Monday, March 10, 2014

Studland events March, May

Just to let you know that the tickets for Leon Hunt n-Tet on 30th March are selling fast and we are heading for another sellout. If you are thinking of coming but have not yet bought or reserved tickets don't hang around too long. Tickets (£8) from Studland Stores 01929 450204.
We also have an additional concert on 4th May, featuring the return of Paul Hutchinson - this time as one half of Belshazzar’s Feast. This duo have asked to start their 20th Anniversary tour here following Paul Hutchinson’s visit to the hall in November 2013.The much loved odd couple of Paul Sartin and Paul Hutchinson unique among the line ups of the vibrant English Folk scene, renowned as consummate live performers who mix humour and intricate traditional English Folk music in equal measures. See for more details.
Tickets will be £8 available from Studland Stores 01929 450204 in due course.
Stephen Yeoman
on behalf of Studland Village Hall

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Public transport

Better local public transport needed.

A regular, punctual, circular bus service would be a great asset for Swanage promoting tourism, cutting the number of car journeys and of great help to the elderly and infirm. I would suggest from the Railway Station, to the Pier, Durlston Country Park, Hospital, Arkwrights, Hereston via the Caravan site, the Middle School, Ship at Langton, Square and Compass, Kingston, Harman’s Cross, back down Victoria Avenue, St Georges Car Park, Northbrook Road, Village Inn, New Swanage, North Beach Car Park, Seafront and home. I would say running two, hourly services, one in each direction would ensure people don’t need to wait more than half an hour for a bus. I would hope to pay £1 for a single trip and £2 for an all day rover ticket. No bus passes. Bus drivers should be instructed, if for unforeseen circumstances, they are late at a stop no fare is chargeable; and that they should not leave a stop until the timetable stipulates. Hopefully the buses could be electric, and obviously accessible.
Fund it locally
1) With all the money from development tax, instead of stupid cycleways which only a tiny fraction of residents use. 
2) With the revenues from all this recycled stuff they make us save.

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 4/3/14 11:14 am

Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Downs

Whats happening on the lower Downs? Normally if you want to blow your nose or prune a rose bush you need planning permission. What's happening to all the top soil? Are they going to build a retaining wall? Who has actioned this with no consultation? - See more at: