Monday, February 28, 2005

Seafront franchises?

Is Swanage Town Council again to allow the hot dog/burger trailer to occupy the seafront area (once the wet weather shelter)? Is this put out to tender? Can anyone apply to run a business there?

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Weekly rubbish collections to stop

Under the banner of 'improving recycling' (goodo) Purbeck District Council has decided to scrap weekly rubbish collections, and instead go for making everyone in Purbeck have wheelie bins, with fortnightly waste collections.

The theory seems to be that this will focus people's minds on recycling more (to meet government targets- hurrah). But what about those people who have nowhere to keep a wheelie bin, and would have to leave it on the street or in front yards or gardens? What's that going to make our towns and villages look like? Does anyone care ? And what if you are at all frail? What if you would have to drag a wheelie bin through your house? What about holiday lets, who won't want to drag bins around? Just because this plan is 'A ' solution doesn' t mean it's the RIGHT solution, does it?

And a fortnight's accumulated kitchen waste! Oh, and it's going to cost everyone more - more than £3 on the average council tax.

So another decision slipped in without much of a chance for the public to have a say. Comments and questions to: Environmental Services (Customer Services Officer): pamelabrace@purbeck- Alternatively, a Recycle Helpline phone number is available on 01929 557279.

(More details on

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Royston Vasey anyone?!

I've been living in Swanage since July with my family. Everyone thought I was a grockle until November, always getting looks in shops. Hearing comments about grockles and wishing them gone from locals is always unsettling, I would imagine even more so if you are one. Now settled I'm fed up with hearing moans about how dead the town is in winter. It's a myth, I know because I see many walkers and climbers and daytrippers all the time, I used to be one, weekends are always buzzing. I say get over yourselves, and sell the town in winter. Shutting shops for a couple of months, whats that all about? Grockles are your livelihood, be nice to them.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Avoid phone scams

In case you didn't know already........

On answering the telephone you will hear a recorded message congratulating you on winning an all expenses paid trip to an exotic location.  You will then be asked to press 9 to hear further details.  If you press 9 you will be connected to a premium rate number that costs approximately £20 per minute.  (Even if you disconnect immediately after pressing 9, it will remain connected for a minimum of 5 minutes, costing you around £100.).  HANG UP ON ANY UNSOLICITED "FREE OFFER" CALLS.
 A missed call shows up on your mobile.  The number is 0709 020 3840.  The last four numbers may vary, but the first four numbers will stay the same.  If you call this number back, you will be charged £50 per minute.  BEWARE, DON'T CALL BACK NUMBERS STARTING WITH 0709

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Hunting ban

The Hunting ban, it is simply this:-
Who rules Britain? The Countryside alliance? The huntsmen, or the democratically elected MPs?
Simple, no nonsense choice. Who rules Britain?

Democracy? or Feudalism. The landowners? The huntsmen, or the person you elected?

If you decide that the hunting fraternity rules Britain? Then all that we fought and suffered for in the way of universal suffrage, is lost. Nothing to do with politics, it is a simple choice. Obey the law, or create chaos and anarchy, a chaos, that once started, could spread to others with an axe to grind, possibly, without bounds.

If red coated men and women on horses can ignore the law, then they set a precedence for a thousand other discontents! Think about it! For therein lies a breakdown of society as we know it.

There are many laws I loathe and detest, but I obey them. We fought against a dictatorial way of life, Are we “The British People” to allow others to circumvent the law, or the “Spirit of the law” that was enacted on a “Free” vote in ‘our’ Parliament and by our democratically elected MPs? Irrespective of their colour, or their party?

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

New Arts for Swanage.

I'd like to propose the setting up a fund for the development of new arts projects in Swanage. This would help those young artists who invariabley have to move away from the area to make their mark and also to help those practitioners who do stay and then have few resources for interesting new work. Although Dorset and Purbeck has its share of good amateur art this does not encourage those who are trying to do more than have fun. There is now a number of interesting new initiatives which could help provide money and resources. These include the Weymouth Olympic Bid, the Arts Council Activate Project in Dorset and, of course, The Jurassic Park stuff. All we have to do is to ask....

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Global warming?

Today the 14th of February in our garden, we have a young, newly fledged blackbird being fed by two parents.

That means they must have nested around Christmas. No mistake, the young bird still has the yellowish side to its beak, typical of newly fledged birds.
Dancing Ledge.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Beach recharge

On 11Feb we were given the latest...18 wooden groynes..sand recharge from dredging of Poole Harbour. So at least wooden groynes will satisfy many who were against rock. But high cost..£3.5 million, with PDC having to pay around £450,000 (us, through levy on Council Tax).

