Friday, August 10, 2007


This disgusted me! And I quote!

thr town would move better for deleveries if the arogant morons did not park in loading bays and also the bays are abused by blue badge holders,

I would point out that many of those Blue badge holders are those that during WW2, were the ones that made the sacrifices for all that you the people enjoy today.

The fraudulent use of the blue badge in Swanage, is of such a rate to be a local scandle.

The real blue badge holders are entitled to some sort of life as the rest, and certainly not the insults

Dancing Ledge

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Anonymous said...

I made the comment and it had NOTHING I repeat NOTHING to do with WW2 veterans I have on this site defend the brave people who gave their lives to defend our country and repeatably do so now against the left wing namby pambies, it has to do with the toatl abuse of loading bays i persoanl; watched a blue badge holder park in a loading bay last week when the shop owner told them this was ILLEGAL they gave him verbal abuse, and walked away swanage was then grid locked while the sita lorry emptied bins, so if you or anyone was caught by this including fire/police/ambulance blame the arogant elderly couple in the top of the range brand new jag. its illegal to park in un/loading bays plain and simple wether you fought for queen and country or just plain ignorant!

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure if that last post makes sense, but as someone who's voted Labour all his life, and was invalided out of the Marines after an un-named shindig in 1986, I'm not sure where I stand. Which I cant do for long. Walking - no problem.

PS, I don't own a Jag.

Anonymous said...

If the original poster's main concern is with the misuse of the unloading bays together with the abuse by a minority of Blue Badge holders then I am with him/her 100%. Walking in Institue Road can be a precarious experience anyway because of the narrowness created by the bays. However if these bays are then used illegally or improperly this surely indicates a need for greater scrutiny of their use? In addition, my understanding is that if someone's ability to walk is not impaired significantly on a long term basis (ie to less than 100 metres I think) then they are ineligible for a Blue Badge!

Anonymous said...

You are right about the walking. The badge is awarded for those that are only able to go a few yards, and then with great difficulty. I see folk get out and sally forth with no difficulty,

Seeing this, a long time ago I rang Dorset CC and asked about the Fraudulant use of the blue badge.
They told me that fraud is estimated to run at about 70%

That fraud makes it so much worse for the genuine case.

Things are about to change. Through pressure exerted by the British Limbless exservice mens association, and others, the whole thing is to be tightened up severely by next spring.
The fraud penalty is already at £1000. 00

If any of you had a disablity? you would be surprised at the insults we get from the fit folk that park in disabled areas.

At present there is a three month investigation into fraud and crime with blue badges.
By the way, blue badges fetch a high price and should not be left where it can be seen if not in use.
Dancing Ledge

Anonymous said...

DL let me know next time your taking out the motor and I'll ride shot gun for you.

Anonymous said...

Cheers! thanks for the offer of shotgun.
In WW2 I was the company Bren Gunner. sadly... I cannot use it here....
These unloading bays..has any one thought that the disabled are prevented from using any shop in Institute road if we cannot park there briefly?

By the way, today, the 15th of August is Victory over Japan day.
"VJ Day" I wonder how many even know it?
Dancing Ledge

Anonymous said...

Isn't this like a lot of legislation in this country? It's only as good as the reinforcement.
If people are using blue badges illegally, let them be punished.
We are fast becoming a nation of would-be vigilante moaners, simply because the Selfish do whatever they want to, secure in the knowledge that nobody will try to stop them beforehand nor prosecute them afterwards.