Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swanage and Purbeck Hospitality Association

The Swanage and Purbeck Hospitality Association is currently recruiting new members.
If you own or run a business in the area and would like to be a part of this rapidly growing Association please visit: Alternatively call Sue Searle on 01929 475853 for a Membership Leaflet and application form    

Swanage Walking Festival 3-7 May

Purbeck offers something for everyone and the walks have been designed to show as much of the area as possible. Some include a pub lunch in a typical Dorset village, others a ride home on the steam train and one even offers a coastal cruise with lunch. The area is steeped in history, the Civil War ruin of Corfe Castle, the evacuated village at Tyneham and, of course, the unique geology of the area.
More information on:

Saturday, March 27, 2010



Latest update to where houses could be built.

Loads at Coombe, Herston, Cauldron barn, Grammar School .....

Good news tho', the ones proposed by a certain Mr Drax at the back of my parents house seem to have dissappeared.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mount Scar


The 'official' day to day history of Mount Scar - fascinating.

Sadly there doesn't seem to be a 'post' function.

For me it'll get really interesting around 1965.

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Monday, March 22, 2010


Does anybody know what's happening to dear old Peter Stickland's butchers shop?

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shells on the beach

A blow for tourism?

BBC reports: MP calls for Dorset mine sweep after 50s blast deaths

An MP who narrowly escaped death in an explosion that killed five friends has called for parts of Dorset's coast to be swept for mines. Robert Key told the Commons how he had a lucky escape in 1955 as a 10-year-old when he and some friends discovered an unexploded mine on a beach at Swanage. It blew up killing his friends who were trying to open what they thought was a tin of Spam, the MP for Salisbury said. Mr Keys told the story during a debate on a Bill to ban cluster bombs.
The Conservative MP, who served as a minister under John Major and is standing down at the election, said that at the time he and another friend were just metres away from the bomb when it exploded.
He told the Commons on Wednesday that the sea around Swanage beach could be used as a training ground for Royal Navy minehunters to detect 58 mines left unaccounted for following a clearance operation after World War II. "The issue of mine clearance, whether it is cluster bombs or cluster munitions, whether it is mines of any kind, the impact is the same on a child of 10 playing whether it is in Beirut or Swanage," he said."Now we have the technology, I would like to see minehunters - the Sandown class or equivalent - brought in, because now we can detect these things. "Perhaps in training, to sweep Swanage beach and the coast right around Bournemouth." Mr Key, 64, told MPs that about 20 children were playing on Swanage beach on Friday May 13, 1955, when one found a tin between some rocks. Thinking it was a can of Spam or "something really exotic", the boys began trying to open it. Mr Key said he and a friend "got bored", turned round and walked about 10 metres away. "We were blown into the sea and lived, five of my friends died," he added.
"Five British children, blown up by a British mine, on a British beach, within living memory - it was an extraordinary thing." When he later became a minister at the now-defunct Department of National Heritage, Mr Key asked the Imperial War Museum if they had any information about what had happened. Mr Key received a box of official papers about the tragedy They sent him a box of papers, which included the coroner's report from an inquest into the deaths. According to the documents, the beach had been cleared three times before being granted a clearance certificate in 1950, and the de-mining officer told the inquest he thought the mine had probably been washed ashore in a gale.
Insisting nobody was to blame, the officer had said: "As an expert I would have allowed boys to walk across the beach." But Mr Key said he had been "horrified" to discover that while 117 mines had originally been laid, just five were lifted in clearance. There was evidence that a further 54 had existed, but the remaining 58 were still unaccounted for. Describing himself and the other friend who escaped death as the "luckiest people alive", he called for the area off the coast to be searched again.

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[In case you're interested, I found this at Kimmeridge a few years ago. I reported it, was told it was probably a land mine that had fallen from the top. When I enquired later, I was told that it had been cordoned off, but by the time people came to dispose of it, it had gone. So if you see someone using a door stop that looks like this, watch out...! Mike ]

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bayview Caravan Park

Has the deal the Town struck to dispose of Bay View Holiday Park got a nasty sting in the tail?