But still something seems not right (to me, at least). I thought most questions were deflected with evasive answers, such as ... oh, I'm sure they would have considered that point....and that one ... and people may have local knowledge, but we've had consultants study it ...and let's not re-visit the 'take away the banjo jetty' issue (why not?).

One question that I don't think has been asked is how feasible it would be to REPAIR the exisiting groynes.

And a number of people thought that the sea would take away any sand brought in (and might dump it back the following week). It may be that many people prefer wooden groynes to rock, if we have to something. But do we REALLY need anything on this scale? What about an ongoing schedule of maintenance, of the existing groynes, and of any damage that may occur to the seawall?

Ah well, any experts out there? [PS Why aren't meetings like this officially minuted, for the record and for the benefit of those who could not be there?]

Seafront - close?

Why on earth is the seafront not closed to traffic all year around?

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Jazz Festival

May I draw reader’s attention to the excellent web site:
Produced by the very talented Dean Storer
Fronting Swanage Jazz Festival 2005

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Swanage to Wareham road.

For years, we have had to put up with what are probably the worst roads in Dorset, Why? The cheap and shoddy laying of chippings is a disgrace, and very dangerous, hardly worthy of a “Third World Country” Let alone the main road into a seaside town in 2005, and indeed, the “Jurassic Park”

There can be no excuse, as the road out through the Wareham forest makes our main road look like a dirt track, All over Dorset, we find decent metalled roads, but here? It is like going back in time. A positive disgrace. Who is responsible for this terrible state of affairs?

Dancing Ledge.

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PDC - email contacts?

Some Purbeck District Councillors don't even have e-mail addresses! (even the chairperson of the planning board)

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Site value?

What is of interest, is to find out how many visitors there are to this site? Is it a valid means of communication with the local population? Or is it confined to just a few who are interested in computers?

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Sea Court development, Taunton Road

Originally uploaded by m.hadley.
Re-posting this on 5 April, following recent planning aplplication. I gather refused, so developers going to appeal again, sometime in May


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Swanage beach meeting Friday 11th Feb

Just a reminder ... (in case you don't see the last-minute ad in the Advertiser on 10th Feb)

Public Meeting at 7:30pm on 11th Feb 2005 at the Catholic Hall, Rempstone Road, in order for the Town Council to report progress and give an update on the 'beach recharge scheme'. Doors open from 7.15pm

Town Centre Redevelopment

A high proportion of Central Swanage is to be redeveloped. Plans were proposed some time ago for the former Silver Fish Grill and the adjacent building. These prompted Peter Hayman to look at redeveloping his bakery building in Commercial road. The Kings Bar is to be torn down and now there is a proposal to build houses on Queensbury Contractors builders yard in Kings Road East. No doubt other Commercial Road freeholders will want to beuild flats before long.

This all means that a high proportion of the centres employment land will become residential. This is the biggest change to the town centre since World War 2 and as faraas I can tell both town and district councils are blissfully unaware of the total scale of the changes.

This is an opportunity we will not see again for PDC to take the long view and work with the freeholders so we can have a properly integrated and planned development with shops, flats and workspace for the whole area involved, and with, hopefully, a regenerative effect on the remainder of Kings Road East and the High Street

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Traffic Wardens?

Further to the problem of disabled parking in Swanage,
can any one tell me what a traffic warden looks like? I am told there are some here? never seen one myself.

Dancing Ledge

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Autumn in Swanage

After the moan about disabled parking; its time for a giggle.

The Autumn Seaside Town.

The seaside town in Autumn, the saddest place on Earth.
Dirty deserted boats rocking, in their end of seasons berth,
Ice cream adverts, rained stained, and sadly out of place,
Flower baskets with dead plants, all lacking former grace.

Shiny rain swept streets, with muddy leaf choked gutters.
Here and there an old coffee carton, adding to the clutter.
The shop awnings noisy flapping, in the West wind gale.
White plastic bags that tumble, along the beachside trail.

Shop fronts all darkened now, just vacant empty panes,
On the shelf a left over gift, a heart, a silver copy chain.
The seas are iron grey and angry, sweeping up the sand,
Summers gone, now the gales, will drive across the land.

Children’s voices quiet now, around the ice cream stalls,
No kiddies play on golden sand, no anxious parents call.
Summer yearning, the heartbreak of that love struck girl,
No young men to watch, the girl’s windswept skirts that swirl

The painful teenage heartaches of summer, tearfully gone away.
See the dry Autumn leaves drifting, was all this just yesterday?
Now Autumn’s here, and from the East, comes an icy blast,
Let us all be thankful! the Grockles have all gone home at last.

