Sunday, September 25, 2011

Swanage - let's shout about it!

In the next Saturday Guardian mag - the 'Let's move to...' features Swanage (Sat 1st Oct)
Do you have a favourite haunt or pet hate?
Please write, by next Tuesday, to:
After the event there's a forum/debate at

Thanks to Antonia Phillips for noticing this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Studland Village Hall events

SUNDAY 9th OCTOBER at 7.30pm Tickets £8
Ben Osborne presents 'Jurassic Journey'
Specially commissioned by Artsreach and our sister organisation in Devon (Villages In Action), 'Jurassic Journey' is the acclaimed multi-media presentation celebrating the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, brought to you by award-winning photographer and popular rural touring presenter Ben Osborne. Showcasing his amazing photography, video and sound recordings, the show also features specially commissioned music (composed by Dorset's Sammy Hurden), poetry (written by Devon-based Matt Harvey) and some engaging characters created by local artist/sculptor Lal Hitchcock. Commentary, audio-visual sequences, soundscapes and humour will create a richly entertaining evening for anyone interested in what happens when four artists take a close (and occasionally sideways) look at a coast near you.
There is also a singing workshop featuring the songs from Jurassic Journey at the National Trust Discovery Centre on Knoll Beach from 11am till 4pm - more details on

SUNDAY 13th NOVEMBER at 7.30pm Tickets £8
The Churchfitters
Unique and energetic! A fast-paced show uniting folk and jazz rhythms with the universal appeal of traditional music. Fresh original songs as well some traditional - but all 'Fitted-up' the Churchfitters way. Outstanding vocals and an astonishing array of instruments including fiddle, double bass, bouzouki, flute, sax, guitar, banjo and even a musical saw! All delivered with a large dose of humour, a measure of eccentricity and an abiding sense of fun.
Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention and Cropredy Festival said: 'The most musically inventive quartet I've seen in decades - they blew the crowd away!'


We have more Artsreach events due in the New Year. Details will be sent nearer the time.

The Artsreach Programme for the whole of Dorset can be seen at
and you can join the Artsreach mailing list (for all events in Dorset) at

Stephen Yeoman
on behalf of Studland Village Hall

Jurassic Coast Pathfinder Report

The Jurassic Coast Pathfinder Project Steering Group have put together the final report on the Jurassic Coast Pathfinder project. This report to Defra evaluates the project activities and makes recommendations back to central government relating to coastal communities adapting to coastal change. Reference is made to the new Swanage Coastal Change Forum that is currently being set up, to look carefully at the issues that face Swanage in the future.

PayPal spoof

A word of warning. I've been getting lots of emails purporting to come from PayPal, saying my account needs verification, directing me to a very plausible-looking website. But it's all a spoof ('phishing') to get my account details. Apparently, if PayPal DO want to contact anyone, they will always use your name, not just 'Dear PayPal Member'. Watch out! Ditto, watch out for similar notifications from banks, building societies, etc: anyone who wants your card details. Always worth phoning to check.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Police 'non-urgent' telephone no (101)

Dorset Police activates 101 number for non-urgent calls

Police in Dorset have activated a phone number for non-emergency calls.

Members of the public can call 101 to contact the police to report less urgent crime and disorder or to speak to local officers.

You can still call the local Dorset number: 0120 - 222 2222

Or even Swanage police station (if amyone's there): 422004

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A-Z Health and Care Market Place (Sat 24 Sept)

A-Z Health and Care Market Place

10:00am - 12:00pm, Saturday 24th September, Mowlem Community Room


The Friends of Swanage Medical Practice, Swanage Senior Forum and Dorset POPP (Partnership for Older People Projects) have worked together to provide a forum for Health and Social Care services in Swanage.

Come and meet your GPs, Youth Club Workers, Children's Centre staff, Swanage Community Hospitial staff (including Minor Injuries Unit team), District Nurses, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellors, Advisors on drug and alcohol mis-use - to name but a few - who will be available to talk to you about how they provide care and support to our community.

Dorset POPP have kindly sponsored this event to enable us to bring together over 20 different services from statutory to voluntary to retail.

You may not need these services right now, but in the future they will still be there for you - now is the time to learn about them !

Refreshments available.

Health & Care Market Place
(for everyone from babies to senior citizens)

The Community Room, the Mowlem
Saturday 24th September
10.00 to 12.00

Do not miss this chance to speak to over 21 providers of
Health & Care Services in Swanage

Coffee/Tea + Cake £1

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scuba challenge sunk for this year

Scuba challenge over for this year:

Getting the Mowlem moving

The 50/50 Club: a new initiative for Swanage’s Mowlem Theatre

There is determination and passion amongst the residents of Swanage to resurrect the fortunes of the Mowlem Theatre, an institution that for some considerable time has been lagging behind some of its more illustrious neighbours…however, fuelled by a desire to stand up and do something, all of this is about to change…

Swanage Resident Dave Taylor has come up with a plan to try and raise the funds necessary to try and tempt national circuit acts to the Mowlem. Before moving to Swanage Dave ran a Comedy Club in London and also worked with some of the country’s leading comedians and entertainers; he has become a well-known figure in the area after introducing the hugely popular Swanage Comedy Festival in conjunction with the Swanage & Purbeck Hospitality Association.

At a recent meeting, the Theatre Trustees declared that they had no funds available to pay guarantees to acts, meaning that it would be unlikely to attract names to the theatre. A cunning plan was then devised. Fifty people invest £50 each to raise cash to finance more professional shows at The Mowlem. The campaign was launched just one week ago via Facebook and other Social Networking sites and a meeting was held in Swanage on Wednesday 14th September at The Rock-a-Hula lounge above the East Bar…
”The level of interest and the numbers attending was extremely encouraging” said Dave as around 40 people came along to support the venture and pledge or pay their £50. The concept and plan was enthusiastically received by the meeting and the only concerns voiced were towards how the idea would be perceived by the’ Mowlem Trustees, none of whom were able to attend the meeting…
However Dave managed to convince the attendees of the Trustees support, in principle, of this plan and that everyone has the same goals and objectives, namely a vibrant and successful community theatre, well equipped and managed, offering shows and events that people want to see.

