Saturday, May 01, 2010

Swanage LIVE!


The May issue of Swanage - Live! is now available at Printed copies can also be picked up from tourist information centres, participating venues and shops.

There are over 60 poster sites in and around Swanage, so that visitors to the area and residents can easily see what's going on.

Aimed initially at the thriving live music scene, Swanage - Live! is now expanding and other events can be advertised.

For more details and to submit your event, please go to Thank you.

Steve Darrington

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanageview at 9:28 AM


Anonymous said...

My, we are a busy lad, eh Steve??

Own shares in this one, too??

Anonymous said...

What have you got against the guy???????????

Anonymous said...

In life there are people who do things and just do them for the satisfaction/love/ desire etc some do it for profit.

Which one Steve comes under, well you better ask him!

Anonymous said...

Seems like 8.36 is a bit of a jerk

Anonymous said...

Look, everyone has to make a living unless they just want to live on benefits of course which is pretty easy at present. There is no harm in making a living and providing entertainment etc.

Anonymous said...

There is no harm in making a living

Therin lies the problem one or two posters have. If Mr Daringtom said yes I make money out of the Music scene in Swanage I'm sure no one would give a toss, but its that underlying inpression that there is nothing in it financially.
And that it is all don FOC.

Anonymous said...

I wish Steve was making a lot of money from this but unfortunately he is not. What difference does it make? Its very strange to imply that there is something amiss if those in the arts actually try to make a living from it. Its the quality of what they do that matters and the more of their income that comes from their art the better.

Steve Darrington said...

"A busy lad"... I'm 60 years old, thanks for the compliment!

"Own shares in this one too"... Yes, I started this live music guide a year ago, have done all the work collecting information, designing, paid for a website, paid for the printing, have gone round distributing it and asking people to put it up, and have circulated it to national media - every month for a year.

Every copy is free - there is no charge to the public. All the costs are paid by me. For the last year all the event listings were put in for free, with no charge being made at all.

Some people have kindly contributed towards the costs by paying for adverts.

I recently asked all the venues, now that a year has passed, if they would mind contributing £1 a gig/line and nearly all have agreed willingly and been most positive in their support.

Why anybody should take issue with what I'm doing, I really do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Stick with it, Steve ... I've not seen you perform, but I've been on your website and you have a terrific pedigree.

I remember a left-handed guitarist you mentioned in one piece on there, Paul Henry, who I believe was the late Lonnie Donegan's guitar man? I played bass for many years in Swindon and Paul Henry stepped in for our line up a couple of times, nice chap, fantastic guitar player.

I am your age, and I know I couldn't hack gigging nowadays, so good luck to you and don't get disappointed by someone who is just causing mischief.


Anonymous said...

So again the completely refurbished “club” with no disabled access or toilets…

Steve Darrington said...

The original post drew attention to a free source of information about the thriving music scene in Swanage.

Anonymous said...

Who actually cares the motives for Steve advertising and plugging Swanage Live/Sundays at Bar Seven.

It's not hurting anyone and comments taking a dig at him are petty and pathetic