Autumn in Swanage.
October 2004
By Dancing Ledge.
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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Power Cut problems?

Power Off
Has anyone else had PC problems since the electricity came back on early Sunday morning? I have two monitors down:-(

Posted by Anon 6 Feb

Disabled Parking

The position of the disabled parking places in the town become more farcical as time goes by, The places outside Barclays Bank for example are just about a silly a place to put them as could be imagined, with the big lorries trying to get round the back of the shops to unload.

Then we have folk parking there, and unloading their gear for a day on the beach. Decorators wagons. Builders lorries. You name it!

Some time ago a law was passed that made the fraudulent use of disabled parking places liable to a new fine.

The law has been enacted, and is in operation in Scotland, soon to come in here., What is different about it? Nothing much really, except it is now a £1000.00 fine for fraud of a parking place.

It seems in Scotland now, no one pinches the disabled parking places.

Dancing Ledge.

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Burt's Lane, Swanage

Burt's lane, Swanage
Originally uploaded by m.hadley.

I suppose the Council spent thousands laying cobbles to make this ancient lane more attractive. Do you think having wheelie bins permamently in the lane enhances the appearance at all?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Seal of approval

Originally uploaded by m.hadley.

I know, I know...

For those who aren't already aware, there has been a seal hanging out by the stone quay since Sunday...still there today, Friday 4 February.

(And if you see anyone throwing stones at it, you know what to do. Apparently, a couple of kids were spotted doing just this, with their mother!)

Purbeck schools: act NOW!

Avoid the Valentine Day massacre! Have your say on Purbeck school closures BEFORE 14 FEBRUARY

1/ As part of Dorset County Council's 'great debate' there is a Questionnaire you can complete to ensure your opinion is counted. You can find out more at

You can complete the Questionnaire online at

There is a real chance that much-valued schools may be forced to close, so please find out more, and act NOW.

You may also write to :

John Surowiec
Deputy Director of Education
County Hall
Collliton Park

Please act NOW, so that you don't miss the deadline.

2/ If you are particularly interested in St George's, Langton, there is a very real possibility the First School and Pre-School might be closed. You can find out more information at the meeting in the school hall at St George's, Langton at 8pm on 8 February

Your chance to change things around Swanage!

“What Swanage needs is ...”

less litter … better traffic management … the Council should listen to locals more… more affordable housing … a multi-purpose leisure centre … improved parking … more things for young people … sort out the Mowlem … more visible policing … fewer run-down shops..

so now help make it happen

Consulting the public

As part of the process of preparing a Community Plan for Swanage and the surrounding district, many volunteers have worked hard to find out the issues that concern people most. But now it’s time to make things happen. It’s time to decide which things are most important, and how to turn ideas into reality. There is help available. And some money, too.

The Swanage Town & Community Partnership is holding informal working meetings to agree the next steps forward. There will be two evening meetings at the Purbeck House Hotel and one Saturday afternoon meeting at the Mowlem committee room. You don’t have to be an expert. Anyone can contribute, as long as you are prepared to speak up and discuss possibilities.

Everyone’s contribution is needed to help create community projects that will benefit all of us. You can just turn up on the day, but it would be a great help if you can say in advance if you plan to join us: please call Roger Seaman on 554667.

Planning the next action

Members of the public are invited to take part at one or more of these public meetings:

Wednesday 9th March at Purbeck House Hotel
6.15 — 8.30 pm (Glass of wine & nibbles)

Tuesday 15th March at Purbeck House Hotel
6.15 — 8.30 pm (Glass of wine & nibbles)

Saturday 19th March Mowlem committee room
2.15 — 4.30 pm (Tea/coffee, cakes/biscuits)

The topics for review, based on subjects raised during the consultation phase

* Local environment (eg litter, dog mess, jet skis, the beach, the bay...)
* Community facilities (eg leisure centre, the Mowlem, the beach, toilets...)
* Transport & Traffic (eg public transport, one-way system, parking, the seafront)
* Young people (eg facilities, play, involvement...)
* Housing, Jobs (eg affordable houses, business opportunities ... )
* Crime & Safety, Health, Older people (eg police presence, facilities, services...)
* Tourism, Other (eg strategy, facilities, communication...)
* or Anything else

For more information, contact Roger Seaman, of the Swanage Town Partnership, Telephone: 554667 or Email at

For more information, please see:

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


At Council meeting on 31st Jan, the Mayor mentioned that someone who had vandalised a shelter had been identified by the police from the CCTV footage — and found guilty on 12 Jan (12 months conditional discharge and payment of costs)... perhaps worth publicising that the cameras do work. (Mayor also noted that an extra camera is being installed shortly).