Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Smash and Crab

Has anyone else heard that there are two cash points in Swanage where frauds have taken place and people have had their accounts cleared of money?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pier Head Update

***Planning Officer savages new plans
(see page 16) at:
***Swanage Town Council have recommended approval: On June 9th the Parish Council discussed the proposals, and without a single vote against, recommended PDC should pass the plans.
***South West Design review Panel: Purbeck District Council referred the application to the prestigious South West Design Rewiew Panel. You can read their report at:www.pierhead.plus.com/SWAP.htm

Dead Easy at The Mowlem

'Dead Easy' - The Premier of a new play at the Mowlem, running 10-15th July, by west end theatre playwright Jeremy Paul. Tickets on sale at box office or at the Advertiser Commercial Lane.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Swanage Residents Assn 17May minutes

Swanage Residents' Association
Meeting held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 17th May in Catholic Hall, Rempstone Road

1. The SRA Chairman, John Leach, chaired the meeting. Committee members present were: Stewart Borrett, Robert Owen, Rowland Hughes, Councillor Colin Bright and Councillor Mike Hadley; Apologies: Councillor Cherry Bartlett, David Price-Hughes, and Mr. & Mrs.Postlethwaite

2. Pier Head development
Barry Chapman (Architect) and Nick Storer presented new design proposals
for the site. BC explained their awareness of the importance of the site for Swanage and their desire to develop a building that harmonised with existing buildings and the landscape while looking forward to the future in terms of design, function and materials. He explained how the Old Rookery would remain unchanged; how the roof line would be lower than that of the Rookery (and of the previous scheme); that the intention was to provide retail/accommodation units that could offer life/work balance and entertainment opportunities for the community in the form of restaurants and a gallery.
Questions raised (and answers provided) included:
Q - How can architect dictate use of building? A - Only by making top floors more attractive for living environments
Q - How can architect avoid glare from roof? A - Aware of issue, will consider materials carefully to provide matt effect.
Q - How can architect avoid light pollution, from a building with so much glass? A - Aware of the issue, roofs will overhang to prevent upward light loss; hope to exploit technology, such as photo-voltaic opaque glass to function as blinds
Q - How this scheme better than previous? A - better sight lines from and around all points; no turrets (disliked by some); slightly smaller footprint; slightly less accommodation; less overlooking
Q - What about Rowing Club? A- Tried to accommodate, but not able to. Believe they are still exploring possibilities across the road.

3. Annual Report
John Leach explained actions of last year were largely detailed in latest edition of the newsletter "The Independent". Two meetings held last year: one with PC Clapp about policing in Swanage; one attempting (unsuccessfully) to clarify the position of the Town Partnership. He also explained he had written a number of letters on behalf of the SRA: about wheelie bins; Seacourt development; the Grammar School; Dorset schools; Ambulances; Advertising 'A' boards; the Swanage Partnership

He noted the same problem of lack of volunteers to join the committee.

4. Treasurer's Report
JL noted that copies of last year's Accounts were available at the meeting, and summarised that there had been a net deficit over the year of £425 (Income: £1023, Expenditure (mainly newsletters; meeting advertising and halls): £1448.52), which it is hoped would be remedied by the modest increase in membership to £3. Balance: £1481.44 JL thanked Rachel Kerley for her continuing efforts - and repeated her plea for someone to take on this role. There were no takers.

5. Election of Officers
As constitutionally required, JL resigned his office. Only to be nominated again, and to accept. Other officers were asked if they were prepared to be re-elected, agreed, and were.

6. Minutes of the Open Meeting 17 October 2005
Minutes circulated at this meeting, and have also been published on www.swanageresidents.org.uk and www.swanageview.co.uk, as well as
circulated to all committee members. Many of the topics addressed have been covered in the Independent newsletter.

Matters arising:

Parish Plan (Swanage & Community Partnership): JL noted he has attended Partnership meetings, but remains disappointed at the lack of communication and the public reporting on progress. Was told by Chairman no report would be published until the end of 2006.The meeting discussed the apparent confusion on funding. Councillor Colin Bright reported that at the last meeting, the Chairman, Ann Faulkner had said quite categorically, that funding was to cease and was "unlikely to continue beyond December" Yet at the recent Parish Assembly, the Town Clerk had been adamant that government funding would continue, as would Town Council support (in terms of rooms/admin). It
was suggested that the confusion might be owing to one tranche of funding ending in December, although more should be forthcoming. John Wootton also asked what the money had been spent on (referring to figures that have been suggested of about £40,000)?

