Monday, October 29, 2007

Local Live Music Venue Closes

The demise of the Kings Bar will leave a terrible hole in the local live music scene. The Victoria Club was ruined by the loss of the upstairs club room to flats. The Kings Bar will become shops below and flats above. What a terrible shame. For those of you who didn't know, the Kings Bar hosted six blues festivals, several jazz festivals, open mic nights and more. There were gigs by artists such as JAMIE CULLUM, LIANE CARROLL (both jazz pianists and singers), BEN WATERS (international boogie woogie pianist), THE GUV'NORS (7 piece funk band), saxophonist CLAIRE HIRST, trumpeter BARBARA SNOW and, at the recent new blues festival, members of Jools Holland's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.
Not forgetting all the wonderful music from local artists such as Jon Sibthorpe, Frankie Rudd, Steve Darrington, Martin Johnson, and so many more.
The Kings Bar offered a positive affordable alternative to the Mowlem Theatre, because not only did the owners give it free, but they were always ready to spend their own money to encourage live music.
Thank you Bruce and Chris for giving us so much great music over the years.

Now what will happen to the local live music scene?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Martin Johnson Band: Tonight, Thursday

TONIGHT (Thursday 25th October) for the last time at the Kings Bar, Kings Rd East, Swanage
Starts at 8pm, followed by Frankie Rudd at 10pm and then Disco at Midnight.
Admission Free

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Get new posts emailed to you?

Is anyone using the service at the bottom of the page, which is supposed to send any posts/comments to you via email, so you don't have to view the website? Or did you not know the service was there? Just would like to check ……… thanks.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Local websites?

Let's have some opinions on the best and worst local websites.
I'll start you off with my vote for the worst:

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Second homes

I see Gord and his chancellor have made it a lot more attractive to purchase 2nd homes now. really helps this area.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Keep Blues alive!

Thanks to everybody who helped to make the October blues & roots festival so successful.
With 16 venues in Swanage, Corfe Castle and Studland playing host to over 70 performers, it's been estimated there were more than 1,000 different festivalgoers over the weekend!
It is ironic that the more successful the blues festivals become, the harder it is for me to be reimbursed for my expenses. That's because it just isn't practical to charge on the door, and I have to rely on collection buckets.
The more people in the venues, the harder it is to get round to collect the money!
Still, a big thanks to volunteers Maggie and her friends who did a fantastic job.
The Holiday Accommodation Association makes a contribution, so does the LVA, and the Town Council helps too, for which I'm exceedingly glad. Thank you.
But there are many businesses in Swanage that benefit directly from these festivals and don't shell out a bean!
It's not cheap for me to do all this and Yes, I honestly do pay for all the organisation costs out of my benefit money.
So come on, all you restaurants, shops, and accommodation providers that as yet don't show their appreciation in the time-honoured manner - with a small donation!
If you run one of these businesses - or maybe you work for one and can have a word with the boss - please don't be shy!
I'll accept money off anyone to keep all this going.
Thank you all
Steve Darrington
01929 422338

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Blogday

So it's four years since I started this little blog. Thought I would have a go at some tweaks. Not sure quite there yet. Trying to get a wider pitch for the text, to save scrolling. Shall see how it settles down....


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Old dogs/New tricks?

(For our senior readers…… and anyone else)

Swanage Library/Youth Service partnership project for "Make a Difference Week".
Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Amaze yourself and the grandchildren!

Learn to Wii … Learn to text … Set up an email account

Learn from the experts at Swanage Library, Thursday 25 October, 5 pm - 7pm.

Friday, October 05, 2007

'Gay bomb" scoops Ig Nobel award

A study on how to relieve jetlag in hamsters won one of the prizes
Pioneering research into a "gay bomb" that makes enemy troops "sexually irresistible" to each other has scooped one of this year's Ig Nobel Prizes.
Other winners included work on treating hamster jetlag with impotency drugs, extracting vanilla from cow dung, and the side-effects of sword swallowing.

Swanage MIU to stay 'open all hours'

Disregarding the above tripe, it's good news week! Hot off the press from the PCT today is the following:

'Following a period of public consultation, Dorset Primary Care Trust has decided to withdraw its proposal to change the opening hours of the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) at Swanage Community Hospital during the night. Swanage Minor Injuries Unit will remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whilst Dorset Primary Care Trust (PCT) works with NHS partners, including the Ambulance Service, local GPs, staff at the community hospital, the people of Swanage and members of local groups to review the way that healthcare in Swanage might be provided in future, particularly during the night'.

That and the Blues Festival - both in one week - perfection!!!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blues w/end 5,6,7 Oct

Don't forget, it's the Blues Roots weekend coming up

Part-time Secretary?

Part-time secretary for Purbeck Transport Group

Opportunity for a computer literate car user to join a pro-active
voluntary team working with transport in the Purbecks.
Arranging meetings, taking/managing minutes for up to 6 meetings a
year, correspondence: £204 pa. To find out more, call Debbie Weller
on 01202 624261