Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tim Entwhistle?

If anyone knew/knows Tim Entwhistle, who used to live in Harmans Cross, you might be interested in what he's been up to

Blues Festival Accommodation

Does anybody have any accommodation for the weekend of the 8th Swanage Blues Festival? That's 7, 8, 9 March.

If so, please email

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanageview at 7:14 AM

Roadie wanted?

Support Worker required to assist disabled gentleman in his work as musician and festival organiser. Duties will include driving to gigs and setting up equipment. The successful applicant will be strong enough to carry up to 20kg equipment on own, car owner essential.
Rate of pay £6 per hour plus 25p per mile from gentleman's Swanage home to destination - typical evening 5 hours. The successful applicant will be paid cash by the job, but will have to sign for the money and be prepared to confirm details if requested. Hours vary according to the work offered to the gentleman, and will be between 10 and 40 hours per month initially
Will suit musician, someone interested in live entertainment, festival organising, or similar.
Reason for recruitment - current Support Worker going abroad.
Interested applicants please email

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanageview at 7:11 AM

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Since the change in colour on this blog, there seems to have been a decrease in comments. I may be wrong, but is this a factor for anybody else?
Certainly writing black on blue isn't the clearest format, and may be hard on poor old eyes!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day Centre saved!

Dorset County Council has today (14th Feb) scrapped plans to close a clutch of day centres.Members voted unanimously to save four centres, including those in Swanage and Gillingham.

Congratulations to all those who who worked so hard..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday 16th February LIVE MUSIC

There will be Live Music at the Grand Hotel on Saturday 16th February from 8.30pm in the lounge bar. Free admission, all welcome.

Steve Darrington Blues Band featuring 'Harmonica' Hugh Budden

A 'taster' for the 8th Swanage Blues Festival on 7, 8, 9 March, see

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanageview at 6:59 PM

Monday, February 04, 2008

Mowlem 'culture' (ahem)

I think this says a lot about the sort of place that will paint round (sort of) a sign on a door rather than try that little bit harder to do things properly

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mowlem reactivated

k nunneley said...

Though I am wading in to the Mowlem debate rather late, I was surprised and delighted to come across so many strong opinions. I am a Wareham resident studying for a Masters in Cultural Industries Management, and have chosen the Mowlem as the subject of my Fundraising Plan assignment. I must admit to loving the building, decrepit though it now is, and although I greatly admire Laurence's scheme I do feel that to adopt this kind of radical makeover would be to throw the baby out with the bath water. The Mowlem is a great example of British Brutalist architecture and, love it or hate it, I do think there is argument for listing it and renovating accordingly. As for who would pay for it, in my view, the Mowlem as an organisation is stuck in what is known as 'mission drift'. In other words, to stay afloat the charity is having to engage in commercial activities that go against its mission i.e to 'provide further education and improve the conditions of life for Swanage residents'. Currently the Mowlem makes it's community room available to the Mowlem Elders Circle several mornings a week, but as far as I can tell this is the only 'charitable' activity it conducts. According to my research this is probably the reason why their various funding applications haven't succeeded, and will go on not succeeding until they can show that the Mowlem genuinely benefits the Swanage community. I must stress that It's clear that the Mowlem staff do a fantastic job under difficult circumstances. Brian Travers already does the job of several people, and to expect him to be a Marketing and Development expert of the kind that arts organisations employ nowadays is pretty unfair; and the trustees are obviously an able and dedicated group. I asked Brian if he would be involved in the preparation of the Fundraising Plan but didn't hear back from him, and have had to press on regardless. I think the Mowlem has huge potential, and this plan will hopefully demonstrate how Brian and the trustees could access some major and much needed funding that would help the Mowlem really come into its own. I will, of course, make the Fundraising Plan available to Brian and anyone else who would like a copy (when it's finished, mid Feb '08). Sorry for the huge number of words, am new to this blogging lark...

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