The Association will continue to try to establish what is going on.

7. Activity of Residents' Association?
JL noted that there had been some responses to the question raised about how active the Association should be, and asked for more responses before people left (via the ballot box provided).

8. Alcohol license application, premises in Lower High Street
Robert Owen raised the matter of an off-sales application for a small take-away snack bar opposite Jenkins, seeking a licence to sell alcohol until midnight. He argued that this was unnecessary and could only lead to trouble, in an area that already suffers considerably. There was discussion about the fact that licensing is now in the hands of the Purbeck District Council. Councillor (and District Councillor) Colin Bright pointed out that government's recent law change presumes that any premises may have an alcohol licence unless there is good reason why it may not. Robin Brasher noted there are four key criteria for rejection: the prevention of harm to children; the prevention of public nuisance; the prevention of crime and disorder; and public safety. Councillor Mike Hadley also noted that (as acting Mayor Gary Suttle had said at the Parish Assembly) apparently the law provided for greater notice to be taken by anyone objecting to any problems arising.

There seemed to be general consensus that Robert Owen may indicate to the Purbeck Task Group that the SRA has concerns about this application.

9. AOB
a/ Civic Service Sunday 25th June 2006 at St Mary's Church. Please advise JL if wish to attend
b/ Beach Opening: Councillor Colin Bright reported that there was to be an official "beach recharge" ceremony in the area of the Ocean Bay Restaurant, at 10.30 am, Saturday 27 May.
c/ Bay View Caravan Park: Robin Brasher reported that the restaurant had applied for a licence to sell alcohol between 8 am and 12 midnight. Councillor Colin Bright noted that this function was now no longer operated by Swanage Town Council.

10 Next meetings:
Committee meetings: TBA
Quarterly meetings: TBA

11 Thanks
John Leach thanked (16 or so) residents for coming (despite the rain and a football match) and thanked Phylis Denton and her daughter for preparing refreshments.
Minutes: Mike Hadley (E&OE!)

Ballot box result!!
1) Should the Residents Association be - more aggressive 1 vote
2) Should the Residents Association be - much the same 10 votes
3) Should the Residents Association be - less active 0 votes
Above from over 300 questionnaires sent out.

24 June Auction for Britcat & Childline

Raffle and auction at the RED LION on sat 24th june 830 (ish) in aid of Britcat and the Childline appeal, I'm sure all the support would be appreciated.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Pier Head Update

***Planning Officer savages new plans (see page 13) at:

***Swanage Town Council have recommended approval: On June 9th the Parish Council discussed the proposals, and without a single vote against, recommended PDC should pass the plans.
***South West Design review Panel: Purbeck District Council referred the application to the prestigious South West Design Rewiew Panel. You can read their report at:

Friday, June 16, 2006

By-election results

The results for the by-election to elect replacements for the Conservative councillor who was disqualified:

Purbeck District Council: Swanage South
BARTLETT, Cherry Ann
Labour Party Candidate

CHENNELL, Anita Irene
Liberal Democrat

PRATT, Michael William
The Conservative Party Candidate
642 Elected

Swanage Town Council: Swanage South

CHENNELL, Anita Irene
Liberal Democrat

HOLMES, Thomas Henry
Labour Party Candidate

TURNER, Alison
The Conservative Party Candidate
673 Elected

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Proposed road changes

In case you missed this in the last Council newsletter ---
As part of an annual review, a number of potential major road changes are being proposed. Included are proposals to reverse the traffic flow in Church Hill, reducing the length of the loading bay in Institute Road and making Horsecliff Lane (adjacent
Residents’ car park) into a one-way system.
Of the proposals, the reversing of traffic using Church Hill has been discussed for many years. The benefits have been observed on carnival day when the temporary arrangements allow easy access to the whole of
south Swanage, obviating the need to go through Town. This has huge implications
for those living in this area and those attempting to get to the hospital or to Durlston. In an attempt to free up traffic in the town centre, particularly
emergency vehicles, reducing the length of the loading bay is aimed discouraging
use by private cars in favour of HGV deliveries. The proposals in Horsecliff Lane are necessitated by the large number of drivers disobeying
the “No Entry” sign and entering the Recreation Ground car by ignoring the one-way section of road.
All comments and feedback on these proposals should be directed the Town Council either in writing to the Town Hall or via a Comments link on the council's website: http:www.swanage.gov.uk

Swanage Residents Assn newsletter

Latest (May) issue of the Swanage Residents' newsletter can be downloaded at:


Monday, June 12, 2006

SW Coast Path -icon?

