Friday, July 29, 2005


Will PDC use its share of the below allocation to our planning system online? The article is from the Government Planning Portal:"Government allocates £170m to speed up planning performance The government has finalised the highest ever allocation under the Planning Delivery Grant (PDG) to further improve and speed up planning performance.Local authorities will receive their share of the £170m of PDG, Planning Minister Yvette Cooper has announced.The grant rewards local authorities for progress in online planning, speed in determining applications, improving housing stock provision, and developing plans for their communities.Yvette Cooper said: “The £170m finalised today is the largest so far, up £40m on last year. The grant is having a major impact on planning services both in improving their performance and in raising the profile of planning departments within local authorities.“Since 2003 we have now allocated some £350m which underlies the importance of a well-resourced local planning system to delivering sustainable communities. Some high-performing authorities will receive in excess of £1m this year.”PDG is often used to invest in planning staff or new IT systems, although the funds are not ring-fenced. The grant has contributed to a six per cent increase in deciding applications on time against a six per cent rise in applications.The final PDG includes adjustments for some errors made in last year allocations following incorrect performance returns from some local authorities.To ensure the grant is not rewarding poor performance, elements will be withheld where there are problems such as failure to defend against appeals and non-compliance with planning directions."

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


What makes local people think that visitors bring money into the town?They used to, when we had Hotels ETC...But not now. Why? Simple really! We have 2000 holiday homes here, these people that come on holiday bring everything with them. The lot! They do not provide employment. Nor do the day trippers.All these folk do is clog up the town, While if you go in the local cafes, they are virtually empty..So why have them? Admitted they will shop in our two big stores, but you can hardly claim that they provide much in the way of extra employment! For instance, try waiting at the checkouts!No, all these trippers do is wander around, then go home. So where is the money that is supposed to come in for the benefit of the town???If you take into consideration our council tax, it seems to me that we subsidise these people that clutter up our home town.Now I know that there will be "Incoming fire" but first tell me what money is brought in here by day visiters or holiday homes.....For there is nothing else!

Dancing Ledge

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Watch out, burglars about

I suppose they're always out there, but perhaps a recent break-in to a private house, while the owners were asleep, is a reminder to us all to be careful. This lot got in through an open ground-floor window. So perhaps during any hot weather we shoud be careufl which windows we leave open.

Sea Court Appeal

Anyone know how Sea Court Planning Appeal turned out?


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Stolen briefcase

Peter Hayman had his home burgled last night (18 July) and would especially like to retrieve the contents of a briefcase that was stolen. Nothing of any financial value, just paperwork that would be difficult to replace. If you find a briefcase,or have seen one in an odd place, please call Peter Hayman on 422594 - or Swanage Police on 422004. (Of course, if you know any more, all information gratefully received).

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Improve Swanage

I have been visiting my father in Swanage for over 25 years and been lucky enough to move here just over a year ago.It's truly a great place, excellent beaches, purbeck hills, corfe all on our doorstep. The town is a typical seaside down unspoilt..... but, here is where I may upset some people, I feel there needs to be some changes.Make the town from the station onwards pedestrianised, with flower beds, lighting, try to make it a more of a street cafe culture. Down by the pier area, and I know this has already been mentioned in the press, but lets have some restaurants, bistros, a gallery for local artists.What I'm trying to say is update the town. I personally think that unless some things are put into action now Swanage may lose it's appeal. The important thing is to keep the locals in mind when all this is done. Being a seaside town the revenue created is during the summer months, but culture is changing the way people want to spend their time. We do not want to become another Bournemouth or Poole but in fear of repeating myself I can imagine Swanage becoming even more picturesque and attracting even more tourists, all it needs is a planner with vision.

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Wheelie bins

With regard to the enthusiastic introduction by PDC of the wheelie bin rubbish collection - to be emptied only every fortnight - has anyone seen the advice issued by Oxfordshire county council on these bins as a potential fire hazard? Which Oxfordshire recommends are emptied before each weekend - not left stuffed full of rubbish for two weeks and, if we all follow what PDC is recommending, and recycle everything that can rot down, will be crammed with things which will burn like billy-o.Oxfordshire county council AdviceWheelie bins are an excellent innovation, for both storing and disposing of rubbish, but burn fiercely when on fire and if left or moved close to buildings and ignited, can have very serious consequences.So, we would like to offer the following advice to both householders and businesses to minimise the risk of fires in wheelie bins.•Where possible combustible rubbish should be compacted and removed.•Wheelie bins should be secured in a proper compound away from buildings.•If a compound is not available the wheelie bins should be locked shut and secured, away frombuildings.•Do make sure that smokers materials are extinguished before disposing into refuse bins.•Do not place hot items for example hot embers from a spent coal fire into refuse bins.•The bins should be emptied regularly, especially prior to weekends and holidays.•Bins should not be put out for rubbish collection until the morning of the actual collection day.•Never store bins outside doors and windows as any fire within the bin could easily spread into theadjacent building.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bubble & squeak?

We have had hundreds of extra restaurant seats added this season, at the Caravan Park, Ocean bay, Moonlight Bistro, and now, opposite Purbeck Lighting, another application. Could this be a bubble forming like in the early 1990's?

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Community Centre?

Swanage Multi-functional Centre.It seems to me they have already decided what is going to happen, so what is the point of further questionnaires? In view of the fact that I don’t think anyone is listening, I’m posting here.Everyone says we can’t afford a pool. So what exactly would be the on cost to this project of say a 30m pool, and what would the additional running cost be exactly???Wherever the centre is built, if this watered down jack-of-all-trades project goes ahead please leave enough space so squash courts, a pool, tennis courts, five aside pitches etc can be added by innovative folk at a later date.I’m not in favour of education and training in the centre, the money would be better spent funding internet based home learning. The business services bit is obviously covering up for the fact that Swanage needs more real business and office units on the Industrial Estate. Hopefully the Council will let Phil Wood run the cafĂ© in the style of the Sports Bar in Wareham, but hopefully without the discount on food given to council members of staff (50% off I’m told). This is turning into another community hall for old people. If we can’t afford it, use some of the land to build flats to finance something more visionary. We should be pursuing excellence here not just doing the minimum to placate the campaigners, families and tourists who have been let down so badly for so many years.

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Swanage Beach

This is about the Swanage beach scheme from the PDC policy group minutes.Swanage Beach –Recharge Scheme

Councillors Miller, Trite and Mrs Wheeldon declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this matter under the Model Code of Conduct (as members of Swanage Town Council which owned part of Swanage beach) and withdrew from the meeting during its consideration.

During consideration of this matter the Chair was occupied by Councillor Cake.Consideration was given to a comprehensive report on the present position with a possible scheme to recharge Swanage beach with sand dredged either from Poole Harbour or from elsewhere.

There were a number of uncertainties in relation to this scheme which were explained to the Group including Government funding, the respective duties of the Council and the Environment Agency and the need for the appointment of consultants to comply with European procurement regulations. It was also noted that, if the sand was to be dredged from Poole Harbour, this exercise would, for ecological purposes, need to be completed between October 2005 and February 2006 and, given the other uncertainties, there was some doubt about whether this timetable could be achieved.It was also reported that a meeting shortly would be held with Jim Knight MP who was now a Minister at DEFRA with the aim of seeking clarifipation on Government funding for the project.

RESOLVED that a report be submitted to Council generally in line with the submitted report, but recommending only the funding of an inter-tidal ecological survey and biodiversity monitoring with the other matters reported being deferred for more information and clarification generally

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Swanage Residents Association (25 July meeting)


An Open Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 25 July at The Mowlem Committee RoomPC Dick Clapp will talk about policing in Swanage!Please try to be there - you will be very welcome.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pedestrianise Town Centre?

(This taken from Ian Lowson's posting on Community Centre exhibition topic)
Ian Lowson said:
In view of the fact that 187 comments out of 699 referred to Transport. I would like to revive a suggestion of mine dating back to September 2002, which was at that time totally ignored by the Mayor and members of the Town Council with the honourable exception of Hilary O'Donovan, who expressed keen interest. This proposal was admittedly of such a broad and sweeping kind, as almost to invite easy dismissal, but I wish to reiterate it in the context of the proposed Community facility to be discussed July 8-15, since it is in essence no greater in scope than other proposals on the board. So what follows is a brief summary of the project:

CONSTRUCTION OF UNDERGROUND COACH AND CAR PARK TO ALLOW PEDESTRIANIZATIN OF TOWN CENTRE. 1) Seek funding (e.g. National Lottery, Millenial Commission, English Heritage, Dorset County Council, European Commission) for construction of a concealed, grass-covered multi-storey coach and car park to replace the present Victorian Avenue open parking area. 2) The Site of the underground Coach and Car Park would be the Recreation Ground along the seafront from Horsecliffe Lane to Victoria Avenue. Excavate the Recreation Ground area to a depth of 2-3 storeys. Create ramp exit and entrance for vehicles at the end of Victoria Avenue using existing lanes. (a secondary entrance/exit for vehicles is possible in Horsecliffe Lane for the use of Swanage residents, to replace the present Resident's Car Park and return it to recreation uses). The construction would require state-of-the-art tunnelling and excavation techniques that are minimally invasive, such as the Bentonite system, used to create the underpass at Hyde Park Corner and the entire Milan underground network. (This system is now generally used in much trafficked areas, allowing minimal interruption of town and tourist services). 3)In the excavated area, build a multi-storey carpark for upwards of 400 cars and coaches. Turf it over to restore appearance as a present (plant trees and shrubs! Such resurfacing over carparks already exists in several cities, e.g. Hyde Park in London, Jardins des Tuileries in Paris, Coach Stations in Madrid, Verona, etc.) 4) Create passenger exits at southern end, near the Mowlem, to pedestrianized esplanade and town centre (Mermond Place and the former beach-shelter area could provide such exits) 5) Pedestrianize Station Road and Institute Road (this would assume emergency access for taxis, SITA, ambulances, delivery vehicles, etc. along a single-lane central walkway, and early-moring deliveries to shops in these two roads) It would also entail the reversion of Kings Road East to two-way traffic to allow vehicular access to the south part of Swanage. Circulation should be enormously reduced by the virtual elimination of touristic traffic). 6) Redevelop the vacated Victoria Avenue Car Park as affordable housing for Swanage residents, perhaps combined with a community recreation facility and Pool as envisaged in the Community Plan.

ADVANTAGES OF THIS SCHEME: 1)Reduction of traffic in the town centre due to partial pedestrianization of shopping centre, as well as the esplanade from Victoria Avenue to Mowlem. 2) Displacement of the bleak and unsightly edge-of-town car park off Victoria Avenue to a more convenient, central location that is nevertheless concealed and landscaped. 3)Creation of under-cover parking for residents and visitors and long-term parking for owners of second homes in Swanage, producing a steady revenue for the Town. 4) The underground Coach and Car Park would require services, such as toilets. cafes and restaurants, which could also be accessible from Shore Road. This stretch of beachfront would evolve into a true landscaped esplanade, free of traffic as far as Victoria Avenue. 5) The two main approaches to the town - cars from Studland Ferry and coaches from Wareham would converge conveniently at the new Parking, providing easy accesss to the beach and town centre for passengers.

PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES OF THE ScHEME - NONE, I THINK, INSUPERABLE: 1) Construction difficulties - terrain,geology, erosion, ventilation, drainage, disruption of traffic and tourism. 2) Resistance to pedestrianization, inconvenience to residents and shops, conservative attitudes and environmental concerns. 3) Dependence on outside funding. 4) Maintenance problems. Afterword: Schemes of this kind are usually associated with richer and more populous towns than Swanage. But you will find many such schemes brought to successful fruition in medium-size seaside towns throughout Europe, especially in France (e.g. Monte Carlo) and Italy (e.g. San Remo). It's chiefly lack of imagination rather than lack of resources that prevents the adoption of such plans in England. Ian Lowson

Monday, July 04, 2005

Ferry Road camping banned!

This is on PDC website --

01-07-05 - Council Issues Notices to Studland Ferry Road Camper Vans

Purbeck District Council and Dorset Police have issued Direction Notices to 20 owners of illegally parked motor homes on the Studland Ferry Road in Studland.

The Notices, issued under section 77 of the Criminal Justice and Public Disorder Act 1994, were issued this morning [Friday, 1 July 2005]. The Notice requires the owners of the vehicles to remove them from the area within a set time frame. Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

Occupants were advised that Police Officers will be visiting the site on the morning of Saturday, 2 July, to check that the vehicles have been moved as directed. Owners of vehicles still residing on the Ferry Road will be reported for prosecution.

Once a Notice is served, an offence is committed if a vehicle re-enters the land within a period of three months.

The action follows months of complaints from local residents and a formal request from the Studland Beach Users Action Group and the Crime and Disorder Partnership to the Council to take firmer action over illegal camping on the road.

The Studland Beach Users Action Group, which represents agencies such as the National Trust, the Coastguard, Bournemouth-Swanage Motor Road and Ferry Company, the Fire Service, Dorset Police and British Naturism, reported threatening and aggressive behaviour towards National Trust and ferry company staff, breaches of fire regulations and health issues such as the lack of toilet facilities.

Glen Harding, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, said: “We’ve taken this action in conjunction with the Police in the interests of nature conservation, public safety, law and order, and the general amenity of the area. If necessary we will repeat this exercise throughout the summer.”

Swanage Residents Association meeting (April 2005)

rather belatedly..


