Friday, December 30, 2005

2006 Swanage Looking Forward (only, no retrospectives please)

So how should Swanage proceed? Do we really have any influence or must we just wait for economic or climatic cycles to change?

Friday, December 23, 2005

Blues Festival (3,4,5 March 2006)

I am organising the Sixth Swanage Blues Festival for 3, 4 and 5 March 2006 and wonder if there are any kind people out there who might be interested in putting up a musician or musicians for a night or two?

If you are interested in helping out, please contact me, Steve Darrington, on 01929 422338. You can see who's coming by looking at

Thank you.

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanage view at 12/22/2005 09:38:47 PM

Friday, December 16, 2005

Drop kerbs needed?

Steve Darrington is campaigning to improve pavement access in Swanage, so asks the elderly, disabled or mums with baby buggies to contact him if there are any routes in town that could be made easier with drop kerbs.
Call Steve on 01929 422338 or e-mail

See the full article at:

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Mowlem

As a regular visitor to the Swanage area for various festivals, can someone please explain why the Jazz, Blues, Folk and Film Festivals never put anything on there? Come to that, there's hardly anything on during the Carnival either.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pensions "A" Day

After all the hype and indignation in the press and on this blog, about the ability of SIPP holders to put second homes in their pension; what now the Chanceller has U-turned and removed this potential tax break? Will house and flat prices callapse to the level local people can afford them, and nobody wants to build/convert any more? Or will it just mean there will be less second homes occupied by tourists, less jobs in service industries and a poorer community for that? Details of the changes at:

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Swanage Residents' newsletter

If you would like to read the latest Swanage Residents Newsletter:

or join, and you'll be sent a copy in glorious colour. (It's only one colour, but pretty glorious nonetheless).

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Better car park management?

From time to time we hear of things like integrated transport policy for Purbeck. What has hit me recently is all Purbeck Car Parks seem to be managed by a great number of organisations(Town Councils, National Trust, Swanage Railway, County Council etc). How about getting one organisation to run them and plough any profits back into Purbeck. The benefits are there to be seen. Norden Park and Ride which costs approx £40000 a year to run could be financed by Victoria Road Car Park, enabling the Park and Ride to remain free. By controlling the costs of parking you could direct the traffic where you want it.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11/29/2005 10:22:14 PM

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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Friday, November 25, 2005

New sand for Swanage

New sand for Swanage
Originally uploaded by m.hadley.
Barge delivers sand from dredging Poole harbour, pumps around 2000 c m in 40 minutes on to the beach. Let's hope they finish putting in the new groynes before all the sand just goes straight out to sea again.

New groynes
Originally uploaded by m.hadley.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

SeaCourt Passed

SeaCourt received planning permission on Thursday 24th November. Planning Officers fiercly argued for approval and threatened a 3% rise in council tax may be needed to fund the award of costs at any further appeal. Local Residents very sad. The discussion lasted about an hour, going round and around in circles, very close all the time. Finally members were let off the hook with an amendment to screen off certain windows and it was passed 6 to 4.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What a load of rubbish!

Echo (online) Wednesday 23 November 2005

Residents say recycling's a load of rubbish
by Diana Henderson

Pier Head (revisited!)

As regular and frequent visitors to Swanage from "oop north" , my wife and I are amazed and puzzled by the condition of the building just in front of the pier entrance. It used to be a cafe, but now it looks a complete eyesore.Who is responsible for the building?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11/23/2005 03:34:43 PM

Local elections

It is not generally known that second home owners are entitled to vote in local elections if they are registered at their second home. If, as we are lead to believe, their numbers are increasing they could influence who is elected to represent them by using their vote.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harrow House to close in winter?

There is a rumour that Harrow House is going to close in the winters and only open in the summer. There certainly don't seem to be many of their students about at the moment. If this is true it will not do the local economy much good. Does anyone know anything about it?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11/19/2005 03:14:42 PM

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sweet-talking councillor?

The hearing of the Adjudication Panel of the Standards Board.

The hearing started late at 10.50 a.m. There was a three member adjudication panel, chaired by a solicitor. Two ex local
government councillors sat beside her. The prosecution had a barrister (or solicitor). Julie Wheeldon sat with her barrister.
The latter tried to get some of the charges withdrawn at the outset and generally tried to string out proceedings. The
chairperson allowed her and the prosecution much leeway. But for the late start and this, all would have been completed by 5 p.m.

After the objections had been largely dismissed, Mike Goater, District Planning engineer, was called. Later, Brian Hawkins
from the Belle Vue Residents Group, was called and , later still, Julie Wheeldon.

The panel have not yet considered some written evidence, or made their judgement, and will reconvene before Christmas.

The case centres around two issues :-

(1) the use of foul language to council employees and others by a District Councillor and consequent implications of bullying.

(2) the lack of observation of the code of conduct for councillors resulting from Julie Wheeldon’s refusal to distinguish
between her interests as a resident of Durlston Cliffs and her position as a District Councillor.

With regard to issue (1), she was upset by the contents of the first draft of the report from High Point Rendel (HPR) when it
was published in February, 2003. On February 10th, she entered Mike Goater’s office at P.D.C. and said that she wanted the
report to be adjusted. All references to property values and all reference to the Durlston Cliffs block of flats must be removed. Her concern was that possible problems in obtaining insurance and mortgages would affect the values of the properties. If the HPR engineer thought that the landslip caused any risk to Durlston Cliffs, then he was a ‘f******g w****r’. Similarly, if Mike Goater thought that there was a risk to the property, then he too was a ‘f*****g w****r’. On August 18 th , she called Roger Garwood and Mike Goater aside after a meeting in Swanage Town Hall about beach Recharge. She told them that she did not like what was in the second HPR report draft. She was angry and called them both ‘a*******s’. Julie Wheeldon denies using these words and the use of bad language on the first occasion. With regard to the second, she denies that the meeting ever took place.

With regard to issue (2), she is accused of abusing her position as a councillor in trying to get a report changed before it was formally published. She says that she was always acting as a resident of Durlston Cliffs except in Council meeting, when she declared an interest. With regard to the Belle Vue Action Group, who say that she was also rude to them, she says that she met them as a resident. They say that they invited her to meet them because she was a District Councillor and that they were desperate to get something done about the landslip of December 2000.

The above is necessarily a very brief summary of the day’s proceedings before the hearing was adjourned at 4.45 p.m.

see also page 10 of
and also original PDC report

Rubbish (again)

More rubbish!Everything I predicted has come true. First we had blue bags, then we complained and got a wheelie. Then nobody collected it. A fortnight later, school holidays, the kids were riding my wheelie and I had to put it away, it wasn't collected again. Another week and loads of bags show up in the area so I join them but there's an obstruction, a couple of bags go (maybe by themselves having probably grown legs by then)and the rest are left. I think of complaining but I've given up. I nearly asked a bin man, struggling up the High Street pushing two recycle bins but he says "seemed like a good idea at the time"I think yeah probably was, on paper.On a positive note, Swanage will have a plague soon and we will all be famous, there will be a film and a book made, but at that point we may get back to weekly pick ups... hooray!Mr Royston Vasey

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11/18/2005 03:54:24 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Want to run caravan site restaurant & bars?

In case you missed it..Swanage Advertiser today (17 Nov) has an ad '..inviting expressions of interest from individuals or a business to run our recently refurbished prestigious restaurant/function room (90 covers) and bar overlooking the Jurassic Coast and a further bar (with catering for 40 covers).... Contact Alan Leeson 01929 423636 ( by 12 December 2005'

Come on someone, let's get it open and running properly.

Drop Kerbs?


The pavements of Swanage are notoriously bad, particularly for people who rely on wheels: that’s the elderly and disabled with wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and parents with baby buggies. The high kerbs and lack of drop crossing points make it extremely difficult to get around.

A year ago I discovered that people at local, district and county level were all interested in getting improvements made, but everybody was waiting for somebody else to do something. All that was needed was co-ordination, a task I set myself. I kept asking questions and making recommendations, until I was invited to meet Dorset County Council’s District Highways Engineer for Swanage.

We spent two hours travelling around the town centre, after which he drew up a schedule of building works. The first phase has just started with drop kerbs being installed at the junction of De Moulham Road and Victoria Avenue.

More drop kerbs are due in De Moulham Road at the junction with Walrond Road; Shore Road at the junction with Walrond Road; Victoria Avenue at the junction with Northbrook Road; in the High Street at the angling shop where the footway narrows; outside Swanage mail delivery office; and Commercial Road at the junction with Station Road.

BUT the District Highways Engineer agrees there are plenty more places where improvements can be made, and has suggested that you all let me know where.

So, let me know where you think drop kerbs are needed. I will collate your requests and pass them on to Dorset County Council in January. It’s worth a go, isn’t it? After all, I haven’t done too badly so far!

Please send details of where you think drop kerbs should be installed as soon as possible to:

Steve Darrington, 18 James Day Mead, Ulwell Road, Swanage BH19 1NQ; phone 01929 422338; or e-mail

You can read the complete history of my campaign by following the link ‘Accessible Swanage’ on my website

Thank you.
Steve Darrington

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanage view at 11/17/2005 08:06:24 AM

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Too many signs?

The Echo carries a story today (16 November) headed "`Distasteful' signs must come down" referring to the
Purbeck Hotel being ordered to take down many of the signs outside thepub.

What do you think?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Blues Festival (March)

The Sixth Swanage Blues Festival will take place on 3, 4 and 5 March 2006. Admission is free to all venues. Artists appearing include Pete Saunders' Fat Tuesday Band, Cal Batchelor Band, The Guv'nors, Sonny Black, Robert Hokum Band, Roland Chadwick, John Crampton, Hollow Bone and The Jives. For further information see or phone 01929 422338.

FREE ADMISSION to all venues
The Sixth Swanage Blues Festival
3, 4, 5 March 2006

Free admission to Live Music on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon,
Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon

Saturday, November 12, 2005


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Anyone go to the hearing the other day at the Purbeck House Hotel, about Councillor Wheeldon's conduct as a district councillor? I gather this is about using foul language (calling council officials f****** w ****** and a*******s) and also not declaring her official interest at private meetings.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11/12/2005 12:28:47 PM

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christmas Market 10 December

Did you know that on the 10th December there will be a market in Commercial Road? It's well attended and the vast majority of the stalls are manned by locals: either arts & crafts or local charities such as Play in Swanage

This is a one-off event held in the lead up to Christmas, but the guys organising it are aware of the businesses that attend the Dorset farmers markets.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11/10/2005 07:02:47 PM

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Seacourt petition

If you are against the proposed development of flats in the garden of Seacourt, please click on 'Comments' and simply add your name and address to support this petition. That's all you have to do here: if you wish to add any other comments, please post those elsewhere on the site.

To the members of the Planning Board of Purbeck District Council:

We, the residents and electors of Swanage and visitors to this town, urge you at the meeting on the 24th November 2005, to VOTE AGAINST Planning Application 6/2005/0887 to build a five-storey block of flats in the garden of Seacourt, 6 Taunton Road, on the grounds of the plan being virtually identical to the plan that was dismissed in August 2005 at the Public Enquiry held at the Mowlem Theatre.

Name / Address

Monday, November 07, 2005

Swanage Residents Association

Swanage Residents Association
Minutes of the October Open Meeting
Meeting held at 7.30pm on Monday 17 October in Mowlem Committee Room
1.The SRA Chairman, John Leach, chaired meeting. Committee members present were: Stewart Borrett, Robert Owen, Rowland Hughes, David Price-Hughes and Mike Hadley
Apologies: Councilor Cherry Bartlett, Councilor Colin Bright and Ann Faulkner who had hoped to attend to discuss the Community Plan.

2. Hilary O'Donovan
John Leach asked Mike Hadley to say a few words concerning the recent sad loss of Hilary. Mike noted that he was sure those who knew Hilary were sad at the loss of such a fine lady, and suggested that even those who hadn't known her owed thanks to the work she put in for the best interest of everyone in Swanage. He noted that although she was one of his Lib Dem colleagues she took no account of Political allegiances in her work for the community.
3. Previous meeting.
Minutes were published on: and www.swanageview, and available in the meeting room.
Matters arising:
a) David Price-Hughes noted that he had in fact been present at the last meeting.
b) Plastic bottles/recycling: as asked at the last meeting, John Leach had written to Purbeck District Council to suggest that convenient venues be provided for people to deposit their plastic containers for recycling. A response is still awaited.
c) Emergency Ambulance cover for Swanage area. John Leach visited the Swanage Ambulance station, and was told they needed an ‘emergency care practitioner'. He also wrote to the Dorset Ambulance NHS Trust HQ and awaits a response.
4. Swanage & District Community Partnership/ Community Plan
John Leach explained that Ann Faulkner (Chairman) had hoped to attend this meeting but was unable to do so; he had also tried to get Emma Fernandez (the town's newly appointed Community agent) but she was unavailable at such short notice. He called upon Mike Hadley to provide an update, as he had been on the original committee.
Mike admitted that he couldn't provide much information, that he was confused by developments and asked if anyone present could explain the current position. No one was able to. Mike read a brief extract from a note sent to John by Ann Faulkner, explaining how there had been a ‘Bringing it All Together Day. On this, the different research projects, including the Parish Plan, Beacon Vision, Rural Renaissance, Regeneration Research etc which have been carried out in Swanage, were brought together.’ No one seemed to know much about these different bodies. Mike noted that in his opinion, before any projects were initiated, the people of Swanage should surely see a report summarising the findings and outcome of the consultative process. A resident noted that " it's not right to involve the community and not report back to it; and that no similar projects could properly be undertaken in the future if there was no record of earlier work." Another resident noted that a recent meeting Ann Faulkner had said that a report would be published shortly.
John Leach summarised that there did appear to be considerable confusion, with names being changed (or new groups/projects introduced). It was suggested that John Leach should ask Ann Faulkner for clarification on the current position and when or if a report may be expected that will describe findings of the consultative stage of the Community Plan and actions arising.
5. Multi-function Centre
There appeared to be further confusion about the status of this project. But it was noted that there is to be a weeklong exhibition about this at the Tourist Information Centre, from 11 December. A resident noted that he hoped something would come of this, but regretted that similar projects had been enthusiastically developed before and then been scrapped for one reason or another.

6. Reconvened Parish Assembly
Mike Hadley reported how at the original Parish Assembly Meeting John Wootton made a proposal "that all meetings of the Swanage Town Council, committees and sub-committees, should be held in the evenings.... (to) enable a wider range of townspeople to consider standing for election and more to attend as observers." At the first meeting, the Mayor and Town Clerk did not allow the matter to be debated; they later agreed that this action had been wrong, so the meeting was reconvened. At this meeting, 31 people voted in favour of the proposal, with one voting against. The conservative council members did not vote. The matter is therefore to be discussed at an early Policy meeting of the Council.
7. Swanage Residents Association
There was some debate about the influence/effectiveness of the Association, with some suggestions from the audience that the committee should be more aggressive.
Mike Hadley noted the committee had no authority and could only act as conduits to present information and suggestions. But that committee members would (and do) raise issues with the council either in writing or at public participation time at the regular monthly meetings - which anyone may do.
Rowland Hughes emphasised the value of the Association as a means of exchanging information. He related his past experiences of the difficulty in getting any suggestions adopted or considered by the Council, even though some time later the same suggestions may be re-presented as the Council's initiatives. Examples included keeping the youth club, ignoring opposition to coach parking in Gilbert Road, the suggestion to reverse traffic flow on Church Hill etc.
A resident suggested that perhaps individual council members should be 'named and shamed' where appropriate.

8 CCTV Cameras. Lower High Street
Robert Owen (who attends the Purbeck Task Group which comprises a number of bodies involved in law and order) noted that funds previously thought certain would now not be available to provide CCTV coverage of Lower High Street (which he noted can be particularly violent at times).
A resident suggested that footage from existing cameras could perhaps be used (White Horse, Club, Quay Hole). RO said he believes there are legal difficulties in using private footage, as well as practical advantages with remotely operated cameras linked to in-car screens.
9 Residents parking
Robert Owen noted the suggestion that had been passed to him by residents unable to park, that space should be allocated to them in the Broad Road car park (a principle that could extend to other residents and other car parks). Mike Hadley suggested that perhaps this should be raised if the promised consultation materialises regarding the review of residents parking throughout Purbeck.
Rowland Hughes explained about the indispensable work of this organization in supporting people with mental health problems, and his belief (and fear) that the centre at Hahnemann House, Bournemouth was in danger of closing when there was no need for it to do so, and when it did such essential work. He asked anyone who wished to find out more and/or to express their support, to visit the special website: A resident further endorsed these views and asked for the support of residents.
Robert Owen suggested that Rowland consider setting up an all-party parliamentary group to review the matter, and will discuss this further with him.
Another resident suggested that the Association also write, as a group, expressing its support. This was agreed.
11 Next meetings
Committee meeting: TBA
Quarterly meeting: TBA
12 Thanks
John Leach thanked residents for coming and closed the meeting. The committee would also like to thank Phyllis Denton and her daughter for preparing the refreshments.

[If you wish to support the Association - and receive 4 newsletters per year - please contact Stewart Borrett on 423837, or collect an application form from the library]

Seacourt Elevations

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Winter Economic Wilderness?

