Thursday, June 23, 2005


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Anonymous said...

Rowland Hughes says:
This was sent to me by Ann Faulkner to publicise as widely as possible. Please try to give it your support.
'Have Your Say' on a New Multi-Functional Centre Planned for Swanage

A week-long exhibition and consultation event incorporating sport, community, enterprise, training, and childcare uses is being planned by the Swanage Town and Community Partnership from Friday, 8 July to Friday, 15 July, to gather more public opinion on what form a multi-functional centre should take and where it should be situated.

The 'Have Your Say' event, held in the sea-front Tourist Information Centre, will give residents and visitors to Swanage the chance to get the latest information about the project including the potential activities that people have already identified and the proposed sites for the new centre.

The Swanage Town and Community Partnership is hoping that both residents and visitors to the area will participate in the event by answering a questionnaire and leaving comments about what activities they would like to see accommodated by the proposed facility.

Tony Miller, Chairman of the Swanage Town and Community Partnership, said: "At this stage the plans for the new multi-use centre are pretty flexible. We have looked at all the comments that have been gathered over the last four years and have incorporated them into this consultation."

"We are holding this event because it is important to work out what should be included in the centre based on local priorities. We want as many people as possible to look at the display and give us their thoughts. That way the final plans will meet as many aspirations as possible and will also be realistic in terms of what will be used and what is affordable."

"There may be many more ideas we can incorporate - but we need people to tell us about them now."

A second exhibition is planned for September. At this event the design and specification of the proposed centre, based on all the previous consultation work, will be unveiled to the public. After this the next stage in the project will be to seek planning permission for the new centre.

The two 'Have Your Say' exhibition events are part of a £40,000 study looking into the feasibility of providing Swanage with a multi- functional centre providing activities and services for all sectors of the community. Funding is being provided by the South West of England Regional Development Agency, Purbeck District Council, Swanage Town and Community Partnership, Swanage Town Council and contributions from a range of sports groups and interests within the town.

The feasibility work is being carried out, on behalf of the Swanage Town and Community Partnership, by Plymouth-based business consultants Hyder Consulting Limited and Bournemouth architects Terence O'Rourke.

Swanage Tourist Information Centre is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 5pm.


For further information please contact:
Ann Faulkner, Vice Chairman, Swanage Town and Community Partnership on 01929 424252.

Keith Roker said...

Swanage webcam

Purbeck District Council have installed a very posh webcam at Peveril Point. You can see it at

It can be controlled from your computer so you can spend hours panning and zooming and watching folk come and go. Why bother with reality TV when you can have reality Swanage.

Anonymous said...

An elderly gent I know has two sub-tropical plants for the open garden. They cost about £60 plus to buy. They need to be put into the garden (They are in pots) Tall plants. Agaves Americana variegate.
You see them all over the Med. They are typical architectural plants and can be yours for free to a Swanage resident. These two are coloured Gold and Green.
Post an answer, I will send the phone number.
Dancing Ledge

Anonymous said...

With regards to the new webcam in town, if you are using a more secure browser than internet explorer or are not using Windows you can still see the webcam at It seems very slow but I am not prepared to install an activex component the council say is safe to use on a Windows based computer!

Anonymous said...

Property Prices and Second homes

Just when you may have thought things couldn't get worse for local families wanting to buy a home along comes something with the potential to make housing here even less affordable.

The rules about self invested pensions will change next year and anyone with a big enough income to justify one of these will be able to buy a second home as a pension assett. All the tax saving rules about pension contributions will apply so they can renet it out tax free and even avoid capital gains tax so long as the profits go into the pension fund. They will even be able to borrow to buy to the tune of 50% of what is already in the fund. The effect is that someone buying a £300,000 flat and paying tax at the 40% rate only needs to find £180,000 with the tax break covering the rest. If there is enough in their pension fund they can borrow this, rent the place out and cover the mortgage from rental, paying no tax on the rent.

It will of course be possible to invest in a Tuscan Villa but the compexities of international tax regimes make it a lot easier to buy in the UK.

What a wonderful example of joined-up government when they are pretending to encourage more low cost housing!

Anonymous said...

Purbeck District Council eForum

PDC have put a forum on their website. Judging by the lack of postings its a state secret though. Its at

Keith Roker

Anonymous said...

John Leach says:


An Open Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 25 July at The Mowlem Committee Room

PC Dick Clapp will talk about policing in Swanage!

Please try to be there - you will be very welcome.

Anonymous said...

This is about the Swanage beach scheme from the PDC policy group minutes.