I have learned that there are several conditions in the contract that might severely reduce the amount the council eventually receives. One condition is that up to 600,000 pounds each year will have to be returned to Darwin if it is prevented from raising the site fees by the Owners' powerful Association. That condition is for three years, so in theory as much as 1,800,000 pounds could be reclaimed by Darwin. And up to 50,000 pounds can be recovered by Darwin for legal costs it incurs in pursuing this.

Swanage's 7,250,000 sale price could be less if these rebates occur, as low as 5,400,000. And we don't know the sums that Swanage incurred in disposing the site, including legal and survey fees.

Questions should be asked.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Station area

Anonymous said...
We have always appreciated how pleasant Swanage is for visitors and residents alike. Lately we have observed a growing number of people congregating on the bench by the taxi office at the rail station. It appears alcohol is consumed at all hours of the day. Language is loud and profane. This is an area with a lot of foot traffic of all ages. Police drive by and community support officers do nothing, so I assume no laws are broken, but is this something we want to see on the increase in Swanage?

Lib Dem MP

Anonymous said...
Hi Mike I see the new Libdem PPC for Gravesham is a Porn Queen. Dont know what to say really. How does the selection process work? have you any views? Anna Arrowsmith AKA Anna Span!

Anonymous said...
As loads of our current MP's and Lords are thieves and liars, does it really matter?

Anonymous said...
As loads of our current MP's and Lords are thieves and liars, does it really matter? But surely if this is the case - which it is- newly appointed MP's -or PPC- should be whiter than white? Its no use complaining about whats gone on before than do nothing about it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Broadband/Phone problems?

I wonder how many other people have been experiencing broadband and telephone problems in this area. A number of people I know have, so now I am very suspicious that there is a really big BT line problem in the area that we have not been informed about. After a totally trouble free period for many years about January 3rd my broadband started to drop out intermittently and inconsistently- many times it was when I had an incoming or outgoing phone call- but not always. I have now spent HOURS with computer experts and my Broadband supplier, had my internal telephone wiring and filters checked out and the main socket moved and the wireless box hardwired etc.etc. and STILL there is a problem.
If we do find out that a large number of us are being affected in the same way then we can at least make case to BT. Many of us have spent a lot of money trying to solve the problems with computer and telpephone engineers. If it turns out that a lot of us have been affected by unnannounced work I will certainly want to take this up with BT. So please let me know if you are affected.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

New subject

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

New community hospital

There are evidently proposals afoot for a new community hospital in Herston, between Washpond Lane and the Emmanuel Baptist Church. I have only just found out about this, and would welcome input from anyone who knows anything. What does Swanage Hospital think? I am especially concerned that any investment in any development fully integrates all the various ideas that have been floating around — for a community centre, a wet-weather sports/leisure centre, the possible relocation of the Health Centre, the development of a 'conference centre' at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, the possible relocation of the Town Hall and the Tourist Office, and all sorts of other facilities. What mustn't happen is that investment is made in one thing, then people later realise that something else is wanted but it's too late because the money's gone. There's a briefing to councillors on 6th April, so we should know more then. And there's supposed to be (another) consultation on all these proposals in the summer, as part of the so-called 'Core Strategy'. Busy times.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The 10th Swanage Blues Festival 10 March

This weekend sees the 10th March blues festival in Swanage, with over 100 musicians performing over 40 concerts, all indoors and all free admission.

Full details are at

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bio Fuel Plant at Portland:!/wesaynope?v=photos

Bristol Council has recently turned a Bio Fuel (Palm Oil) plant station down. One of the main reasons because of the environmental impact on the Indonesion rainforests and loss of habitat.

