
Please let’s just do it instead of more talking.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 5:28 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hospital 'minor injuries unit' cuts?

At a public board meeting in Sherborne last week Dorset Primary Care Trust proposed reducing Swanage Hospital's minor injury unit's opening times from 24 hours to 8am to 10pm.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kit off?

There's a nudist hike planned between Lulworth and Swanage. Anyone interested in taking part in the walk should meet at Swanage Pier at 9am on June 2. For more information contact Mr Lamb on 0208 778 2851.


Why do we have to take the tops off empty plastic bottles and "dispose of them elsewhere" before they can go into the recycling skip? What happens when nobody bothers? Can you recycle polystyrene? Cardboard? The plastic envelopes magazines come in? Who has “clean” aluminium foil?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 12:17 PM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Local artist wins major prize

The Jerwood Charitable Foundation has awarded the £25,000 award for the 2007 Jerwood Sculpture Prize to Langton artist Juliet Haysom for her work Spring. Juliet will drill a bore hole above a natural aquifer in Jerwood Sculpture Park, in the grounds of Ragley, Warwickshire. The spring she creates will emerge as a mist of fine water approximately 100 x 100 x 200 cm in size.
More on:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NEW subject

If you want to raise a new topic, post your comment in this section — just click first on Comments (bottom right), then on Post a comment (bottom left of the next window), and a new heading will soon be set up, allowing others to see and add their own comments. It seems it's sometimes easier to click on 'Post anonymously' than to open an account in your name - you can always add your name to your message. We try to keep posts civilized.

School admission numbers?

I see there's an ad in the Advertiser (page 27) about proposed reductions in admission numbers for certain schools . Can someone explain the significance of this and what anyone may be able to do about it, if it has a bearing on keeping our schools open?

Annual Parish Assembly (Mon 21 May)

Monday 21st May 2007, 7.00 pm at the Town Hall. But this is not a Council meeting. It's a public meeting (with no 15 minute limit, like the Council meetings), for anyone in the town to raise anything they want, even propose a specific resolution if you want. Ideally, give notice of any agenda items (or get last year's minutes) by phoning 423636 or call in at the Town Hall or email

Your town. Your meeting. Your views, Your chance to have a say.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

European Cup Final?

Not posting this to upset other supporters but is there anywhere in Swanage where Liverpool fans are going to watch the European Cup Final on the 23/5/2007?

Posted by beachdrifter to swanage view at 8:23 PM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Swanage drug arrests

The BBC website carries a report about drug raids being carried out on Wednesday 9 May in Bournemouth, Swanage and other towns. Arrests have been made.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 1:39 PM

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Council meeting Monday 14th May

The first meeting of the new Council will be at the Town Hall on Monday 14th May. So if they all turn up, you can meet all your new councillors then. And if you have something to say, there's Public Participation at 7 pm.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pier Head!

real gull nesting with painted gulls for safety
nina and antonia and gull

Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Car Park

The planned resurfacing has been postponed until shortly before Easter next year. Thanks councillors for sorting this out.

The resurfacing of the lower High Street will cause traffic chaos with cars backed up in Institute and Station Road. Will someone please organise the temporary reversal of Church Hill to help alleviate the problem? "Please find an alternative route" is rather ironic. Now the local elections are over perhaps we will see some action to provide a permanent solution to the problem of accessing the Pier/Durlston without using the Town centre. Maybe there will be the resolve to close the Shore Road too.

Friday, May 04, 2007

District Councillors for Swanage

* If elected the word 'Elected' appears against the number of votes.

South ward

Name of

(if any)

Number of


Liberal Democrats



U.K. Independence Party



The Labour Party Candidate


PRATT, Michael William

The Conservative Party Candidate

734 Elected

* If elected the word 'Elected' appears against the number of votes.

North ward

Name of

(if any)

Number of


Liberal Democrats


MOORE, Tricia

UK Independence Party



The Labour Party Candidate


TRITE, William Stanley

The Conservative Party Candidate

862 Elected

Swanage Town Council election results

Swanage Town Council

* If elected the word 'Elected' appears against the number of votes.