Want to vote to give "icon status" to the South West Coast Path (from Minehead, Somerset, to Poole Harbour,including 95 miles of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tony's 20 Deceptions

Tony's 20 Deceptions
Originally posted by RobO.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Pound

Do you realize this piece of paper, now a coin, which I understand you used to be able to exchange at the Bank of England for 16 ounces of gold is worth in real terms about a Farthing? (gold=£338/lb)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

PDC booklet

We are all due to receive through the post a new 16 page trumpet-blowing publication About Purbeck from PDC.
It's costing £24,000 a year for three issues.
That's £8,000 an edition. To tell us...well not really very much.
Remember when you receive it...and before you heave it into the (recycling) bin that it's cost you 40 pence to get it (whether or not you want it).
For that it appears you get some pretty pictures. A claim that the beach recharge at Swanage was completed right on schedule (not what I heard). The thoughts of Councillor Trite. The names of councillors, though not of course for the vacant seat at South Swanage, but no numbers or e-mail addresses (the advice is look on the website....but if you have access to the internet you'd already be able to know all this info and much more).
Trite says the aim is of what he calls a magazine...something of an overstatement when it's nothing more than a glossy newsletter .... "is to keep you, the resident, fully informed of what's happening in the District, keep you updated
on the latest developments to our services and tackle relevant local issues in a bit more detail".
So we get a page on fairtrade, that's really relevant don't you think, and even more on recycling, and something about fixed penalties for littering (when the sensible view is that's going to be another new labour initiative which fails to deliver, but costs you all dearly).
Oh and there's something about the preposterously costly heritage centre in the square, but we know all that already, and there's advertising about the sports centre.
Keeping residents informed about the sports centre is obviously an important part of local democracy for such a committed effective consumer-focused organisation as PDC (uhh?). That's what it claims.
And yes. I have a suggestion about improving it.
Scrap it.
Save the money.
Allow me to keep that £1.20 in my pocket.
And explain to me why in 10 years my council tax has gone up nearly three times and I seem to be getting less for it than I was then.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Recycling gone mad!

Things could be worse in Purbeck!

Donna Challice, a 30-year-old single mother of three from Devon, England, has appeared in court accused of failing to recycle her household waste properly. Mrs Challice was being prosecuted for 'contaminating recyclable rubbish' under the Environmental Protection Act. She has now been released on bail and will next appear on 5 June for a pre-trial review.

The Environmental Protection Act specifically states which types of recyclable items must be cleaned and placed in which containers on which days. Mrs Challice has been accused of putting items in the wrong bins on six separate occasions over the last year. She claims that the rules are confusing and that any offence that she may have committed was completely by accident.

Arthur Dimson, director of Waste Disposal for the Exeter City Council has dismissed Mrs Challice's claim saying that: "It's quite simple really. On the second and fourth Monday of each month, plastics go in the red bins and aluminium in the blue bins. On the first and third Tuesdays of each month - providing there has already been a first Monday, paper goes into the red containers and other non-aluminium metals go into the blue containers. If there hasn't been a first Monday, the schedule is pushed back a week. On alternating Wednesdays, glass goes into the red cans and miscellaneous recyclable refuse goes into the blue cans. On Thursdays, non-recyclable refuse may be put into either the red or blue receptacles. All discards must be washed except clothing - which may be either washed or dry-cleaned depending upon the fabric - and paper. Paper with coloured printing should only be placed in the red cans on the first Tuesday of each month. Paper with only black ink may be placed in the red containers on any other qualifying Tuesday. On weekends the bins are to remain empty for cleaning. These rules are all posted on the bottom of each recycling bin. So it's not as if people have to memorise them." He added: "Mrs Challice could wait until the weekend and look in the bottom of the empty bin to refresh her memory on the rules."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heritage Centre loos?

Why are the toilets on the Parade next to the Heritage centre shut? This is a very busy weekend. Its disgusting that the local authority charge to use the loo at all, but not maintaining the service for whatever the reason is beyond belief.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

National Veterans' Day 6 June?

This year, June the 6th will be 62 years since D Day when the British landed on "Gold beach and Sword Beach"

But with the added interest this year, the first time that the 27th of June will be the National Veterans Day.
I wonder if Swanage will be doing soemthing?
Does anyone know of any plans to celebrate the first National Veterans Day?
Brian Guy

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 6/01/2006 10:13:55 PM