Dave said “with the pledges of support made tonight and previously, we have a proposal that has been enthusiastically embraced by the people of Swanage. We will invest this money wisely and attempt to bring shows to Swanage that people will enjoy and appeal to a wide audience. Any profit made from the shows will be reinvested in future shows and also in buying much needed equipment for the Theatre. This will benefit all users of the Mowlem and help the Trustees to provide a theatre and equipment the Community can be proud of.”

With Dave’s passion and enthusiasm, ably supported by his newly elected Committee and the determination of the people of Swanage it seems as if the future for the Mowlem Theatre might be looking just a little brighter…

For more information or to join the 50/50 Club please visit or Contact Dave Taylor on 07412 072214

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Comedy Festival 22,23,24 September

Thursday 22nd September – John Otway at the RBL – YES THAT JOHN OTWAY!! And only £10


Saturday 24th September – SUN SEA & STAND UP – An Englishman, Irishman & Scotsman come to Swanage….3 VENUES 3 GREAT ACTS ONE UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT!! £13 for advance tickets at the RBL and Bay View - £18 including return travel to Harmans Cross from Swanage and Corfe on the COMEDY EXPRESS!!

also there is an ALL VENUES ticket option at just £30 for all 3 shows (£35 including train travel) Tickets on sale at the TIC Shore Road, On Line at and all venues

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Purbeck Film Festival 14-29 October

The Festival runs from Friday 14th to Saturday 29th October 2011. More info via link above.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Affordable business premises

Affordable town/village business premises

Is anyone else finding it a problem to find start up business premises? Is this similar to the housing situation, in that there is plenty of it, but there is very little that is affordable.

Asking around quickly we have come across a number of people who are looking for premises to run a business from.

How big is this problem ?? It seems there is a need for start up business/workshops/farm buildings/barns, that could include a range of business uses.

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 12/9/11 6:36 PM

Rainbow Kebab Licence extension

Anonymous has left a new comment :

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Rainbow Kebab Licence extension

I note the number of responses has reduced to over 150 down to 146. Censorship ?

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 12/9/11 6:20 PM

New Subject

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Burngate Centre Autumn Craft Fair 17/18 Sept

Burngate Stone Carving Centre

Autumn Craft Fair - Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th

Open daily - 10am to 5pm

Local art & craft, Demonstrations, Exhibition of sculpture, Family carving sessions, Cream teas and light refreshments & Car parking available.
Posted on 05 Sep 2011

Friday, September 09, 2011

Mowlem's future

There is a movement to try and help the Mowlem! It's called the Swanage 5050 club. There is a meeting on the 14th Sept at the East Bar at 7.30pm.

More info can be found here
Would be great to see some local support for this initiative.


Grants available

De Moulham Trust (Charity No. 1049323)
Grant Applications Invited
The De Moulham Trust invites applications for projects with a charitable purpose that will benefit the inhabitants of Swanage.
The Trust operates two funding streams. Applications for sums not exceeding £1,000 will be assessed at the Trust’s quarterly meetings, the deadlines for which are 28th February, 31st May, 31st August and 30th November.
Applications from those seeking grants in excess of £1,000 but not exceeding £50,000 will be determined twice annually and should be received not later than 31st October for the Trust’s December meeting, and 30th April for the Trust’s June meeting.
Further information and application forms can be accessed on the Town Council website or by contacting the Clerk to the Trustees, Town Hall, High Street, Swanage, Dorset BH19 2NZ.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bournemouth Arts Festival 3 Sept - 15 Oct

Concerts, theatre, dance, shows... things for adults and children, many events free.
Check out the link for more info

Monday, September 05, 2011

Purbeck Core Strategy changes/consultation

The revised Core Strategy document showing recent changes is out for comments. Copies in library/town hall and online.

Panorama Rd recycling centre

Title: Closure of the current rubbish tip

Does anyone else think it would be better to use the current rubbish tip site as a car park for visitors and locals to use to park and walk along the coastline and enjoy the countryside rather than just filling it all in and fencing it off like the old tip was when that was closed?

All they would have to do is remove the fencing and the rubbish containers to turn it into a car park.

Posted by Swanage Resident to swanageview at 5/9/11 11:41 AM

Wareham road closure (Sept 19th for 5 weeks)

A five-week A351 closure will be imposed 24-hours-a-day between the Baker’s Arms and Holton Heath roundabouts, forcing traffic to make a lengthy detour through Sandford, across Wareham Forest’s B3075 and back onto the A35.

The closure comes into force on September 19.

Posted by BrambleBayFerryplc to swanageview at 5/9/11 1:24 AM

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Friends of the Mowlem

Update - about 60 people attended the recent 'special' meeting. Many new faces. It was lively and positive. Everyone agreed that the one aim in common is to support and encourage the Mowlem to thrive and succeed for the Community of Swanage. Following the meeting there was an opportunity for refreshments and informal networking. Many skills were offered: Catering, hospitality, networking, marketing, interior design, music, public relations, design consultancy, education, web design, journalism, business, graphic design. It was suggested that another meeting of the friends, trustees and community together should be arranged soon.

It would also be great to encourage the younger people to the next meeting so that their voices and ideas can be heard too.

Watch this space! Please people don't waste time, on here with negative responses, life is too short.

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 2/9/11 10:12 PM