Monday, March 22, 2010


Does anybody know what's happening to dear old Peter Stickland's butchers shop?

Posted by Manuel to swanageview at 8:38 AM


The Postman said...

Yours for £145,000

Anonymous said...

A 1/3rd true!

As I understand it it's been split into 3. 1 bit - a flat - has already sold, then there's that bit above, and then there's the shop, with a 'backroom'.

The shop bit has been let, or so the sign on the window says.

Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

The flat has sold and somemone's working in the shop.

Anonymous said...

Sticklands is going to be a working studio and shop, run by a local artist/illustrator. Sorry no sausages!

Anonymous said...

I saw the poster in the window, but didn't mention it cuz I didn't know if it was connected with the new tenant, but if it is, then good luck to her.