North ward

Name of


Number of

AUDLEY, Barry John


977 elected

CLARK, Peter Benwell

Liberal Democrats


GAINSBOROUGH, Constance Dorothy




LEACH, John Ernest

Liberal Democrats


MARSH, Gloria Ann




The Labour Party Candidat



The Labour Party Candidate


TRITE, William Stanley


958 elected

WHITWAM, Michael Alan


853 elected

South ward

Name of

(if any)

Number of

BENNETT, Edmond Cyril

Liberal Democrats


BRIGHT, Colin Richard


728 elected




GLOYN-COX, Laurence David


631 elected


Liberal Democrats

673 elected


The Labour Party Candidate



The Labour Party Candidate



Liberal Democrats


PAGE, John Allen

Liberal Democrats




730 elected

PRATT, Michael William


797 elected


The Labour Party Candidate


STOREY, Margaret Anne

The Labour Party Candidate


SUTTLE, Gary Maurice


867 elected

TURNER, Alison


809 elected


The Labour Party Candidate


WHITLOCK, Ivor James



Friday, April 27, 2007

The Pier

The Pier is a listed building right? It has had lottery money and the like? Why do they allow the crappy portacabins and caravans on there? It would also be nice to get rid of the parked cars and vans. Why not build a proper dive centre and give the pier back to the strollers and anglers?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 4:44 PM

Rubbish collection

I see the dyed blue Tory papers are kicking up a stink about smelly bins and councils changing to collecting rubbish bins only every two weeks. The Conservative controlled Purbeck District Council did this two years ago. Without consulting anyone. No one had time to protest or comment before they did it. There is no going back because nearly half a million pounds was spent on the new bins. That will be paid for over the years to come.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:48 AM

New Festival for Swanage

After the tremendous success of the 8th Annual Blues Festival at the beginning of March, I am now organising a new and exciting event for October 2007 to help boost the local economy during the most miserable month of the year!

The Blues and Roots Festival will be held during the weekend October 5-7 and will run in a similar vein to the Blues Festival, with many top acts appearing in different venues around the area.

The accent will be on vibrant and exciting music, especially acoustic, that stirs the soul and makes you feel good to be alive, with dancing, workshops, jam sessions and buskers.

You can take part. Join in a jam session, attend a workshop, gig or dance along to the joyous rhythms! And if this sounds too energetic for you, you can still be part of it if you wish: put up a poster, advertise your business from only £12, make a small donation, tell your friends, customers, or offer to deliver a few leaflets.

You see, it’s taken me six years of hard work to make the Blues Festivals in March so successful – and for the last three years I’ve been in a wheelchair – but with your help, we can make this a wonderful experience for us all first time round!

For furher information please contact me by writing to Steve Darrington, Tourist Information Centre, Shore Road, Swanage, Dorset BH19 1LB; e-mail or phone 01929 422338. Thank you.

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanage view at 9:14 AM

Monday, April 23, 2007

St George's Day

"St. George's day" mushrooms are out now in pasture and at woodland edges. They grow in rings and at this time of year you are unlikely to confuse them with anything else. Very tasty.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Old Malthouse

Sad to learn today that the Old Malthouse School is to close (after 100 years, I believe).

Friday, April 20, 2007

Silly clock

Is that silly clock an hour slow, or do I need an eye test?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 7:29 PM


If you want to raise a new topic, post your comment in this section — just click first on Comments (bottom right), then on Post a comment (bottom left of the next window), and a new heading will soon be set up, allowing others to see and add their own comments. It seems it's sometimes easier to click on 'Post anonymously' than to open an account in your name - you can always add your name to your message. We try to keep posts civilized.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Library threat

It seems there is now a real threat to Swanage library. Apparently jobs are not guaranteed beyond September, which must be terrible for those working there. And not reassuring for those who enjoy using the resources. Seems like it won't actually be closed but hours may be cut even more. If you have a view, you could write to the County Councillor for Swanage, Donald Hiett (

Mike Hadley

Purbeck councillor

Hi y'all "A Purbeck councillor is facing allegations that he failed to disclose a personal interest about plans for a waste treatment plant at Winfrith and an access road near his home".