Do people realise how bad it is getting in Swanage? I know New Years Eve has been allowed to die a death; but now I understand both the Grand and Purbeck House hotels are both to close over the Christmas period.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Council meetings

What's happened to public debate at the town council?This last meeting ran for around 10 minutes.Okay, so there was 15 minutes of questions before that.But it's not that long ago that the monthly meetings, which are the only ones held in the evenings and when most local residents have the time to attend, used to have some discussion and last a couple of hours, or even longer.Everything these days is brushed away into a quiet corner where it can be talked about without anyone knowing much about what was said.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11/02/2005 12:03:10 AM

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vista pool

At the Council meeting last night I asked the question; "Can you assure us that there is no truth to the rumour that the Vista pool is to close at evenings and weekends?" The Mayor said that the idea had never been considered and there were no such plans.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sea Court Latest

With the agreement of the developer it was decided to defer a decision until 24th November after a site meeting. It was agreed specific points only (overlooking mainly) would be discussed after consultation with the Council's Solicitor. All members would get a copy of the Inspectors decision.
Strange that the Planning Board should have voted so many times before on this site, when so many Board Members claimed not to know the area.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Mowlem

Why is the Mowlem not a membership organisation run by a committee elected by the members?When the outgoing Swanage Urban District Council set it up as a semi-secret society all it cared about was its childish obsession with preventing the new District Council owning assets in Swanage. Isn't it about time the trustees got their act together and modernised the way it is organised instead of running it as a personal empire? Like every other organisation here it is so inward looking it is in danger of disappearing up its own.....and they are so pleased with themselves!Agglestone

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10/26/2005 02:30:39 PM

Ye olde councille websitte (oyez)

Has anyone checked out the Swanage Town Council website? Here are a few things that are wildly out of date, there must be more!! apparently,under Disability Info, Randalls still exists in Station Road and Emmanuel Baptist Church still has a step, long gone. Electric wheelchair hire is available in Wareham at St Johns Hill. Under Churches they should be aware that the Brethren Chapel closed several years ago. What else is wrong, out of date and or misleading? Have a look and see!

Posted by Barnacle to swanage view at 10/25/2005 08:06:19 PM

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Protect our trees

Swanage has had a visit from the tree surgeons courtesy of the County Council. They seem to go about their craft with much the same mentality as surgeons in Nelson's navy. If in doubt chop off a limb or three!Trees in other places manage to survive without this treatment. I was in Westborne and Branksome this morning and there are large numbers of beautiful trees there which are allowed to grow to maturity without being butchered. If the ones in Victoria Avenue and at the station are such a danger that they need to be uglified why not remove them completely and plant new ones? Mature trees, proper big ones that is, make a huge positive contribution to the appearence of the town but a row of giant limbless stumps?If they are a danger why is every other large tree in the land not lopped just in case it falls over?

Posted by Keith Roker to swanage view at 10/25/2005 03:43:40 PM

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fisherman's Catch fire

As I watch (6pm Monday 17 October) a great cloud of white smoke is still shooting out of the'Fisherman's Catch', the ancient stone building next to the Tourist Information Centre, on the main beach. Three fire engines in attendance, men in breathing apparatus have been in and now men are on the roof trying to contain the fire. Let's hope this old building can be saved. No injuries apparent when I was there. No frying tonite though.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


How do you locals feel about Jonathan Ross purchasing a proprty in Swanage?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10/13/2005 10:55:37 AM

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Where are the top class restaurants in Swanage or in the local area? I am often disappointed after dining out. Plenty of Pub food, plenty of holiday makers fast food outlets. But where is the top class restaurant, with excellent cuisine that would please your wife, or Lady friend? The classy place?Sadly, I know of none. I am sure there is a great need for a place of that quality, for there are still restaurants that have waiting times. But not here in Swanage.Dancing Ledge

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10/11/2005 09:22:44 PM

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


If you want to raise a new topic, post your comment in this section — just click first on Comments (bottom right), then on Post a comment (bottom left of the next window), and a new heading will soon be set up, allowing others to see and add their own comments. It seems it's sometimes easier to click on 'Post anonymously' than to open an account in your name - you can always add your name to your message.

Please help people with mental troubles

TORCH is a vital, specialised service provided for people who suffer from mental health problems or severe learning disabilities. There is a real danger of this valuable service being lost and your help is needed. There is more information below, and on the special website:

TORCH Services at Hahnemann House, BournemouthDorset MPs will meet today (Friday 14th) in a closed meeting with the board of the Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust in order to hear the Trust’s latest decisions and opinions on how best to remodel the existing services provided by the TORCH facility at Hahnemann House, Bournemouth.Relatives and carers are extremely concerned with proposals and moves made by the Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust to conduct what the Trust describes as “reshaping” and “modernising” the services provided by the Treatment, Outreach and Rehabilitation Centre (TORCH). The carers are further concerned that such closed meetings give a one-sided perspective on the situation to the MPs. They have asked the Trust for full open and frank public consultation and are to date they are far from satisfied. And they are not alone. They have the support in principle of a number of local MPs and back in July at Bournemouth Town Hall, councillors from across the area meeting as the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee unanimously showed their disapproval of the Trust’s actions to date and made certain recommendations. The carers consider that these recommendations have by and large been ignored.Dorset HealthCare NHS Trust has about 4,000 people in their care who live across Eastern Dorset (Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Wimborne and Purbeck) and who suffer from mental health problems or severe learning disabilities. TORCH is a vital, specialised service provided by the Trust and it’s dedicated team of trained clinical NHS staff and is offered to individuals who are at a vulnerable stage of their treatment and road to recovery. It is open every day and provides care and support for many people who have severe and enduring mental illnesses, notably schizophrenia, psychosis and bi-polar disorders. It gives these people a reason to get up and go somewhere 365 days of the year. It provides grass roots, hands-on care as part of individual and group treatment programmes to encourage and support independent living in the community. It also provides help with finding and arranging accommodation and work, and gives relatives some respite in the confidence that their loved ones are being looked after professionally by trained NHS staff. TORCH does so much more than just provide a valuable social and drop-in centre. Carers fear that many of these services, and the structure and stability provided by the centre will effectively be replaced by voluntary and charitable workers and institutions, with home visits and with a much fragmented organisation. This in turn will lead to many of the vulnerable people cared for at TORCH losing their already slight foothold in the real world and relapsing into hospitalisation.In addition, the carers consider that so far they have been treated very unprofessionally by the Trust, with a lack of consultation, consideration and discussion. The Trust has now made some steps to remedy this situation, but the carers and service users consider that the Trust is still paying no more than lip-service, due to the publicity that they have generated, appearing in the media, with considerable local press coverage and with the support of a number of local MPs.A petition of over 5,500 signatures was delivered to the Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, but once again carers consider that so far this has just been passed over, as the real reason for the changes are cost cutting measures forced on local Trusts by central government.

The carers ask that anyone concerned please read their petition and see other details on their website at

and if you support their actions, please endorse this by making a statement at the “Your Comments” page.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10/11/2005 12:45:19 PM

Council blues?

3 weeks ago my 2yr old daughter and i were tourists in your town.We payed parking.Bought in shops.Ate in restraunts.Rode the train.went on a boat.We raved about having a fab time.until we got a £60 parking ticket for the ticket dropping on the car floor.I wrote to explain and presented our ticket.i am now charged £10 for admin fees? A piece of paper,an envelope and a stamp? Outragious. I phoned the council and quieried the fees.To be told by a bolshy woman."you are wasting my time". We will not be a tourist in your town again.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10/11/2005 10:41:03 AM

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Street parking charges?

Parking charges for people to park outside their homes !
Purbeck towns set for pay-and-display plan by Paula Tegerdine

Purbeck Community Plan

Is this Purbeck Community Plan old news to you?

(Apart from anything else, it seems there's £50,000 available for community projects)

‘A Community Plan is a long-term vision for an area. We want the Community Plan for Purbeck to be a living document that is both proactive and reactive to the changing priorities of its residents.’
Steve Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer, Purbeck District Council

If you would like more information about the Purbeck Community Partnership please contact Tracy Moore Community Planning Co-Ordinator on 01929 557 303 or email

Monday, October 03, 2005

More councillors?

The vote from Swanage residents present at the second annual parish assembly was very firmly in favour of the town council holding all its meetings in the evening.Some of the arguments put forward by town councillors against this were rather laboured and irrelevant.One was that with only 12 town councillors - and all the outside activities within the community involved because they are town councillors as well as council work - they have little time free in the evenings.

Well why aren't there more councillors?
Wareham (population under 6,000) has 16 town councillors.Arne (population under 1,500) has seven parish councillors.So why does Swanage (population just under 10,000) only have 12 town councillors?As it happens there is currently an opportunity for some review of that.Purbeck District Council has written to various parish and town councils to confirm that they still want various changes of boundaries - and in the case of Arne, two more councillors - which were put forward four or five years ago.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 10/03/2005 03:06:43 PM

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wheelie bins

Mad MAD MAD!!!we live in a block of three appartments with 4 residents. Home from work last night and we have SIX wheelie bins delivered in the yard!!! We never normally get a refuse collection at all, so have to walk down the lane and put sacks in the main street. No green boxes yet..."you can put one bag of rubbish beside your wheeled bin at Christmas" What religious discrimination is that. What about other religions? Why don't they want us to recycle wrapping paper? What about MY birthday???

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 9/29/2005 11:55:14 AM

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Seacourt development




Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Caravan Park - what's up?

What's happening at the Vista (sorry, Bayview) Caravan Park? Seems more going on than just closing the restaurant for the winter.


- 12 people sacked yesterday (not just restaurant staff)

- the swimming pool is apparently to close evenings and weekends

If things are as bad as this, why did the Council not say something when the subject was raised in public participation time at last night's meeting?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Back to Swanage

Aint it nice to get our town back?even if for a short while.Dancing Ledge

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Community Plan? Parish Plan?