Swanage Beach –Recharge Scheme

Councillors Miller, Trite and Mrs Wheeldon declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this matter under the Model Code of Conduct (as members of Swanage Town Council which owned part of Swanage beach) and withdrew from the meeting during its consideration.
During consideration of this matter the Chair was occupied by Councillor Cake.
Consideration was given to a comprehensive report on the present position with a possible scheme to recharge Swanage beach with sand dredged either from Poole Harbour or from elsewhere. There were a number of uncertainties in relation to this scheme which were explained to the Group including Government funding, the respective duties of the Council and the Environment Agency and the need for the appointment of consultants to comply with European procurement regulations. It was also noted that, if the sand was to be dredged from Poole Harbour, this exercise would, for ecological purposes, need to be completed between October 2005 and February 2006 and, given the other uncertainties, there was some doubt about whether this timetable could be achieved.
It was also reported that a meeting shortly would be held with Jim Knight MP who was now a Minister at DEFRA with the aim of seeking clarifipation on Government funding for the project.
RESOLVED that a report be submitted to Council generally in line with the submitted report, but recommending only the funding of an inter-tidal ecological survey and biodiversity monitoring with the other matters reported being deferred for more information and clarification generally

Postman2 said...

Swanage Multi-functional Centre.
It seems to me they have already decided what is going to happen, so what is the point of further questionnaires? In view of the fact that I don’t think anyone is listening, I’m posting here.
Everyone says we can’t afford a pool. So what exactly would be the on cost to this project of say a 30m pool, and what would the additional running cost be exactly???
Wherever the centre is built, if this watered down jack-of-all-trades project goes ahead please leave enough space so squash courts, a pool, tennis courts, five aside pitches etc can be added by innovative folk at a later date.
I’m not in favour of education and training in the centre, the money would be better spent funding internet based home learning. The business services bit is obviously covering up for the fact that Swanage needs more real business and office units on the Industrial Estate. Hopefully the Council will let Phil Wood run the café in the style of the Sports Bar in Wareham, but hopefully without the discount on food given to council members of staff (50% off I’m told). This is turning into another community hall for old people. If we can’t afford it, use some of the land to build flats to finance something more visionary. We should be pursuing excellence here not just doing the minimum to placate the campaigners, families and tourists who have been let down so badly for so many years.

Anonymous said...

We have had hundreds of extra restaurant seats added this season, at the Caravan Park, Ocean bay, Moonlight Bistro, and now, opposite Purbeck Lighting, another application. Could this be a bubble forming like in the early 1990's?

Anonymous said...

With regard to the enthusiastic introduction by PDC of the wheelie bin rubbish collection - to be emptied only every fortnight - has anyone seen the advice issued by Oxfordshire county council on these bins as a potential fire hazard? Which Oxfordshire recommends are emptied before each weekend - not left stuffed full of rubbish for two weeks and, if we all follow what PDC is recommending, and recycle everything that can rot down, will be crammed with things which will burn like billy-o.

Oxfordshire county council

Wheelie bins are an excellent innovation, for both storing and disposing of rubbish, but
burn fiercely when on fire and if left or moved close to buildings and ignited, can have very
serious consequences.
So, we would like to offer the following advice to both householders and businesses to
minimise the risk of fires in wheelie bins.

Where possible combustible rubbish should be compacted and removed.

Wheelie bins should be secured in a proper compound away from buildings.

If a compound is not available the wheelie bins should be locked shut and secured, away from

Do make sure that smokers materials are extinguished before disposing into refuse bins.

Do not place hot items for example hot embers from a spent coal fire into refuse bins.

The bins should be emptied regularly, especially prior to weekends and holidays.

Bins should not be put out for rubbish collection until the morning of the actual collection day.

Never store bins outside doors and windows as any fire within the bin could easily spread into the
adjacent building.

beachdrifter said...

I have been visiting my father in Swanage for over 25 years and been lucky enough to move here just over a year ago.
It's truly a great place, excellent beaches, purbeck hills, corfe all on our doorstep. The town is a typical seaside down unspoilt..... but, here is where I may upset some people, I feel there needs to be some changes.
Make the town from the station onwards pedestrianised, with flower beds, lighting, try to make it a more of a street cafe culture. Down by the pier area, and I know this has already been mentioned in the press, but lets have some restaurants, bistros, a gallery for local artists.
What I'm trying to say is update the town. I personally think that unless some things are put into action now Swanage may lose it's appeal. The important thing is to keep the locals in mind when all this is done. Being a seaside town the revenue created is during the summer months, but culture is changing the way people want to spend their time. We do not want to become another Bournemouth or Poole but in fear of repeating myself I can imagine Swanage becoming even more picturesque and attracting even more tourists, all it needs is a planner with vision.

Anonymous said...

any news on Sea Court yet?