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Monday, February 22, 2010

Conservation area management

Swanage and Herston both have conservation areas with stringent rules about development. These are major assets to the town both environmentally and economically.

Unfortunately there is very little awareness of the importance of maintaining and enhancing the conservation areas. So far as I know PDC has no means of monitoring them for unauthorised changes and there has been a steady attrition ranging from upvc window frames to steel shutters on business premises, the latter having been given a certificate of lawful use last year because PDC was unaware of their existence for four years. A fact which tells us a lot about how little real concern there is for keeping the character of the conservation area.

I am posting this to find out whether there would be any support for establishing an informal organisation of occupants of premises in the conservation areas, both business and residential with the aim of exchanging views and information and expressing a collective "users" opinion on proposed changes and enhancement. I recognise that the views of the occupiers are frequently opposed to one another but I think a forum along these lines would be valuable and give those involved and insight into the concerns of the others.

I am able to offer a venue for meetings which is within the conservation area and basic facilities to produce a newsletter fr example.

Any takers?

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