Monday, January 30, 2006

The bay & beach

Just been down this weekend for a flying visit from "oop north" and I've got some questions:-
1/ Why was there not a single boat in the bay? Ther were no boats in the water either side of the pier.
2/ Where is all the scum at the waters edge coming from ? I have never seen this @ Swanage in 30 years. Is it related to the beach works?
3/ I understood from the contractor's website that the existing groynes were to be removed. A number of them appear to have been buried, Is this correct?
4/ The quality of the replacement sand is inferior to the existing sand.It has lots of shell fragmments and pebbles in it, and I would think not as suitable for children as previously.
Any answers appreciated.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Takes all sorts

For several years now this Country has been invaded by people from all over the world. many of them willing to work here for wages that are to say the least abysmal.

It seems to me that any firm or Company that employes these people should be named and shamed.
Not only that, the local folk should be made aware of just who cares little about their own Country.
We have no need for Eastern Europeans here, not if they are prostitutes or workers in hotels or cafes.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

(Public) Council meeting Mon 30th Jan

The monthly town council meeting is due on Monday 30 January, at the Town Hall, preceded as usual by a half-hour Question Time (at 7pm) for anyone to raise any subject they wish.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Bad Buoys?

Has anyone noticed the bay is full of Bhoys, Dozens of them, It would be difficult ot sail across without hitting one.
What are they for and has it not got out hand?
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For sure he Bhoys are there for the craic.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


PDC continues to be gung-ho about its dire new wheelie bin collection scheme.
As instanced in its latest over-the-top press release about the district is meeting govt recycling targes.
Somehow I think the stats it puts forward need to be given a more decent examination.
And maybe a rather fuller explanation of what the scheme involved.
You would have thought, wouldn't you, that if 14,000 homes had recycling boxes.
And then they increased it to 21,000 homes.
Then, logic would say that the 16% recycling rate would increase to 24%.
If you add to that an increase in what is being taken away, like cardboard and textiles, and that's a further 10 maybe 12 per cent increase overall.
Wouldn't that point to a 27% level of recycling with just a modest and not that expensive increase in the cost to us the council taxpayer of providing a further 7,000 green boxes for kerbside recycling.
So for what could be as little as a 5% increase in recycling we are paying £3.29 on an average council tax bill and thousands more overall to publicise the generally unwanted and somewhat resented scheme.
A couple of councillors didn't vote for its introduction.
The Lib Dems backed it to a man, and to a woman. But then they are (unthinkingly at times) in favour of anything that smacks of a "green initiative".
But I think Colin Bright certainly should be applauded for defying what was said to be a three-line Tory whip on the issue. I'm pretty sure that Gary Suttle didn't vote for it either.
The latest self-congratulatory missive from PDC is on its website.
But this is what it says anyway:

Recycle For Purbeck Achieves Its Statutory Target In The First Month Alone

The Recycle for Purbeck Scheme smashed through its statutory recycling target in its first month and doubled the district’s recycling rates since before the scheme began.

The results, which were officially confirmed last week, showed that 32%, around 300 tonnes, of all household waste in Purbeck was recycled in October. That’s equivalent to the weight of approximately 50 elephants!

The Government’s target for recycling in Purbeck is 30% in a full year and the recycling rate in the district prior to the scheme was 16%, one of the lowest in Dorset.

Exceeding the statutory recycling target in the first month alone is a reflection of the tremendous efforts and co-operation of the residents of Purbeck with 100% of households taking part in the scheme in some areas.

The success of the scheme so far means that the amount of waste sent to landfill has already significantly decreased and the cost implications to the council tax payer, through Government penalties and the rising cost of landfill tax, can be considerably reduced.

The overwhelming response to the scheme, the huge volume of recyclable waste that has to be collected and the festive period has lead to some recent delays in the collection services, however, extra lorries are being laid on to cope with the demand to help avoid any future delays.

Going forward the Council will be investigating the possibility, at a reasonable cost to the householder, of extending its recycling scheme to include items such as kitchen waste, heavy card and plastics.

Councillor Nick Cake, Environment spokesperson sad: “This is a fantastic result and one that can be wholly attributed to the efforts and support of the residents of Purbeck. We thank our residents for their patience and co-operation over the recent weeks, particularly during the festive period which presented its own challenges. Only three months in, the scheme is still very much in its infancy, and we continue to strive to improve the efficiency of our waste collection service in the interests of everyone involved”.


Monday, January 16, 2006


A little while ago I spotted a something unusual in Swanage.
A Police man!
Why is it that we seldom see the police around? Are they a dying breed?
Come to that, how many have we here now?

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Abolish the Council?

12 years ago the local government commission said DCC and the District Councils should be abolished and we should have 4 unitary authorities. Poole and Bournemouth gained independence but rural Dorset was left unchanged fir some reason.

