Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lord Jim

Turkey gonna vote for Xmas!

Lord Jim


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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rowing Regatta Saturday 29th

Swanage Sea Rowing Club has organised a Regatta in Swanage bay on Saturday 29th. I tried to find out more on their website, but couldn't see anything...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shore Road (access)

Slightly off topic ... yesterday we were on the Shore Road, the closed part, as ambulances tried to get access to a woman who had fallen / was taken ill.

The paramedic car could not get through locked gates at the North end, and when the ambulance arrived it had to drive up on the pavement behind the seating shelter to get access to this road section.

The patient was clearly a hospital case and what if she had suffered a heart attck or worse?

Please do not mention 'the road remains clear for emergency and other vehicles' in the first reply ... what about an accident waiting to happen on Shore Road. The Council could be in very deep water, maybe they will be ... this is, after all A ROAD and a very densly populated tourist location likely to lead to emergencies!!!

Surely a key is available for these situations, but as the Police were about as well, I guess it is not known by the emergency services where it can be obtained?

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Alan Leeson

Alan Leeson is now Clerk of Studland Parish Council.

Found on another blog.

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Peveril Point Parking

After going down to Peveril Point last night I saw there are new signs on all the lamp posts saying that you can no longer park on the sides of the road unless you have a permit and you need to contact Alan Leeson at the town hall.

As these “signs” are just bits of paper taped to the lamp posts does anyone know if there are official parking restrictions in place or have the residents put them up?

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Blue badge parking

Perhaps someone needs to set me straight on this one, BUT people with blue disability badges seem to be parking all over the town, and in the most inappropriate places? Many a time the occupants of the vehicle jump out and set off on their way with aliments undetectable to me. It would help if far more double yellow lines had “no loading or unloading at any time” kerb markings (where double yellow lines actually mean what they say). What concerned me were the cars parked with blue badges along Victoria Avenue today. People were obviously attending the market, but could park with better access IN the car park. They just used their blue badges to avoid paying for parking in the car park. Also at the bottom of Seymer Road/High Street there is terrible congestation for similar reasons. AND why can’t someone stop the bikers parking all over the Quay at weekends? ps don’t ask me to help they could get rough!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swanage forum?

I see there is a new Swanage forum

Can I wish them every luck,

Regards Lucy x

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Allotment rumours.

STC are considering moving the allotments and Swanage Footy Club onto the Grammar school site.

Presumably this so they can sell the current site to raise money - if that's allowed.

The timing also seems a bit strange seeming as how PDC have id'd the site as possible for housing.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Subject

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Need money?

If you represent a non-profit making organisation in Swanage, have you seen the ad in the Advertiser offering grants of typically up to £1000 from the De Moulham Trust? For more information, look at the ad on page 15 of this week's (May 13) issue. Guidelines and application forms on the website:  or phone 01929 423636 or via email

Applications must be received by 4pm on 30th June.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oil slick?

Oil Slick In Swanage Bay?

There seems to be a nasty trace of oil amongst the seaweed just now. (Tuesday 11th May)

Has anyone else noticed the creamy streaks in the tide and on the beach?

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Skools bak on ahjender!

The people of Swanage - and surrounding area - hath spake!

They want change.

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Rowing Club clubhouse plans

There's a chance to see proposals for a new clubhouse, at an exhibition in the rear of the Town Hall. On today, Friday 7th until 6pm, and tomorrow, Saturday 8th May, between 9.00 and 11.00 am

Election results (Dorset South) and Purbeck District Council (Swanage South)

Name Party Votes      %     +/-
       Richard Drax                       Conservative 22,667       45.1     +7.1
       Jim Knight                       Labour 15,224       30.3     -11.4
       Ros Kayes                       Liberal Democrat 9,557       19.0     +3.2
       Mike Hobson                       UK Independence Party 2,034       4.0     +0.8
       Brian Heatley                         Green 595       1.2     +1.2
      Andy Kirkwood                       Movement for Active Democracy 233       0.5     +0.5
     Majority     7,443    14.8%
Turnout    50,310     68.1%   -1%

Purbeck District Council (Swanage South)

Gary Suttle (Cons): 1391
Mike Hadley (Lib Dem): 945
Max Stanford (Labour): 735

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bar Se7en

BAR SE7EN - formerly Victoria Club

Following a superb refurbishment to Bar Se7en at Number One Swanage High Street, the Sunday music sessions are set to start again soon.

The question is: what is the best time for them to be on, so that most people can come to enjoy them?

During 2009 the Sunday times were 5pm to 8pm; would people prefer 6pm to 9pm? or even a completely different time?

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Swanage LIVE!


The May issue of Swanage - Live! is now available at Printed copies can also be picked up from tourist information centres, participating venues and shops.

There are over 60 poster sites in and around Swanage, so that visitors to the area and residents can easily see what's going on.

Aimed initially at the thriving live music scene, Swanage - Live! is now expanding and other events can be advertised.

For more details and to submit your event, please go to Thank you.

Steve Darrington

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