Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Boats in the bay

There is nothing nicer than on a sunny day walking down to the beach and seeing lot of boats moored in the bay. But lately they seem to try to get as close as possible to the beach, to show off I supose with all their other film star mates, and avoid paying for parking. I believe there should be some kind limit as to how far they can come in, and for a I know there might even be one.
For starters there are people who do not want to swim in the cordoned off safety area, where kids should be able to enjoy the sea safely, and constantly look out for incoming boats, secondly t oil and fuel leakage from boats no matter how small,there is alwaysa film of it on the surface and you can smell it, bottles, plastic bags etc dumped or blown over the side and more importantly the boats have ships toilets. You just use the loo and the waste is not treated and just dumped into the sea. I know that happens if they were moored further out and the tides would bring it in but it just seems so needless. All this for the "Hey, look at me!" factor somebody fetch in law to ban this.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A&E to close at night (Consultation)

The A&E service (aka 'minor injuries unit') at Swanage Hospital is scheduled from the Autumn to no longer offer an 'after hours' service between 10 pm and 8 am. In the interim, there is a public consultation period, so please make your views known if you have any. Consultation runs from Monday 25th June to Monday 17th September.

There will also be a public meeting on Wednesday 4 July from 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm at the Mowlem.

You may download the full consultation document at www.dorset-pct.nhs.uk Click on the 'Have your say' section.

Then comments to: consultation@dorsetpct.nhs.uk

Friday, June 22, 2007


What's up at Purbeck District Council?
The Chief Executive has had a heart attack and is understandably below par. We hear the Deputy Chief Exec has left, as has the Head of Legal Services. There is still no Conservation Officer. Now it seems they are looking for a new Tourism Officer and Clean Neighbourhoods Officer.
Why don't they like working in the beautiful Purbecks?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Parish Assembly

what happened at the parish assembly? nothing seems to have been published anywhere.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Twelve quid

For research purposes, I need to know what you can get in Swanage for £12. I'll start you off:
A taxi to Norden
4 pints of Guinness
3 days sun lounger hire on the beach

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ye Olde Pier Head Drawings

Just for fun here are a few of the older plans put before the planning officers in Wareham. They span about 20 years. I think you can enlarge the images by clicking on them (NB use your back button to return the the blog if you do). None were deemed to be suitable for the Pier Head site.

Taxing the elderly and disabled

This week the British Healthcare Trades Association announced the introduction by the European Community of a 10% import tax on mobility scooters. Previously classified for customs purposes as "carriages for disabled persons", mobility scooters are now treated as "motor vehicles for the transport of persons". The tax – at the rate of 10% - has been backdated for three years, causing some importers to fold and seriously damaging other.

The money is being collected by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and paid direct to the EC, less an amount deducted for their expenses.The immediate result has been for the price of mobility scooters to increase by up to 25%, as importers seek to recover the backdated tax demanded by the government, estimated at £10 million.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Subscribe to swanageview?

I have experimented with something (feedburner) which I think should mean that, if you follow the 'subscribe to swanageview' link at the bottom of the page, you will be emailed if there are any new posts. Can you let me know a/if this works b/any advice to improve

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Council Tax

With a view apparently to establishing how our council tax should be spent, PDC has asked town and parish councillors to pick just 5 things that:

'are most important in making somewhere a good place to live'
and 'five things that most need improving' from the list below.

- access to nature
- activities for teenagers
- affordable decent housing
- clean streets
- community activities
- cultural facilities
- education provision
- facilities for young children
- health services
- job prospects
- the level of crime
- the level of pollution
- the level of traffic congestion
- parks and open spaces
- public transport
- race relations
- road and pavement repairs
- shopping facilities
- sports and leisure facilities
- wage levels and local cost of living
- other ??
- any other comments

What are your 5 priority answers to each question?
(I personally don't like such surveys, for they can be used to say "people didn't think such and such was important", but what can you do if you can only choose 5 out of 21 things?)

Friday, June 08, 2007


A recent thread asked what other festivals Swanage could consider, surely a comedy festival would be a great success, and I'm sure many of the contributors to the Swanage forums would go down a storm. Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 11:03 PM

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Clean up Swanage

I had the feeling that Swanage has been a pretty nice place to be on Fri and Sat evenings of late.
Seems the police have been rounding up the underage drinkers. Cheers for that! Have a drink on me. Anon!obcsyksz
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Monday, June 04, 2007

Olympic brand

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said: "This is a truly innovative brand logo that graphically captures the essence of the London 2012 Olympic Games - namely to inspire young people around the world through sport and the Olympic values. The brand, designed by Wolff Olins, has been targeted at the young people the organisers hope will get involved. It is a deliberate change from previous Olympic logos, which often feature an image from the city. Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell said: "This is an iconic brand that sums up what London 2012 is all about - an inclusive, welcoming and diverse Games that involves the whole country. It takes our values to the world beyond our shores, acting both as an invitation and an inspiration.This is not just a marketing logo, but a symbol that will become familiar, instantly recognisable and associated with our Games in so many ways during the next five years."

(Not Swanage I know, but a reminder: anyone got any ideas how Swanage might be able to benefit from people coming to the Olympics, especially those coming to the sailing in Weymouth?)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Help to store mobility scooter

Steve Darrington writes:I wonder if anybody could help please?
There's a lady with a mobility scooter who needs somewhere to garage it for six weeks while work is going on that will block where she usually stores it.Access would need to be on the flat for her to get out of a taxi and walk to it, and she would only require use during normal business hours.I know how desperate I would be if I couldn't use my mobility scooter in June and July, so perhaps some kind person with a corner in their garage, factory or workshop could help out?
Calls to me on 01929 422338. Thank you.

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