Do you think its time for a change now and that we would be better off with a unitary authority for this half of Dorset and another one for the west? Although counties have existed since about the time of King Canute county councils are one of those things the Victorians did for us and district councils were dreamt up in the 1970s when having multiple layers of organisation was all the rage.

Do you think it would be too distant? Do you think the existing arrangement works well enough? Have unitary authorities benefitted their populations?

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Council by-election 2nd February

Thursday 2 Feb (north ward)

Owing to the enforced resignation of a former Tory councillor, a by-election will be held on 2nd Feb (8.00am - 9.00pm) to elect a replacement to serve on Swanage Town Council.

If you want a form for a postal vote call Purbeck District Council on 556561 after 18 January. Last day to apply for Postal Vote is 25 January.

This by-election is just for a seat in the north ward of Swanage. Polling cards will be sent soon, though you don't actually need a card to vote.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Swanage Arts

For some time now we have been grumbling about various arts and cultural issues in Swanage. We all know that there is a considerable amount of public funding that Swanage has missed out on, we also know that there are serious problems with lack of studio and workshop space. We all saw the contempt that PDC treated us with when they produced their Cultural Strategy. Well, nothing’s going to happen on its own so I’m proposing setting up an Arts development Organisation in Swanage that will help promote the arts within the community, develop new funding opportunities and help in the education and training of young and aspiring artists. Back in the autumn there was a terrific turnout of Arts practitioners and interested parties to the Jurassic Coast Arts meeting. Let’s capitalise on that and get together. I’m suggesting a meeting on Wednesday 8th February at the Quarr gallery 17 High Street Swanage at 7.30. If necessary, we’ll move on to a suitable hostelry. The meeting is open to all practising artists (that is musicians, writers, sculptors, actors, performance artists, dancers, painters, photographers) and anyone else interested in developing the Arts in Swanage for the 21st Century. If we can organise ourselves into some sort of recognisable body we will hold a larger meeting in a couple of months to which we can invite the Great and the Good.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dee Caffari?

What's the extent of the Swanage connection with Dee Caffari who is currently sailing round the world alone against the prevailing winds? [] My Sunday paper describes her as "this former PE teacher from Swanage". Anyone know more?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Swanage ahead?

Sorry -these should have been posted properly before..
as alerted by recent comment:
"Can Peter Coopers very relevant comments comparing Bridport and Swanage be put on the main page to be discussed?"

At 10:10 PM, Peter John Cooper said...
7 or 8 years ago when we first launched a town regeneration project through Swanage Ahead we examined the state of other towns in Dorset. Bridport was a sad case. Premises boarded up, charity shops in the others, a large area of rubble behind the town centre. Yesterday, I visited Bridport again. It seems to be thriving. A general air of well being with lots of value-added shops, galleries and touristy places. The rubble field was filled with flats and houses. When I returned to Swanage I was immediately struck by how dowdy and run down it looks in comparison So what's happened in the intervening years? How come all our efforts at regeneration have come to nothing whilst towns like Bridport have steamed ahead? You can blame me if you like; I was chair of Swanage Ahead for two years. But I think there's more to it than that. Ideas?

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous said...
In reply to Peter John Cooper, I can only think that it stems from Swanage's running sore of lack of democracy in any meaningful form. Until we have a local council that represents all of its people and has some real vision we will be condemned to mediocre and worse solutions to the last century's problems. Until the trustees of the mowlem wake up and find the energy to resign we'll see no change for the better on the seafront. Until the great and good of Swanage realise that they are presiding over the destruction of a community there will be no revival here. Peverilpen

At 11:15 PM, Anonymous said...
Again in reply to Peter Cooper. Comparing the programming at the Mowlem with Bridport Arts Centre is a depressing experience. The latter shows what can be done. Bridport also has an excellent market which is visited by collectors from over a huge radius. Swanage Ahead wanted to establish a collectors market like this but the town council at that time was against it and the opportunity was lost. When we eventually got a market it offered the most uninspiring mixture of cheap plastic buckets and vegetables with the town councils seal of approval.

Is it just vision? We have the same political process as Bridport. How does it produce better results there? Is the political complexion different? Any ideas?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Holes in the roads

Does anyone know who is responsible for fixing holes in the roads in Purbeck ? The ones in Townsend Road are nearly big enough for the school-run 4x4's to have to use 4 wheel drive !

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 1/02/2006 06:01:47 PM

Council's website

Can anything be done to bring the councils website more up to date, and fix the broken bits like the PDA guide which is featured on the home page along with the Swanage & Purbeck Holiday Guide 2005!

Even in the tourism section there are only 6 events listed and 4 of those are for 2005

If the council cant be bothered to update their own website perhasp they should just close it down as it looks very bad for this town if the council cant even keep their own info up to date.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 1/02/2006 04:07:26 PM