Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peveril Point Parking

After going down to Peveril Point last night I saw there are new signs on all the lamp posts saying that you can no longer park on the sides of the road unless you have a permit and you need to contact Alan Leeson at the town hall.

As these “signs” are just bits of paper taped to the lamp posts does anyone know if there are official parking restrictions in place or have the residents put them up?

Posted by Swanage Resident to swanageview at 3:21 PM


The Postman said...

I can confirm that this is an official and enforced parking scheme. The Council introduced it primarily to ensure that the road remains clear for emergency and other vehicles.

Anonymous said...

You mean so that you can park there unhindered, i believe you own a property there so you will have a permit.
Is this a council owned private road ? if so i guess they can do what they like and it will be enforced by town council employees not county council wardens.
If it is not a private road i would question the legality of this.

The Postman said...

The road is owned by the Town Council

Anonymous said...

Fair enough.
Will permits be issued to all local people on request?

Anonymous said...

If Alan Leeson's name is on the notice, is it still valid?

Anonymous said...

The Council doesn't own the road. The Council maintains it on behalf of the ratepayers of Swanage, who own it. Councils are far too grand sometimes. They are servants, not lords.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth does it belong to the town council and not DCC which is the highway authority? Its bad enough having the car parks owned by the parish council, but a road? Crazy

Surprised At Mis-sight! said...

Slightly off topic ... yesterday we were on the Shore Road, the closed part, as ambulances tried to get access to a woman who had fallen / was taken ill.

The paramedic car could not get through locked gates at the North end, and when the ambulance arrived it had to drive up on the pavement behind the seating shelter to get access to this road section.

The patient was clearly a hospital case and what if she had suffered a heart attck or worse?

Please do not mention 'the road remains clear for emergency and other vehicles' in the first reply ... what about an accident waiting to happen on Shore Road. The Council could be in very deep water, maybe they will be ... this is, after all A ROAD and a very densly populated tourist location likely to lead to emergencies!!!

Surely a key is available for these situations, but as the Police were about as well, I guess it is not known by the emergency services where it can be obtained?