Apparently there's another meeting about the Swanage & District Community Plan on Saturday 24th (though I believe the thing's now called the Parish Plan, so perhaps that means all the terms of reference for the former can be chucked),

It seems that money has been invested (£45,000) on progressing a 'multi-purpose community centre' which may or may not combine sports and business facilities (but certainly no swimming pool, as many believe).

But how is it that one idea (of the many put forward by the people of Swanage) is being progressed and receiving considerable investment --- when the findings of the consultation process have not even been published yet? There were many ideas, some involviong little or no cost, yet one project has been singled out. Strange.

You can see a first draft of the report on: <> See link at bottom of right-hand sidebar.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


What are your views on what, if anything, should be censored on swanageview? In the interest of ultimate democracy it would be good not to censor at all. But there are obviously things that might upset/disturb some viewers and of course there's no control over who can view the site, so perhaps there is a need for some control. I'm inclined against obscenity, and against non-local advertising of dubious content and origin. What do you think? And do say if you ever see anything here that you think shouldn't be.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Council gets its fingers burnt at Swanage Bay View Restaurant.

The restaurant has been closed because of massive underperformance.
Here are a few quotes from the Blog in April. STC this blog site told you so.
“Do they not remember that they could not even successfully run the ice cream kiosks on the beach”
“we ate there at the week end, we wont be goin back”
“By the way it wasn't the kids menu I was looking at because there is no kids menu, an odd omission for a family facility”

Before setting up this restaurant:
Did Councillors do any marketing research?
Did they ask anyone in the local catering industry?
Did they take a trip to the Village Inn at Ulwell?
Its all very well saying the restaurant is part of a profit making whole, but even top hotels generally don’t try to run their own restaurants anymore, they let a dedicated professional take on the franchise.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Unwanted furniture?

For the benefit of anyone who has not yet come across them - you might be interested in DORSET RECLAIM.

They can normally take furniture (and many other household items, too) in good condition from you for redistribution around the area.

"Dorset Reclaim" is a charitable organisation, recycling furniture, based in Stanley Road, Bournemouth. They also
have a depot near the Poole Household Amenity Site on the Nuffield Industrial Estate.

The Charity is now in its fifth year and boasts a 5,700 strong donor base, with over 13,500 items of furniture being donated to date. The principle aim of Dorset Reclaim is to provide furniture and household items to those in need within the local community and has so far helped some 3,000 people in this way.

"Dorset Reclaim" also aims to provide opportunities for members of the local community to help in the day-to-day running of the organisation.Dorset Reclaim is dependant on a voluntary workforce, with a variety of jobs on offer, such as warehouse, driving, collection and delivery team members, client reception, office and administration, carpentry, electricians and IT to mention but a few.

Find out more, here:

Disabled parking

Disabled Parking.This problem still exists in Swanage. There are folk that persistently park in the disabled slots around the town, and do it quite blatantly, with little regard for those that are desperate for a place to park. I have heard the excuse I was only there for a minute! But is that minute that should a disabled person be arriving? There is nowhere for them to go…I realise that the Traffic Wardens seem to be none existent in the town, and therefore unable to do anything about it. I have been told there are Traffic Wardens here? but to date since they “privatised” it I have only seen one since then. It there are some seen around? please post a comment. Two things to be wary of; there has been a law enacted that makes fraudulent use of disabled parking liable to a fine of £1000.00. That law, although passed, has not been made active in England. Two, apparently the disabled have been having there own back in parts of the Country. It appears that in places, the motorist has returned to their vehicle to find their car door locks have been “Superglued” That is a something that is way over the top. But a friend of mine who lives in that area, wrote this observationThey take notice when their locks are superglued and stare threateningly at any OAPs in the vicinity as it is fairly well known who does it! They stare not quite so threateningly at big, old, fat OAPs carrying a walking stick with a point on the end, and even less threateningly at aggressive looking big, old, fat, ugly etc...Dancing Ledge.

--Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 9/16/2005 11:45:50 AM

Saturday, September 10, 2005


It seems to me that with the new rubbish collection rules...two sacks and that is it! Is nothing short of ridiculous. That immediately raises the question? What happens when we have several household rubbish sacks to get rid of. Then again, another question about public health? with the possibilty of rotting food hanging about for two weeks in the broiling sun.Surely we are going backwards towards a third world country state. Hoisted on us by our local council. Who is the person that is responsible for this backwards step?If they are running out of space then go and find somewhere else to get rid of it. There are many places in the Purbecks where old rubbish dumps are used, and sometimes built on.The new housing estate at the top of Bell Street was a place where rubbish was dumped. Yet here,it is now covered with houses.Dancing Ledge.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005


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Town annual meeting

aka the "Annual Parish Assembly" will be held on Monday 19th September, 7pm at Swanage Town Hall. This is the annual meeting where anyone can discuss anything, with the whole meeting given over to the public, for as long as people have anything to talk about - as opposed to the 15 minutes allocated to the public at the Council meetings on the last Monday of each month.

This meeting was originally held on 16th May but had to be reconvened. At the original meeting, John Wootton proposed a motion for the Council to conduct moreof its business in the evenings, to extend democracy by enabling more people to participate in the process of Council meetings. But the Mayor did not allow the topic to debated at that meeting. Subsequently, the Mayor and Town Clerk admitted this was wrong, so this new date has been arranged.

This motion will be proposed again, so if you have a view on the subject, please turn up.

And if you have anything else you wish to raise, this is the time and place to do it!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

PC Plod

Being old fashioned, I am one of those that like to see a policeman on our streets. That begs the question; Where is the friendly local Bobby that walks around the town, keeping in touch with what is going on, and is immediately available to talk and to listen to what folks have to say? It is some time since I’ve seen a Policeman in the town. I am also unimpressed with the local cop shop. It seems to me to be the most distant, and unfriendly place. A ‘don’t come in here’ place.Bring back the days when we had police in the town, when we could actually have a real Copper to talk to, and to rely on to uphold our law, our way of life, and our society.Dancing Ledge.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Reverse the rat race?

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous said...
why can't they make Church lane one way in the other direction,(upwards) so that you can access Durlston etc without going round town. I expect people will think this annoying because you can rat run all the way down from the top of Queens road to Co-op if you fancy. Shame- you could still get to town quick enough, down Townsend rd, along High Street and into Court Hill.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Culture in Swanage

At 8:26 PM, Peter John Cooper said...
May I remind people that I have now put a second version of our Culture in Swanage response to the PDCs Cultural Strategy on
Please feel free to read it. I'm hoping to send it soon. Thanks to Keith Roker I've put in a great deal more about the economic importance in cultural activities and their relevance to tourism. See what you think.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Swanage Residents Association

