Friday, April 29, 2005

Moaning minnies?

The contributors to this blog clearly think they could make a better job of running the town and district than the present incumbents. Perhaps they would like to offer themselves for election as the anonymous party. Just think of the platform they could run on. All public assets to be sold off. No strangers to be let into town. Anyone suspected of vandalism to be fed to the sharks. All untidy buildings to be demolished. Autobahns to be constructed linking all points. Complusory opening of post offices and posh restaurants (privately owned only). What next? A short military campaign against the hill people of Langton and Worth Matravers perhaps.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Council meeting 25 April

Some notes of the meeting for your possible interest (as the Council is unlikely to have the minutes on its site for months!):

Public participation time:

Pier Head: George Crane asked Council why it couldn't 'knock some heads together' and sort out this disgraceful site, which gives a poor impression at a key access point to the Jurassic coast, and that this should be done quickly. Mayor replied that it's up to the developer to submit a plan that will be approved, that the Council should not rush into allowing something that might well be there for a hundred years.

Post Office/Councillor Agelink: the Council was asked their opinion on the Post Office and the role of the councillor (post-master) in closing it. The Town Clerk said he didn't think the question deserved a response. When asked what a councillor had to do to be sacked from the Council, the response was "failure to attend meetings for 6 months or being declared bankrupt, nothing else."
[so murder, manslaughter, rape, theft, embezzlement, corruption ...all OK then?]

Council matters (some points of note):

Vandalism: there seems to have been quite a spate recently: loos damaged at Peveril, benches broken, shelters damaged at King George's, etc. Note was made of a locked invalid buggy (maroon) stolen and carried away from flats in Rempstone Road - tell Police if you see one dumped somewhere.

Crime: Mayor noted the importance of reporting all crime, and getting a police number. If crimes aren't reported, police authorities think there is no need for more police support. Mayor also noted that one or two people have been charged over various offences.

Caravan Park: glowing reports from each other about the wonderful restaurant that has recently opened, and continuing sales of caravans, etc.

Ferry Road: Mayor reported that things are moving forwards regarding attempts to stop overnight camping.

Stone Quay: it was noted that work had started to repair this.

...and various other matters: full minutes can be seen at the Town Hall and eventually on the Council website.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Vandalism at Peveril Point

There's been trouble recently at Peveril Point, with Coastwatch building attacked, public loo vandalised, bottles smashed etc, glass all over the place... If anyone sees (or knows) anything, please call the Police: 422004, or 999 of course, if urgent.

Quay repairs begin

Good news.Dorset County Council have finally begun repairs to the stone quay. Some key stones already re-positioned; let's hope the cobbles are replaced, rather than concrete laid instead.

Public meeting May 16th

The Swanage Parish Assembly will be held at the Swanage Town Hall on Monday 16th May at 7pm. There is no agenda, but this is an open meeting for anyone in Swanage to raise any topic they feel of importance or interest. It's a sort of AGM for the town. I understand the only constraint is to allow other people a chance to have their say, so worth being clear and to the point.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Public places drink ban?

Drinking in Public Ban — Consultation

PURBECK District Council is extending the consultation period over whether to ban drinking alcohol in public areas in certain parts of the district.

Sections 12-16 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 gives local authorities the power to restrict anti-social public drinking in designated public places, and the police have the power to enforce the restriction.

The measures are designed to curb anti-social behaviour problems caused by public drinking, and the consultation follows requests to Purbeck District  Council from Dorset Police and various parish and town councils.

The district council is currently looking at the proposals for a zone that would cover areas within Arne, Bere Regis, Lytchett Matravers, Lytchett Minster, Upton, Swanage, Wareham, West Lulworth and Wool. To introduce the designation, Purbeck District Council must be satisfied that the area has had problems associated with the consumption of alcohol and that it has caused a nuisance or annoyance to members of the public.

The proposals were first published for consultation on 24 February. The council has received a considerable number of representations already – some calling for the designated area to be wider and others asking that no designations be made at all.

If introduced, the new scheme will not be a blanket ban on drinking in the open air. The offence will not be one of consumption of alcohol in a public place, but drinking after being required by an officer not to do so. It will only apply in areas where there has been experience of public drinking problems and therefore it is unlikely to include peaceful family picnic areas. The measures would be introduced specifically to deal with anti-social behaviour that is the result of public drinking.

In the case of special events such as the Swanage Carnival, the district council could, with the agreement of the police, allow the event to go ahead without any restrictions on alcohol. The powers are discretionary and therefore can be reviewed and exercised if local circumstances demand.

Consultation with parish and town councils, licensees, the police and local landowners will continue until 24 April when the district council will consider all the opinions expressed and make a recommendation to Council.

A full list of all the areas being consulted on is available from the council offices at Westport House in Wareham.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Caravan Park

What on earth is Swanage Town Council doing trying to make money out of a caravan park? Do they not remember that they could not even successfully run the ice cream kiosks on the beach (closed for lunch and at Bank Holidays)? The visitor centre losses (also closed for lunch)? The Station Yard fiasco? Having to charge for toilets? Extortionate car parking fees- where does all that money go?If caravan parks are so good, why all the licensing and planning restrictions on the existing ones?The STC caravan park will not be the success it could be in private hands, and may well turn out to be at best a poor investment but probably a liability to the people of Swanage. This piece of family silver should be sold off immediately.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

They're watching you

Who's watching who? Anyone else noticed what looks like a camera mounted high up on the Lifeboat station? It's the round 360 view kind, not the usual rectangular white cctv . What's it for? Who's it for? Are there others around Swanage? Let's find out - unless you're a dodgy crim type, in which case forget you read this.

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Secret Police?Where are they when you need them?Are they the traffic wardens in disguise?The alley behind Institute Road is often over run by kids, weekends and most evenings drinking and spraying poor grafitti, (I wouldn't mind if it was good). Worse is the open selling of drugs.The only time I ever see police is on a school day when the community police car appears by the Mowlem, (when the crims are at school).I've never seen a policeman when it all kicks off after closing time either.I guess they're just scared.If anybody knows the number of the local bobby and what time he goes to bed because I wouldn't like to bother him then let me knowRoyston Vasey

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Traffic wardens

As usual our friendly traffic wardens were doing their duty, but why oh why always on a Bank Holiday, I saw 2 of them from where I work in town busily writng in their books and slapping on the tickets. It doesnt encourage people to return to our lovely town.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sea Court, Taunton Road

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Re-posting this on 5 April, following recent planning aplplication. I gather refused, so developers going to appeal again, sometime in May

Swanage Post Office?

[Post Office re-opened Wednesday 20 April}

Post Office.What ever is going on? the damn thing closed down just like that!A shambles...Absolute Shambles.Dancing Ledge.

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