Weymouth and Portland agreed with the Bio Fuel Plant for Portland because: 'The committee chairman warned the councillors that refusing permission would lead to an appeal, which could cost the council a lot of money and as a result other services might be put at risk. Ironic therefore that since getting permission, W4B has continued with its appeal against the refusal on the first application - which will of course cost the council money.'

The voting was 6 - 5 for granting permission. All 6 Conservative councillors voted for, all three Lib Dems, one Labour and the one Independent voted against.

Despite about 25 objectors speaking each for 3 minutes, a total of 860 objections received plus a last minute petition of Portland residents numbering around 400, Conservative councillors were resolute that:


2. the RSPO is a trustworthy organisation and will ensure the palm oil is sustainable

3. having a possible 22 local jobs and a bit more income from use of Portland port are more important than impacts on people living in palm oil producing countries, the air pollution imposed on people living in Portland itself including the nearby prison, on tourists who will have their enjoyment of the local area ruined, and the devastating effects of de-forestation on climate and biodiversity.

Approx 400 people marched at the weekend in protest, against this proposal. If you watched the Panorama documentary on Palm Oil, last Monday and also feel angry at the council agreeing to this application then contact www.N.O.P.E.

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Newton Knapp

Good news - who says we're always negative - work has restarted on the Newton Knapp development.

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Monday, March 01, 2010


"Mmmm.this original post was headed good news! It seems to have spiralled into a pit of eternal doom."

It was I who suggested this thread because I felt then as this poster does now.

I have placed over 100 posts in various threads of Swanageview since the New Year, and every one has been either positive, or contains constructive criticism, or where I have had to be strongly critical, I have explained my views and I have avoided rants or personal attacks, and have attempted to provide an alternative solution.

I have been surprised how even my light-hearted comments, aimed at providing a smile after some heated posts, are pounced upon! An example - in another thread I commented that it is a shame that we don't have Spitting Image any more - that politics has become too cynical. This provoked a lengthy response that seemed disproportionate to the quip. Oh well, that's the thing about blogs! I rarely respond to ranters; why feed their egos? And bloggers do have the right, after all. Free speech and all that.

What I (and the person I quote above) am concerned about is the negative image this blog may be producing about Swanage to the outside world; one gent asked whether Swanage is a good place to move to; what followed would certainly make me reconsider a move here; we may appear to be on the whole a grumpy and inward looking bunch of old farts. Maybe some of us are, but not all of us; perhaps this blog is a reflection of part of our community soul. I don't think so, but I may be wrong.

I ask: does posting our little petty secrets, fears, arguments and foibles online, for all of posterity to read, really help the image of Swanage?

If not, then, should this blog be moderated according to some sort of agreed standards, so that there is some control? The Echo does this, as do all newspapers. If readers feel this would inhibit some very useful free debate over town issues, I might suggest that a closed blog, for members who sign up via email address, would be the forum for this sort of vigorous debate, rather than this 'open to the world' forum, which is 'out there' for all and sundry to read - forever, by the way! The Owners Association at SBV have such a closed forum, and I can assure you it is a lively and provocative - and democratic - forum indeed - and therefore more productive!

Perhaps these questions could become a new thread.


£900 bill for dog mess

AN ELDERLY dog owner has been ordered to pay nearly £900 after failing to clear up after his pets.
The East Dorset District Council prosecution comes following a rise in nuisance dog fouling complaints in Bournemouth and Poole. Pensioner Dennis Hunt was fined £700 for two dog fouling offences. Magistrates also ordered him to pay £192.50 court costs.

Save James Day Home Action Group

Join us on Monday 01.03.10 at 18.50 hours at the Swanage Town Council Meeting, Town Hall, Swanage in order to let our councillors know their support is vital in this battle to maintain adequate residential care homes in Swanage.

Also on Wednesday 03.03.10 at 10am come with us to Dorset County Council, Dorchester when we meet the Cabinet of DCC to present the case on behalf of the people of Swanage for keeping the James Day Home open.

*For full details of transport ring
426127, 422304 or 425297.*

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