Minutes of the July Open Meeting: Meeting held at 7.30pm on Monday 25 July in Mowlem Committee Room
1.The SRA Chairman, John Leach, chaired meeting. Committee members present were: Stewart Borrett, Robert Owen, Rowland Hughes, and Mike Hadley
Apologies: Councilor Cherry Bartlett, Councilor Hilary O'Donovan, Councillor Colin Bright, David Price-Hughes.
Date of meeting: SRA chairman apologised that meeting fell at same time of regular Council meeting and gave assurance SRA would try to avoid this in future.
Present: about 80 people
2. Previous meeting
Minutes: published on www. and
Matters arising:
Dorset Schools: John Leach reported that he (and Rowland Hughes) had both written to the DCC education officer: response was that no meetings are likely to be held in Swanage unless or until there may be any proposals to change anything.
3. Policing in Swanage
John Leach introduced PC Dick Clapp, Community Beat Officer for Swanage, who spoke about a range of issues known to be of probable interest. He emphasised that he could not discuss personal issues or necessarily explain or affect policy decisions.
3.1 Lack of Police presence (esp. Friday/Saturday nights): Swanage police are trying to address this problem by changing shift patterns, and looking for volunteer Special Constables.
3.2 Long response time: calls are prioritised and judgment made on relative urgency.
3.3 Phoning Swanage police station: difficulty of phone contact is understood, and being reviewed. If the station line is un-manned all calls are diverted to a central switchboard. People can also write with any suggestions, comments or complaints, either to Swanage Police, direct to PC Clapp or phone 01202 222222.
3.4 Police Station unmanned? PCC noted there are officers on duty 24 hours, but they may be on calls or patrol, and front-desk enquiries only operate 9 am - 5pm.
3.5 Lack of police presence: the police are aware of this situation, but this is a function of resources and funding.
3.6 Police Community Support Officers: formerly Community Wardens, these now have more authority, there are four at present but hope to get more. Two have been on sick leave, one returning soon, to be sorted soon.
3.7 Crime prevention: a key difficulty concerning resource allocation is that it is difficult to quantify the effect of the presence of beat officers in limiting/preventing crime. PCC believes this has a significant effect but is unable to put figures on what crimes they have prevented.
3.8 Increasing lawlessness? While there are still troubles, it is better now than 4/5 years ago, having got rid of a number of key individuals. The police, who are working with other agencies to resolve problems and help those causing trouble, know most troublemakers.
3.9 Information: The police depend heavily on information received from the public. PCC stressed the strict procedures concerning protection of sources, that prosecutions may be dropped rather than break confidentiality. He stressed that people may always call him personally if they wished to report any problems or issues of concern.
3.10 Vandalism: PCC noted (and Rowland Hughes endorsed) that most youngsters are good and are involved with all sorts of positive things in the community. He also noted that it is not just youngsters who vandalise: pensioners have been responsible for daubing graffiti and for stealing flowers. PCC noted that one trouble seems to be that young people have no awareness of boundaries of acceptable behaviour any more.
3.11 Pubwatch: there is a new scheme being prepared, involving certain pubs and multi-agency groups, to monitor and control undesirable people and behaviour in pubs.
3.12 Operation Goodwill: this is another scheme operating, targeted at stopping young/binge drinking.
3.13 Radio Link: PCC noted that around 40 shops are members of this Chamber of Trade scheme, whereby the police, and each other, can be quickly alerted of any problems. For example, there are now counterfeit £50 notes in circulation in Swanage. Members of the public should feel free to ask participating shops (identifiable by window stickers) to use their radios if they wish to report any crime, potential criminal activity or to help with other problems, such as lost children or visitors from coach parties.
3.14 CCTV: PCC noted that these seem to have been very effective in reducing assaults and anti-social behaviour, now trying to get for the Lower High Street and King George's.
3.15 Young people: PCC noted that places where young people gather (egg Play in Swanage, Y-Axis skate-park) also tend to attract undesirable adults. He requested that he be informed of any suspicious behaviour or people.
3.16 ASBOS: PCC explained the process leading to an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order): first, a warning letter; second, another warning letter; third, an ABC (acceptable behaviour contract), working with multi-agency groups and schools to help manage individuals' behaviour; finally an ASBO. This process is designed to help young people, and forces other groups to help also. PCC believes they are a big help.
3.16 School education: PCC explained how there have been initiatives to talk to Year 10 pupils about drink, drugs and anti-social behaviour. These have had good feedback; plan is now to extend to Year 9 and 11. PCC also mentioned the success and value of the Streetwise centre (In Wimborne) in illustrating dangers to younger children.
4 Questions from the meeting
4.1 Helicopters:
Q - why does it seem to spend so much time flying over Swanage at night?
A - if it's here, it's either providing valuable assistance to police on the ground, or perhaps returning from a call.
Q - why do helicopters seem to be using a flight path over the Grayseed estate?
A - he will look into this. (PCC reports that there is no set flight path)
4.2 Speeding vehicles
Q - why do the police do nothing to stop speeding in Ulwell Road and other roads.
A - people ARE stopped here, but lack of resources, means not as often as might be liked. Put complaints in writing to the police if you are concerned.
4.3 Police staffing
Q - How many police in Swanage, covering what area?
A - Area covers Kimmeridge, Corfe, Studland and Swanage. During the day there are usually 3 to 4 officers; Evenings, 2pm - 10pm, 2 officers; 10pm onwards - 1 to 3 or 4 officers. No custody sergeant in Swanage (doesn't have the facilities required by law), so prisoners have to be taken to Poole or Weymouth.
Q - Could Swanage not borrow police from other areas to show a presence?
A - Yes, it happens sometimes.
4.4 Police follow-up
Q - Why can't police get back to us and/or follow-up crimes?
A - Lack of resources. Some crimes dealt with 'remotely', a follow-up without contacting the victim.
4.5 Crime reporting.
Q - We are encouraged to report crimes - but how can a crime be reported if no one answers the phone?
A - point taken. But Swanage police station (422004) should be diverted to 01202 222222 if unmanned.
4.6 Informing the community
Q - Recent example of an armed house robbery: how can the community be made aware, so can take preventative action?
A - this not the meeting for Crime Safety, but Home Watch best mechanism for this.
4.7 Resources
Q - Are there enough police?
A – No
5 Any other business
5.1 Recycling
Moyra Cross explained difficulties in trying to recycle plastic bottles, owing to sites being on opposite sides of Swanage, not easily accessible by people without a car. She asked the Residents Association to pursue a suggestion that a central location be found, perhaps in Leo's car park.
5.2 Wheelie bins
Comment made that some other councils have done away with green boxes, providing two wheelie bins instead.
5.3 Ambulances
Comment that there seem to ambulances all day long coming from Corfe. Is there a problem with cover? R.Owen noted that an ambulance is based at Corfe to be more centrally positioned to serve Purbeck.
5.4 Seacourt
John Leach noted that no decision had yet been reached on the planning appeal. (Reports that Inspector has since turned down developers appeal)
5.5 Alcohol in public places
John Leach noted that this new Order was not designed to stop law-abiding people from enjoying their picnics, but was another tool for the police to prevent anti-social behaviour.
5.6 Community Safety
Karen Jaggs, Purbeck Community Safety Officer, spoke about the 'Working Together' scheme, involving a variety of bodies working together against crime, drugs, drink, discrimination, violence, etc and urged anyone to call her on 01929 557387 if they want to discuss any issues.
6 Next meetings
Committee meeting: Wednesday 28 September, 7.30 pm, at Rowland's house, 6 Argyle Road. Quarterly meeting: Monday 17 October, 7.30pm at the Mowlem committee room.
7 John Leach thanked PC Dick Clapp for joining the meeting, for his presentation and for answering questions; thanked residents for coming; and closed the meeting. The committee would also like to thank Phyllis Denton and Ida Verney for preparing the refreshments.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Studland Road

We took a bus to the end of the Ferry Road last night to eat at Shell Bay. If the bus driver had not “jumped” the queue the bus would have been stuck for ages and missed several ferry crossings. Cars had to duck into the occasional parking space to allow the oncoming wrong sided bus to pass. I understand that the whole affair is a nightmare for the bus drivers.This morning I cycled in the same direction and the car queue for the Studland beach began in the village!Surely some simple solutions would be to widen the road where vehicles wait to turn right into the main beach car park so other cars etc could pass. To remove the hard shoulder car parking say 1/2 mile from the ferry on one side to make a "bus lane". Maybe electronic warning signs at Norden, describing car parking, and waiting times to encourage people onto the train to Swanage and out to Studland on the prioritised bus?

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Binge boozing

A binge too far?I was amazed to find that Swanage Carnival still has a binge drinking, or yard of ale, competition. What an example to set. An event supported and endorsed by every official body for miles says swallowing as much beer as you can in as short a time as possible is a laudable activity. Why are we tax payers coughing up for attempts to reduce disorder and crime, most of it booze related, when a semi-official organisation brazenly raises two fingers at the whole idea of discouraging this type of behaviour? Last years winner was a teenager, this year he came second. What conclusions do you think his peers will draw. What next, bear baiting, a smoking contest, dwarf throwing? Oh, I forgot, its a harmless traditional carnival activity and we have always done it.

Posted by Keith Roker to swanage view at 8/05/2005 05:51:39 PM

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Seacourt plans dismissed

The developers' appeal against PDC's rejection of their plans for Seacourt have been dismissed.
Primarily, apparently, on grounds of how the building woudl affect the privacy and quality fo life of the people opposite. Congratulations to all involved.
Anyone want to buy a grand old building with a large garden in the heart of Swanage? Someone might be open to offers.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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Purbeck cultural strategy

Comment on “A Cultural Strategy for Purbeck”