At last, Local News from the Echo, no mention of the sad crash at or near Corfe.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:42 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Housing meeting Weds 18th

Please take the time to check out the agenda for the Housing Meeting to be held at The Red Lion tomorrow (Weds 18th) at 7pm. Please make the effort to come - it is people like YOU that we need. Follow this link to the agenda.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:26 AM

Friday, April 13, 2007

Shore Road/relief road?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "New Subject":

Is there any truth in the rumour that had the Swanage Council closed the whole of Shore Road for the summer then there would have been funding provided by the County Council for a relief road from Herston to Ulwell?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:11 AM

Beach clean Sunday 15th

Want to join the big Dorset beach clean on Sunday 15th April? Just turn up at one of these places (or take a big bag to your own favourite bit of beach).

Swanage main beach: by Ocean Bay 2- 4pm
Shell Bay/Knoll Beach: end of beach near ferry, 2-4pm
Kimmeridge: Fine Centre, 10.30 - 12.30
Chapmans Pool: 10 - 12

(More info on

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Open Mike evening


Poetry, stories and comedy
Come and read or sit and listen

Downstairs at Alfie's, Institute Road, Swanage

Tuesday 17th April at 7.30
(and 3rd Tuesday of every month)

Aspen? err no Studland

So may I ask what do contributors think of the new pair of houses on the Ferry Road in Studland (next to Studland Bay House on the site of the old cricket ground)?

Join Community Action Group?

Should Swanage Seafront be pedestrianised?
What will happen to the Pier Head?
Should supermarkets provide bins for us to dispose of the additional food packaging before we take it home to fill our bins?
Do you trust the local council to represent your wishes?
Do you expect Sandpit field to be covered in flats in 10 years?

Don't make your comments on the above questions here - join your community action group at and join the debate!
Numbers count in a democracy, so the more members, the more control over our community we will obtain. Care? Then come visit us and join up!

Posted by Purbeck Housing Action to swanage view at 5:04 PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ferry hike?

I hear the Studland/Sandbanks ferry prices are going up yet again. Didn't they have a big hike just a few months ago? Anyone know any more?

Out of Car Experience

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Mowlem

The Mowlem ....I know this is a favorite subject but has anyone looked closely at the building lately. Paint peeling of any piece of timber that hasn't rotted away, rusting metalwork and signs that are falling to pieces. Most worrying is the cracks that are appearing on the concrete by the sea end. If whoever runs it isn't interested in sorting it out then it should be taken over and sorted out once and for all. The building is a hideous eyesore

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 7:33 AM

Sunday, April 08, 2007


A tourist commented to me this morning:
"We read about the wonderful beach and came to Swanage specially. But the town is a giant dustbin with rubbish everywhere."

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11:16 AM

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Swanage Bay Users

Originally uploaded by m.hadley.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cross Pelican

Does anyone else agree the timings of the three new pelican crossings at the top of Station Road are on red for many seconds longer than the previous ones? I'm all for keeping cars out of the Town centre and would love to see the whole lot pedestrianised, BUT given there is no alternative route to Down Town Swanage at present, these new lights are going to cause chaos. What happened to the plans to reverse the High Street back from Court Hill?

New Subject

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Studland rampage?

Theres a rumor in town tonight that 10ish Swanage kids went over to Studland to see 2? friends and trashed 10 beach huts.
Anyone else heard anything?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11:39 PM

Sunday, April 01, 2007


How many people, I wonder, will be out this evening watching for spawning vernal lantern fish after listening to Radio 4's Living World from Swanage Bay at 6.35am this morning? These glowing fish 'reputedly' spawn only once a year on April 1st. It was fun lying on bed listening to the tide wash over Peveril Point; was Tourist Information informed? colluded?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10:48 A

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bayview caravan park?

What's up this time at the Vista caravan park? I hear the Police have been hovering around. Anyone know?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 7:42 PM

Swanage Bay Users Association

Next meeting Tuesday 17th April 2007 at Swanage Sailing Club 8pm.
If you have any concerns about Swanage Bay or would like to join the Association and help maintain safety and harmony with in the Bay. Please come along and join us... the bar is open!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Many discussions on this Weblog end up discussing the rights of LOCALS.
As someone who can trace and document his familiy back through 500 years, locally, why don't I start a thread on what is a local?
I'm enough of a reactionary to stick to The Isle of Purbeck. Wareham is not in Purbeck.
A local is someone who has lived for some time in or around Swanage.
Any comments?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 8:34 PM

Fancy a Row?