Annual General Meeting – 4 April 2005

The meeting was opened by Rowland Hughes (Deputy Chairman), who introduced John Leach, the Committee’s nominee for Chairman. John gave an outline of his background, interests and concerns. There being no other nominations, John Leach was duly elected. This was followed by several statements of appreciation of Rowland Hughes’ many and important contributions during his long tenure as Chairman of the Association, as well as his successful efforts to keep the Association afloat until a successor could be found.

2. Treasurer’s Report In the absence of Rachel Kerley, Rowland Hughes noted that cash in hand stood at about £2800, and that outgoings for 2004/5 were more than income from membership subs and contributions.

3. Membership Stewart Borrett noted that current membership was about 400, compared to a high of 924, which was the result of a doorstep canvas he had carried out a few years ago. There was some discussion about the best ways of increasing membership, but it was also asked why we needed to do so? Accepting that the Associations political clout derives in large part from the size of its membership, the latter will tend to reflect the extent to which substantive issues are in dispute and the extent to which the outcome can be influenced by the opinions of Swanage residents. In this context, Rowland Hughes wondered whether the Association’s interests (as reflected in the Agenda) were perhaps too diffused. This, in turn raised the question of what exactly were the Association’s objectives?

4. Officers. In response to the suggestion that committee members should have designated roles, it was pointed out that it was extremely difficult to find enough people to serve on the Committee. Apart from the Treasurer and Membership, other roles were filled on an ad hoc basis, which had proved quite satisfactory.

5. Dorset School System. Rowland Hughes sketched in what he knew of DCC plans for the county school structure, which may have to be adjusted (or changed radically) to reflect population trends, notably the possibility of moving from a three-tier system to a two-tier one, which has significant implications for Swanage Middle School. [ROWLAND make some ref. to well-informed contribution by Peter Clarke – former teacher at Purbeck] Recognising that final decisions have to lie with Dorchester (and London), there was general concern that the residents of Swanage had not been kept in the picture as to the issues and the alternatives. The meeting agreed that the Chairman should write a formal letter to the relevant authorities expressing the Association’s concern at the lack of public information/consultation on an issue has major implications both for the families of children involved and for the future of the Middle School building and grounds. . (

6. Alcohol . Much ado about nothing

7. Wheelybins

See latest on

8. Community Plan. Cherry Bartlett gave an outline of the three well-supported Meetings held to discuss the Community Plan produced by Roger Seaman, noting that among other things, there was significant support for a Sports Centre

9. Town Partnership. David Price-Hughes reported

10. Issues of Continuing Concern

a. Seacourt, 6 Taunton Rd Beth Paxton-Brunning gave a passionate speech on the history and architecture of Seacourt and the proposed over development of the site.
b. Grammar School
c. Seawall and beach recharge
d. Policing in Swanage. Robert Owen explained some of the problems of getting Police presence in Swanage when it is needed.

11. Individual Enterprises

a. Skatepark Lorna Haines reported on the continuing development of the skate park, the installation of ‘equipment’ and the positive effects this type of facility has on the youth of Swanage. She invited members to attend the park on Thursday when there was to be a day of skating.
b. Play in Swanage
c. Sports Partnership

[Items 10 & 11 - see ongoing online discussion at ]

12. Several members commented very favourably on the extremely well informed contributions by the three members of the “Council Bridge”: Cherry Bartlett, Colin Bright, and Hilary O’Donovan. They were invaluable in allowing Association members to get some understanding of what had been discussed in various Councils and how things had turned out the way they did.

13. A.O.B. Concern was voiced about the closure of the Post Office opposite the Station.

Forthcoming meetings:

Next Quarterly Open Meeting Monday July 25th, 7.30pm at the Mowlem Committee Room

PDC Forum?

Purbeck District Council eForumPDC have put a forum on their website. Judging by the lack of postings its a state secret though. Its at Roker

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Property Prices & Second homes

Just when you may have thought things couldn't get worse for local families wanting to buy a home along comes something with the potential to make housing here even less affordable.The rules about self invested pensions will change next year and anyone with a big enough income to justify one of these will be able to buy a second home as a pension assett. All the tax saving rules about pension contributions will apply so they can renet it out tax free and even avoid capital gains tax so long as the profits go into the pension fund. They will even be able to borrow to buy to the tune of 50% of what is already in the fund. The effect is that someone buying a £300,000 flat and paying tax at the 40% rate only needs to find £180,000 with the tax break covering the rest. If there is enough in their pension fund they can borrow this, rent the place out and cover the mortgage from rental, paying no tax on the rent.It will of course be possible to invest in a Tuscan Villa but the compexities of international tax regimes make it a lot easier to buy in the UK.What a wonderful example of joined-up government when they are pretending to encourage more low cost housing!
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