Purbeck District Council recently put out a “consultation draft” for a Cultural Strategy for Purbeck, with an appended “Draft Action Plan” for comment by “cultural stakeholders,” a term which would seem to apply to the whole population of Purbeck, so I take the liberty of responding.
The aim of the paper is unquestionably laudable. It is circumspect and liberal to a fault, exuding an almost pious political correctness; bending over backwards to accommodate “diverse” points of view. It is in short a sincere contribution to debate, presumably compiled by a committee of the Purbeck District Council, (the members are unnamed); but it is fatally flawed to my mind by its labyrinthine structure, by circumlocution and euphemistic jargon, which end up by rendering it virtually unreadable. It is a confusing mass of tautology, abstraction and tortuous platitudes. Take for instance the title, which exemplifies the authors’ mystic redefinition of Culture. The title is: “Castles, Carnivals, Coast, Heaths and People,” they might have added “Cabbages and Kings” for real portmanteau inclusiveness. The paper attempts gallantly to bridge the gap between such diverse concepts as: history, environment, anthropology, places, cultural figures, events and processes.
To preclude confusion you will find that, for what it is worth, the “scoping” of Culture is definitively defined in Section 1.4.1. Ultimately, anything they want to talk about is labelled “Culture”- in its broadest sense – sort of! This produces a strange juxtaposition of the sublime and the ridiculous, the pretentious and the mundane, so that after acres of verbiage, a kind of anti-climax occurs, it appears that what we are aiming at realistically is improved ping-pong and toilet facilities for minorities and people with disabilities in every Purbeck village hall. With very few exceptions, the writers have a horror of the concrete and particular. There is no mention of the lively cultural pursuits of theatre, opera, choirs, musical comedy, book clubs, creative writing, sculpture, local history, town-twinning, historical pageants, ballet and Morris Dance, to name but a few of Purbeck’s cultural pastimes. You wouldn’t think that Poole had a great tradition of pottery, or that Purbeck had an Arts Week with hundreds of exhibits; that Purbeck can boast creative furniture-makers or tapestry-restorers. Even in the much emphasized area of sports, there is no mention of scuba-diving, rock-climbing, jet-skiing, wind-surfing, yachting, fishing, shooting. All these pursuits are taken for granted, the authors will doubtless argue, and are subsumed under “Culture”, but each one deserves at least an acknowledgement in any outline of plans for the future, lest they be overlooked, and they are far less abstract, more immediate and relevant to the public than questions of “access” or “biodiversity funding”. Some of these unlisted activities could potentially change the face of tourism in Purbeck, and revolutionise its economy and culture. And how can we talk about “access” just in terms of bus services and wheelchairs, when the Ministry of Defense has denied access to the best of Purbeck to resident and tourist alike for 10 months of the year over a period of 65 years. I’m sure the army pays a peppercorn rent to the county for these thousands of acres, just as they pay lip service to environmental considerations while devastating the terrain, but the fact is that the Army Ranges constitute a blatant theft of Purbeck’s cultural resources, as flagrant and mercenary as BP’s theft of millions of tons of oil from under our feet.
It is ironic that Purbeck District Council should list dozens of Public-Private partnerships who might be persuaded to put a few coins in our yawning cultural bucket, without even a mention of these fatcat beneficiaries of Purbeck’s rich resources, who spend more on public relations and advertising than they do on their Dorset poor relations.
As I see it, there are at least three cultures in Purbeck – the vestiges of a rural culture, the culture of the tourist and tourist provider, and the culture of the unemployed, the retired and second-homer. The competition between these groups and their conflict of goals makes it very difficult to devise a single improvement strategy. However a few cultural measures that are in the common interest come to mind and should be added to the concerns of the Committee, which are legitimate despite the critique above and despite the tedious prose of the draft Strategy.
I think the draft should be redrafted in plain English so that anyone in Purbeck can understand its call for action. I believe the following measures would help to reverse our cultural slide:
Pedestrianisation of town centres to reduce congestion, noise and pollution.
Revision of Bye-laws to combat vandalism, littering and hooliganism.
Emptying public litter bins when and as needed, not just once a day.
Creation of an auxiliary community police force to combat disorders.
Creation of Public Works Projects for the unemployed and volunteeers.
Banning of alcohol consumption in public places.
Make shop-keepers responsible for cleaning the pavement outside their premises.
Provide a scrubbing machine and water to clean pavements
Council sponsorship of a non-profit Purbeck weekly newspaper, a public radio station and free municipal wireless internet service to improve communications.

Ian Lowson

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Miracle in Swanage

Nelson's Eyesight Restored

If you can bring yourself to look up at the ghastly homolculous which has appeared on the column on the seafront you will see two eyes staring back at you. As the great man lost his right eye three years before he lost his right arm shouldn't the perpetrators of this monstrosity climb up and put an eye patch on in the interests of historical accuracy?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 7/31/2005 01:53:42 PM

Friday, July 29, 2005


Will PDC use its share of the below allocation to our planning system online? The article is from the Government Planning Portal:"Government allocates £170m to speed up planning performance The government has finalised the highest ever allocation under the Planning Delivery Grant (PDG) to further improve and speed up planning performance.Local authorities will receive their share of the £170m of PDG, Planning Minister Yvette Cooper has announced.The grant rewards local authorities for progress in online planning, speed in determining applications, improving housing stock provision, and developing plans for their communities.Yvette Cooper said: “The £170m finalised today is the largest so far, up £40m on last year. The grant is having a major impact on planning services both in improving their performance and in raising the profile of planning departments within local authorities.“Since 2003 we have now allocated some £350m which underlies the importance of a well-resourced local planning system to delivering sustainable communities. Some high-performing authorities will receive in excess of £1m this year.”PDG is often used to invest in planning staff or new IT systems, although the funds are not ring-fenced. The grant has contributed to a six per cent increase in deciding applications on time against a six per cent rise in applications.The final PDG includes adjustments for some errors made in last year allocations following incorrect performance returns from some local authorities.To ensure the grant is not rewarding poor performance, elements will be withheld where there are problems such as failure to defend against appeals and non-compliance with planning directions."

Posted by nick storer to swanage view at 7/28/2005 07:09:48 PM

Thursday, July 28, 2005


What makes local people think that visitors bring money into the town?They used to, when we had Hotels ETC...But not now. Why? Simple really! We have 2000 holiday homes here, these people that come on holiday bring everything with them. The lot! They do not provide employment. Nor do the day trippers.All these folk do is clog up the town, While if you go in the local cafes, they are virtually empty..So why have them? Admitted they will shop in our two big stores, but you can hardly claim that they provide much in the way of extra employment! For instance, try waiting at the checkouts!No, all these trippers do is wander around, then go home. So where is the money that is supposed to come in for the benefit of the town???If you take into consideration our council tax, it seems to me that we subsidise these people that clutter up our home town.Now I know that there will be "Incoming fire" but first tell me what money is brought in here by day visiters or holiday homes.....For there is nothing else!

Dancing Ledge

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Watch out, burglars about

I suppose they're always out there, but perhaps a recent break-in to a private house, while the owners were asleep, is a reminder to us all to be careful. This lot got in through an open ground-floor window. So perhaps during any hot weather we shoud be careufl which windows we leave open.

Sea Court Appeal

Anyone know how Sea Court Planning Appeal turned out?


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Stolen briefcase

Peter Hayman had his home burgled last night (18 July) and would especially like to retrieve the contents of a briefcase that was stolen. Nothing of any financial value, just paperwork that would be difficult to replace. If you find a briefcase,or have seen one in an odd place, please call Peter Hayman on 422594 - or Swanage Police on 422004. (Of course, if you know any more, all information gratefully received).

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Improve Swanage

I have been visiting my father in Swanage for over 25 years and been lucky enough to move here just over a year ago.It's truly a great place, excellent beaches, purbeck hills, corfe all on our doorstep. The town is a typical seaside down unspoilt..... but, here is where I may upset some people, I feel there needs to be some changes.Make the town from the station onwards pedestrianised, with flower beds, lighting, try to make it a more of a street cafe culture. Down by the pier area, and I know this has already been mentioned in the press, but lets have some restaurants, bistros, a gallery for local artists.What I'm trying to say is update the town. I personally think that unless some things are put into action now Swanage may lose it's appeal. The important thing is to keep the locals in mind when all this is done. Being a seaside town the revenue created is during the summer months, but culture is changing the way people want to spend their time. We do not want to become another Bournemouth or Poole but in fear of repeating myself I can imagine Swanage becoming even more picturesque and attracting even more tourists, all it needs is a planner with vision.

Posted by beachdrifter to swanage view at 7/15/2005 09:47:28

Wheelie bins

With regard to the enthusiastic introduction by PDC of the wheelie bin rubbish collection - to be emptied only every fortnight - has anyone seen the advice issued by Oxfordshire county council on these bins as a potential fire hazard? Which Oxfordshire recommends are emptied before each weekend - not left stuffed full of rubbish for two weeks and, if we all follow what PDC is recommending, and recycle everything that can rot down, will be crammed with things which will burn like billy-o.Oxfordshire county council AdviceWheelie bins are an excellent innovation, for both storing and disposing of rubbish, but burn fiercely when on fire and if left or moved close to buildings and ignited, can have very serious consequences.So, we would like to offer the following advice to both householders and businesses to minimise the risk of fires in wheelie bins.•Where possible combustible rubbish should be compacted and removed.•Wheelie bins should be secured in a proper compound away from buildings.•If a compound is not available the wheelie bins should be locked shut and secured, away frombuildings.•Do make sure that smokers materials are extinguished before disposing into refuse bins.•Do not place hot items for example hot embers from a spent coal fire into refuse bins.•The bins should be emptied regularly, especially prior to weekends and holidays.•Bins should not be put out for rubbish collection until the morning of the actual collection day.•Never store bins outside doors and windows as any fire within the bin could easily spread into theadjacent building.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bubble & squeak?

We have had hundreds of extra restaurant seats added this season, at the Caravan Park, Ocean bay, Moonlight Bistro, and now, opposite Purbeck Lighting, another application. Could this be a bubble forming like in the early 1990's?

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Community Centre?

Swanage Multi-functional Centre.It seems to me they have already decided what is going to happen, so what is the point of further questionnaires? In view of the fact that I don’t think anyone is listening, I’m posting here.Everyone says we can’t afford a pool. So what exactly would be the on cost to this project of say a 30m pool, and what would the additional running cost be exactly???Wherever the centre is built, if this watered down jack-of-all-trades project goes ahead please leave enough space so squash courts, a pool, tennis courts, five aside pitches etc can be added by innovative folk at a later date.I’m not in favour of education and training in the centre, the money would be better spent funding internet based home learning. The business services bit is obviously covering up for the fact that Swanage needs more real business and office units on the Industrial Estate. Hopefully the Council will let Phil Wood run the cafĂ© in the style of the Sports Bar in Wareham, but hopefully without the discount on food given to council members of staff (50% off I’m told). This is turning into another community hall for old people. If we can’t afford it, use some of the land to build flats to finance something more visionary. We should be pursuing excellence here not just doing the minimum to placate the campaigners, families and tourists who have been let down so badly for so many years.

