Saturday, September 03, 2011


Friends of the Mowlem

Update - about 60 people attended the recent 'special' meeting. Many new faces. It was lively and positive. Everyone agreed that the one aim in common is to support and encourage the Mowlem to thrive and succeed for the Community of Swanage. Following the meeting there was an opportunity for refreshments and informal networking. Many skills were offered: Catering, hospitality, networking, marketing, interior design, music, public relations, design consultancy, education, web design, journalism, business, graphic design. It was suggested that another meeting of the friends, trustees and community together should be arranged soon.

It would also be great to encourage the younger people to the next meeting so that their voices and ideas can be heard too.

Watch this space! Please people don't waste time, on here with negative responses, life is too short.

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The Postman said...

Other good suggestions included:
- make Trustee meetings open to the public
- increase the number of trustees (currently only 5 out of possible 12)
- have trustees with some experience of promoting acts and with skills in marketing/advertising/pr
- look to revenue from good/popular acts to fund the Mowlem. Yes, a risk, but has to be the way forward
- improve publicity to ensure maximum awareness (possibility illuminated displays on Station/Shore Rd)
- improve presentation/appearance of ground floor windows/lobby
- ensure adequate equipment for acts

Baggy said...

Have a look at how The Exchange in north Dorset operates - self-funding and run mainly by volunteers.

High-profile acts share the calendar with locals.

Anonymous said...

This sounds really good, but was anything positive said about the bars?

David Furmage said...

Revamp the whole outside and make it more appealing to the eye , and bring back the popcorn machine;)

Anonymous said...

Getting a group of people together to arrange events at the Mowlem is the way ahead. Getting bogged down in running the building is futile. They are different functions and it would be a mistake for energy to be diverted to administrative things. That said, the trust needs to be reminded of the standard of support users are entitled to expect.

Anonymous said...

A cinema without the smell of popcorn in the foyer really isn't a cinema.

Lesley said...

Postman, fourth comment, it looks like there is a movement to try and fund good/popular acts. It's called the 5050 Club and there is a meeting to progress the idea. All invited.
more info here