Monday, June 06, 2005

Ferry Road

I hear that the local Wilts and Dorset bus drivers are going to refuse to "jump" the ferry queue this summer. This would cause chaos to the timetable. I also know the businesses around the ferry have terrible trouble getting deliveries when there is a lot of traffic waiting to cross. As a cyclist I find it down right dangerous when there are cars parked , often badly, along each side of the ferry road. Would it not be a good idea to tarmac over some of the soft shoulders to create a third bus, emergency, and service lane?

Posted by nick storer to swanage view at 6/6/2005 05:27:04 PM


Anonymous said...

There are so many cyclists using that road (including me)as it's the main route for individuals going biking in the forest, that it may be time to create a cycle track. A clay one was created in Richmond Park a few years ago, and was done to ensure sympathy with the surrounding countryside. Perhaps the ferry company/PDC should look at a similar scheme for the ferry road. This would then be "fenced off" to stop cars parking on it. The national trust would benefit from increased parking revenue and could help the scheme by reducing their fees to a more reasonable level.


Postman2 said...

...except that the car parks are already full to overflowing in the summer. The road needs to be wider and a cycle lane on each side is a must (linking to the cycle lane which starts at Sandbanks). This could be continued all the way into Swanage. Why not make the Ferry Road a clearway (like at Norden) for four summer months a year, and step up the public transport so people can visit the beach and heath? In many planning applications road safety is cited as one of the reasons for objection by PDC. So where are the cycle lanes? Why is the seafront not closed all year around for it’s whole length?

The Postman said...

An update - in case you missed the article in the Advertiser (9 June), PDC are planning to put down double yellow lines, banning overnight parking (and so camping in vans) between 12pm and 6am. This shoud sort out the problem. But WHEN will this happen? Meanwhile, to keep the pressure on, you can sign a petition seeking the Council to enforce the signs that are already up banning overnight camping.
Details of where tofind petitions will follow....

The Postman said...

Petitions are available for signing at:

Alliance & Leicester Building Society
New & Secondhand Bookshop, Station Road
Fruit Shop, Station Road
Macrows (Jewellers), Station Road
Corben's, Station Road
Catalogue Shop, Station Road
Tilly Whims, The Square
Crow's Nest pub, New Swanage
Paper shop , King's Road
The Ship pub, Langton Matravers
The KIng's Arms pub, Langton Matravers
Studland Shop
Fowleys (now Moonfleet) garage, Harman's Cross
St Michael's garage, Harman's Cross

The Postman said...

Finally..finally..someone has uncovered the legislation that has existed all along. It would seem there is no need for yellow lines or notices. And no need to worry about people sleeping in camper vans in other areas:

Evidently, the Council has powers under Sections 77 to 79 of the Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 "to give a direction to persons residing in a vehicle on a highway, unoccupied land or on occupied land without the owner's consent to leave that land and remove their property. Failure to comply with the direction is an offence."

The Council has been asked to enforce this Act.
Sign the petition to keep up the pressure.

The Postman said...

22 June

Last night, a petition of 953 signatures (collected in next to no time) was presented to Purbeck District Council . They unanimously agreed that they would implement the Act preventing people sleeping in vehicles overnight on the public highway. They will do this as soon as proper procedure allows.