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Swanage Beach

This is about the Swanage beach scheme from the PDC policy group minutes.Swanage Beach –Recharge Scheme

Councillors Miller, Trite and Mrs Wheeldon declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this matter under the Model Code of Conduct (as members of Swanage Town Council which owned part of Swanage beach) and withdrew from the meeting during its consideration.

During consideration of this matter the Chair was occupied by Councillor Cake.Consideration was given to a comprehensive report on the present position with a possible scheme to recharge Swanage beach with sand dredged either from Poole Harbour or from elsewhere.

There were a number of uncertainties in relation to this scheme which were explained to the Group including Government funding, the respective duties of the Council and the Environment Agency and the need for the appointment of consultants to comply with European procurement regulations. It was also noted that, if the sand was to be dredged from Poole Harbour, this exercise would, for ecological purposes, need to be completed between October 2005 and February 2006 and, given the other uncertainties, there was some doubt about whether this timetable could be achieved.It was also reported that a meeting shortly would be held with Jim Knight MP who was now a Minister at DEFRA with the aim of seeking clarifipation on Government funding for the project.

RESOLVED that a report be submitted to Council generally in line with the submitted report, but recommending only the funding of an inter-tidal ecological survey and biodiversity monitoring with the other matters reported being deferred for more information and clarification generally

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Swanage Residents Association (25 July meeting)


An Open Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 25 July at The Mowlem Committee RoomPC Dick Clapp will talk about policing in Swanage!Please try to be there - you will be very welcome.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pedestrianise Town Centre?

(This taken from Ian Lowson's posting on Community Centre exhibition topic)
Ian Lowson said:
In view of the fact that 187 comments out of 699 referred to Transport. I would like to revive a suggestion of mine dating back to September 2002, which was at that time totally ignored by the Mayor and members of the Town Council with the honourable exception of Hilary O'Donovan, who expressed keen interest. This proposal was admittedly of such a broad and sweeping kind, as almost to invite easy dismissal, but I wish to reiterate it in the context of the proposed Community facility to be discussed July 8-15, since it is in essence no greater in scope than other proposals on the board. So what follows is a brief summary of the project:

CONSTRUCTION OF UNDERGROUND COACH AND CAR PARK TO ALLOW PEDESTRIANIZATIN OF TOWN CENTRE. 1) Seek funding (e.g. National Lottery, Millenial Commission, English Heritage, Dorset County Council, European Commission) for construction of a concealed, grass-covered multi-storey coach and car park to replace the present Victorian Avenue open parking area. 2) The Site of the underground Coach and Car Park would be the Recreation Ground along the seafront from Horsecliffe Lane to Victoria Avenue. Excavate the Recreation Ground area to a depth of 2-3 storeys. Create ramp exit and entrance for vehicles at the end of Victoria Avenue using existing lanes. (a secondary entrance/exit for vehicles is possible in Horsecliffe Lane for the use of Swanage residents, to replace the present Resident's Car Park and return it to recreation uses). The construction would require state-of-the-art tunnelling and excavation techniques that are minimally invasive, such as the Bentonite system, used to create the underpass at Hyde Park Corner and the entire Milan underground network. (This system is now generally used in much trafficked areas, allowing minimal interruption of town and tourist services). 3)In the excavated area, build a multi-storey carpark for upwards of 400 cars and coaches. Turf it over to restore appearance as a present (plant trees and shrubs! Such resurfacing over carparks already exists in several cities, e.g. Hyde Park in London, Jardins des Tuileries in Paris, Coach Stations in Madrid, Verona, etc.) 4) Create passenger exits at southern end, near the Mowlem, to pedestrianized esplanade and town centre (Mermond Place and the former beach-shelter area could provide such exits) 5) Pedestrianize Station Road and Institute Road (this would assume emergency access for taxis, SITA, ambulances, delivery vehicles, etc. along a single-lane central walkway, and early-moring deliveries to shops in these two roads) It would also entail the reversion of Kings Road East to two-way traffic to allow vehicular access to the south part of Swanage. Circulation should be enormously reduced by the virtual elimination of touristic traffic). 6) Redevelop the vacated Victoria Avenue Car Park as affordable housing for Swanage residents, perhaps combined with a community recreation facility and Pool as envisaged in the Community Plan.

ADVANTAGES OF THIS SCHEME: 1)Reduction of traffic in the town centre due to partial pedestrianization of shopping centre, as well as the esplanade from Victoria Avenue to Mowlem. 2) Displacement of the bleak and unsightly edge-of-town car park off Victoria Avenue to a more convenient, central location that is nevertheless concealed and landscaped. 3)Creation of under-cover parking for residents and visitors and long-term parking for owners of second homes in Swanage, producing a steady revenue for the Town. 4) The underground Coach and Car Park would require services, such as toilets. cafes and restaurants, which could also be accessible from Shore Road. This stretch of beachfront would evolve into a true landscaped esplanade, free of traffic as far as Victoria Avenue. 5) The two main approaches to the town - cars from Studland Ferry and coaches from Wareham would converge conveniently at the new Parking, providing easy accesss to the beach and town centre for passengers.

PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES OF THE ScHEME - NONE, I THINK, INSUPERABLE: 1) Construction difficulties - terrain,geology, erosion, ventilation, drainage, disruption of traffic and tourism. 2) Resistance to pedestrianization, inconvenience to residents and shops, conservative attitudes and environmental concerns. 3) Dependence on outside funding. 4) Maintenance problems. Afterword: Schemes of this kind are usually associated with richer and more populous towns than Swanage. But you will find many such schemes brought to successful fruition in medium-size seaside towns throughout Europe, especially in France (e.g. Monte Carlo) and Italy (e.g. San Remo). It's chiefly lack of imagination rather than lack of resources that prevents the adoption of such plans in England. Ian Lowson

Monday, July 04, 2005

Ferry Road camping banned!

This is on PDC website --

01-07-05 - Council Issues Notices to Studland Ferry Road Camper Vans

Purbeck District Council and Dorset Police have issued Direction Notices to 20 owners of illegally parked motor homes on the Studland Ferry Road in Studland.

The Notices, issued under section 77 of the Criminal Justice and Public Disorder Act 1994, were issued this morning [Friday, 1 July 2005]. The Notice requires the owners of the vehicles to remove them from the area within a set time frame. Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

Occupants were advised that Police Officers will be visiting the site on the morning of Saturday, 2 July, to check that the vehicles have been moved as directed. Owners of vehicles still residing on the Ferry Road will be reported for prosecution.

Once a Notice is served, an offence is committed if a vehicle re-enters the land within a period of three months.

The action follows months of complaints from local residents and a formal request from the Studland Beach Users Action Group and the Crime and Disorder Partnership to the Council to take firmer action over illegal camping on the road.

The Studland Beach Users Action Group, which represents agencies such as the National Trust, the Coastguard, Bournemouth-Swanage Motor Road and Ferry Company, the Fire Service, Dorset Police and British Naturism, reported threatening and aggressive behaviour towards National Trust and ferry company staff, breaches of fire regulations and health issues such as the lack of toilet facilities.

Glen Harding, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, said: “We’ve taken this action in conjunction with the Police in the interests of nature conservation, public safety, law and order, and the general amenity of the area. If necessary we will repeat this exercise throughout the summer.”

Swanage Residents Association meeting (April 2005)

rather belatedly..


Annual General Meeting – 4 April 2005

The meeting was opened by Rowland Hughes (Deputy Chairman), who introduced John Leach, the Committee’s nominee for Chairman. John gave an outline of his background, interests and concerns. There being no other nominations, John Leach was duly elected. This was followed by several statements of appreciation of Rowland Hughes’ many and important contributions during his long tenure as Chairman of the Association, as well as his successful efforts to keep the Association afloat until a successor could be found.

2. Treasurer’s Report In the absence of Rachel Kerley, Rowland Hughes noted that cash in hand stood at about £2800, and that outgoings for 2004/5 were more than income from membership subs and contributions.

3. Membership Stewart Borrett noted that current membership was about 400, compared to a high of 924, which was the result of a doorstep canvas he had carried out a few years ago. There was some discussion about the best ways of increasing membership, but it was also asked why we needed to do so? Accepting that the Associations political clout derives in large part from the size of its membership, the latter will tend to reflect the extent to which substantive issues are in dispute and the extent to which the outcome can be influenced by the opinions of Swanage residents. In this context, Rowland Hughes wondered whether the Association’s interests (as reflected in the Agenda) were perhaps too diffused. This, in turn raised the question of what exactly were the Association’s objectives?

4. Officers. In response to the suggestion that committee members should have designated roles, it was pointed out that it was extremely difficult to find enough people to serve on the Committee. Apart from the Treasurer and Membership, other roles were filled on an ad hoc basis, which had proved quite satisfactory.