Swanage Sea Rowing Club is having an Open Day at the Stone Quay, from 12pm on Sunday 1st April, for anyone to come along and have a go. Just turn up if you're interested. Or come along and watch.

Ready to vote on 3rd May?

If you are not already registered to vote, but want to, you should complete the appropriate form by 18 April if you want to vote in the elections on 3 May. Application forms can be downloaded from or sent through the post by calling (01929) 557219.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Council meeting Monday 26th

There's a Council meeting at the Town Hall on Monday 26th March, with public participation time at 7.15 pm.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Purbeck Housing Action Group

PURBECK HOUSING ACTION GROUP - we have moved! Thanks to Apexweb we have a real website now, you can find us at:

Mike - would you mind changing the link on your links on the left? I'm going to delete the blog site soon so theres no confusion.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 4:38 PM

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Accessible Swanage

Dorset County Council Highways Dept is looking at improving two drop kerbs in Swanage: by Alfie's Restaurant, Institute Road, and by the Angling Centre, High Street.

They are also planning four walks to inspect the necessity for drop kerbs
(1) from the Railway Station along Kings Road West to Court Hill
(2) from Arkwright's along the High Street and along Priests Road
(3) from Priests Road along the High Street to Victoria Avenue
(4) from Victoria Avenue along Northbrook Road, (with consideration for access to Beach Gardens recreation area)

You can follow my campaign to make Swanage more accessible for people who rely on wheels - those who use mobility scooters, wheelchairs and baby buggies - via the link to 'Accessible Swanage' on my website

Steve Darrington

Social conscience?

"We need an income but financial gain is not the most important thing in the world. We need to try to help the environment and help poor people out of poverty in the third world."
The local Communist Party?
Nope - The Swanage and Purbeck Holiday Accommodation Association.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 6:06 AM

Monday, March 19, 2007

Blues & Roots Weekend

Blues & Roots Weekend

Following the success of the 7th Swanage Blues Festival (next one 7-9 March 2008), I am considering the possibility of a Blues & Roots Weekend in Swanage sometime in September, October or November.

The timing is crucial, so let me have your thoughts please.

Posted by Steve Darrington

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Open Mike Poetry 20th March

Swanage's coolest evening of words is at

Alfie's Downstairs, Institute Road, Swanage

This Tuesday 20th at 7.30

If you haven't been before, make it a date.

James Day shelter

I've noticed that the glass is regularly broken in the bus shelter by James Day Home in Ulwell Road. It's such a shame and such a waste.
Also there are disabled and elderly people in wheelchairs and buggies who have to leave the pavement and go out into the road to avoid the broken glass. I feel sorry for them because it's very dangerous there to go out into the road.
I wonder why anybody would want to break the glass in the bus shelter? Perhaps they will read this and stop doing it now, knowing that they are making life difficult for the elderly and disabled people who have to go into the road with the traffic.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 9:22 AM

Saturday, March 17, 2007

transport policy

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Housing Crisis meeting":

Do you want to start a thread about transport policy? A lot of people interested in that might not read a thread on housing. Sending Poole- Weymouth/Dorchester traffic along the northern route sounds very sensible apart from the congestion on the road into Weymouth from Dorchester until the relief road is built. At the moment they need to go down through Crossways/Warmwell to avoid this. The distance is very much the same as going via Wareham and I though this was the route most people used now that most of the road west of Wareham has a speed limit. I would think its quicker although its not a journey I ever need to make so I can be certain.
Have you seen a traffic survey on journeys through Sandford? It would be interesting reading. I suspect a lot of it is from the estates that line the road having unwisely been permitted without the needed transport infrastructure being provided.

When the train line is eventually connected to Swanage a park and ride at Holton Heath would remove a proportion of tourist traffic from tha A351 as would a marketing campaign to persuade visitors from Poole and Bournemouth to come by train. Somehing like a third of our visitors start their journey in the conurbation so this could have a big impact if properly handled.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11:03 AM