Making comments/adding subjects

Although it may be a shame to limit the possible value of this site by restricting what can be said, it seems only proper that no comments/posts should be made that could be considered libellous. While it can be difficult to prove libel, and to act against those who make such comments, especially if made anonymously, it's only fair to err on the side of caution. Please avoid making any comments that are defamatory, malicious or untrue, whether about individuals or businesses. I'll add racist to that list, too. If you wish to make a comment that might stray into this area, please phrase it in such a way that does not make specific allegations against identifiable individuals or businesses. In future, any comments that are, or may be, potentially libellous will be deleted. [5 June: given the increase in unpleasant comments, I think it's time to try to ensure everyone uses an identifiable name, so at least people may have a sense of whether comments are coming from one individual or many. We'll see how it goes, and I apologise if it causes any difficulties, but you can blame the bitter b****** out there.