5. Dorset School System. Rowland Hughes sketched in what he knew of DCC plans for the county school structure, which may have to be adjusted (or changed radically) to reflect population trends, notably the possibility of moving from a three-tier system to a two-tier one, which has significant implications for Swanage Middle School. [ROWLAND make some ref. to well-informed contribution by Peter Clarke – former teacher at Purbeck] Recognising that final decisions have to lie with Dorchester (and London), there was general concern that the residents of Swanage had not been kept in the picture as to the issues and the alternatives. The meeting agreed that the Chairman should write a formal letter to the relevant authorities expressing the Association’s concern at the lack of public information/consultation on an issue has major implications both for the families of children involved and for the future of the Middle School building and grounds. . (

6. Alcohol . Much ado about nothing

7. Wheelybins

See latest on

8. Community Plan. Cherry Bartlett gave an outline of the three well-supported Meetings held to discuss the Community Plan produced by Roger Seaman, noting that among other things, there was significant support for a Sports Centre

9. Town Partnership. David Price-Hughes reported

10. Issues of Continuing Concern

a. Seacourt, 6 Taunton Rd Beth Paxton-Brunning gave a passionate speech on the history and architecture of Seacourt and the proposed over development of the site.
b. Grammar School
c. Seawall and beach recharge
d. Policing in Swanage. Robert Owen explained some of the problems of getting Police presence in Swanage when it is needed.

11. Individual Enterprises

a. Skatepark Lorna Haines reported on the continuing development of the skate park, the installation of ‘equipment’ and the positive effects this type of facility has on the youth of Swanage. She invited members to attend the park on Thursday when there was to be a day of skating.
b. Play in Swanage
c. Sports Partnership

[Items 10 & 11 - see ongoing online discussion at ]

12. Several members commented very favourably on the extremely well informed contributions by the three members of the “Council Bridge”: Cherry Bartlett, Colin Bright, and Hilary O’Donovan. They were invaluable in allowing Association members to get some understanding of what had been discussed in various Councils and how things had turned out the way they did.

13. A.O.B. Concern was voiced about the closure of the Post Office opposite the Station.

Forthcoming meetings:

Next Quarterly Open Meeting Monday July 25th, 7.30pm at the Mowlem Committee Room

PDC Forum?

Purbeck District Council eForumPDC have put a forum on their website. Judging by the lack of postings its a state secret though. Its at Roker

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Property Prices & Second homes

Just when you may have thought things couldn't get worse for local families wanting to buy a home along comes something with the potential to make housing here even less affordable.The rules about self invested pensions will change next year and anyone with a big enough income to justify one of these will be able to buy a second home as a pension assett. All the tax saving rules about pension contributions will apply so they can renet it out tax free and even avoid capital gains tax so long as the profits go into the pension fund. They will even be able to borrow to buy to the tune of 50% of what is already in the fund. The effect is that someone buying a £300,000 flat and paying tax at the 40% rate only needs to find £180,000 with the tax break covering the rest. If there is enough in their pension fund they can borrow this, rent the place out and cover the mortgage from rental, paying no tax on the rent.It will of course be possible to invest in a Tuscan Villa but the compexities of international tax regimes make it a lot easier to buy in the UK.What a wonderful example of joined-up government when they are pretending to encourage more low cost housing!
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Free plants

An elderly gent I know has two sub-tropical plants for the open garden. They cost about £60 plus to buy. They need to be put into the garden (They are in pots) Tall plants. Agaves Americana variegate.You see them all over the Med. They are typical architectural plants and can be yours for free to a Swanage resident. These two are coloured Gold and Green.Post an answer, I will send the phone number.Dancing Ledge

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Community Centre? Exhibition 8-15 July

Rowland Hughes says:This was sent to me by Ann Faulkner to publicise as widely as possible. Please try to give it your support.

'Have Your Say' on a New Multi-Functional Centre Planned for Swanage.A week-long exhibition and consultation event incorporating sport, community, enterprise, training, and childcare uses is being planned by the Swanage Town and Community Partnership from Friday, 8 July to Friday, 15 July, to gather more public opinion on what form a multi-functional centre should take and where it should be situated.The 'Have Your Say' event, held in the sea-front Tourist Information Centre, will give residents and visitors to Swanage the chance to get the latest information about the project including the potential activities that people have already identified and the proposed sites for the new centre.The Swanage Town and Community Partnership is hoping that both residents and visitors to the area will participate in the event by answering a questionnaire and leaving comments about what activities they would like to see accommodated by the proposed facility.Tony Miller, Chairman of the Swanage Town and Community Partnership, said: "At this stage the plans for the new multi-use centre are pretty flexible. We have looked at all the comments that have been gathered over the last four years and have incorporated them into this consultation.""We are holding this event because it is important to work out what should be included in the centre based on local priorities. We want as many people as possible to look at the display and give us their thoughts. That way the final plans will meet as many aspirations as possible and will also be realistic in terms of what will be used and what is affordable.""There may be many more ideas we can incorporate - but we need people to tell us about them now."A second exhibition is planned for September. At this event the design and specification of the proposed centre, based on all the previous consultation work, will be unveiled to the public. After this the next stage in the project will be to seek planning permission for the new centre.The two 'Have Your Say' exhibition events are part of a £40,000 study looking into the feasibility of providing Swanage with a multi- functional centre providing activities and services for all sectors of the community. Funding is being provided by the South West of England Regional Development Agency, Purbeck District Council, Swanage Town and Community Partnership, Swanage Town Council and contributions from a range of sports groups and interests within the town.The feasibility work is being carried out, on behalf of the Swanage Town and Community Partnership, by Plymouth-based business consultants Hyder Consulting Limited and Bournemouth architects Terence O'Rourke.

Swanage Tourist Information Centre is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 5pm.end.For further information please contact:Ann Faulkner, Vice Chairman, Swanage Town and Community Partnership on 01929 424252.


Swanage webcam

Swanage webcamPurbeck District Council have installed a very posh webcam at Peveril Point. You can see it at can be controlled from your computer so you can spend hours panning and zooming and watching folk come and go. Why bother with reality TV when you can have reality Swanage.

Posted by Keith Roker to swanage view at 6/25/2005 03:09:20 PM

With regards to the new webcam in town, if you are using a more secure browser than internet explorer or are not using Windows you can still see the webcam at It seems very slow but I am not prepared to install an activex component the council say is safe to use on a Windows based computer!

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Thursday, June 23, 2005


If you want to raise a new topic, post your comment in this section — just click first on Comments (bottom right), then on Post a comment (bottom left of the next window), and a new heading will soon be set up, allowing others to see and add their own comments. It seems it's sometimes easier to click on 'Post anonymously' than to open an account in your name - you can always add your name to your message.

Marketing Purbeck

Purbeck District Council has advertised for a Tourism Officer to cover maternity leave. The alarming thing is that the maximimum salary is £24,000. Tourism is by far the largest source of employment in Purbeck and the District's prosperity depends on aiming its marketing at attracting visitors who will spend the maximum amount of money while inflicting the least harm on the environment. As an industry one of tourism's main features is that it consists of a large number of small businesses with no collective organisation. It therefore falls to the District Council to market it. If it was a single private business it would have a properly funded marketing function with salary levels capable of attracting experienced professionals and not be an adjunct of the planning department. I know the council cannot look to the tax payers for more but does anyone have any ideas about how marketing could be funded. Personaly I am drawn to the French approach of having a small tourist tax which has to be spent on tourist facilities and supporting the industry.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New comments

Is it possible to modify this blog spot or move to another that indicates when there is a unread post? It takes too long to scan through. God knows how long it takes without broadband!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Public services broadband?

Swanage T C has been asked to approve the installation of a dish on the Town Hall to provide broadband locally at 20Meg per second at a contention rate of 3 to 1. It is for the schools, library, and perhaps the local cctv. Would be brilliant!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wheelie bins

All households should now have had a (geeen - cunning hint, eh) leaflet to explain the new wheelie bin scheme that starts on 3rd October.

One thing it doesn't tell you (that may be of interest, as far as the practicalities of storage) is the size of the bins: 1100mm high x 580mm wide x 720 deep.

Who knows whether the concept of fortnightly collections of rubbish will work, as far as smell and volume? The Council say it has worked elsewhere, so we shall have to see, though many doubt it.

Don't forget to use the Freepost form to tell the Council if you anticipate any difficulties: whether you won't be able to move a bin or have nowhere unobtrusive to keep one.

I understand, from correspondence I have had, that there is an expectation that bins should be hidden away, not left on public display in front gardens, side alleys etc. So if you won't be able to do this, tell them and insist on alternative arrangements. Otherwise Purbeck will look like a third world country in no time.

This is what I was told: "Ordinarily we would expect people to store their refuse, in their bin, wherever they store it at present. Individual difficulties will have to be resolved as the scheme progresses, but colleagues at other authorities have assured staff at Purbeck that most properties can find somewhere unobtrusive to store their bin."

For more information, contact:

Customer Services Officer:

Recycle Helpline: 01929 557279.

Posted by Mike Hadley