Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Public transport

Better local public transport needed.

A regular, punctual, circular bus service would be a great asset for Swanage promoting tourism, cutting the number of car journeys and of great help to the elderly and infirm. I would suggest from the Railway Station, to the Pier, Durlston Country Park, Hospital, Arkwrights, Hereston via the Caravan site, the Middle School, Ship at Langton, Square and Compass, Kingston, Harman’s Cross, back down Victoria Avenue, St Georges Car Park, Northbrook Road, Village Inn, New Swanage, North Beach Car Park, Seafront and home. I would say running two, hourly services, one in each direction would ensure people don’t need to wait more than half an hour for a bus. I would hope to pay £1 for a single trip and £2 for an all day rover ticket. No bus passes. Bus drivers should be instructed, if for unforeseen circumstances, they are late at a stop no fare is chargeable; and that they should not leave a stop until the timetable stipulates. Hopefully the buses could be electric, and obviously accessible.
Fund it locally
1) With all the money from development tax, instead of stupid cycleways which only a tiny fraction of residents use. 
2) With the revenues from all this recycled stuff they make us save.

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 4/3/14 11:14 am


Anonymous said...

What a good idea. Sadly I see that DCC are planning to cut a load of bus services including evening and weekend trips on the 40 and 50. Can only hope that the country park put the summer bus on again. I expect the Heritage lottery Fund pays for this.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what happens to the huge car parking revenues generated in Swanage. All Wareham receipts go to DCC. And come to think of it the rents received from the ice cream huts, cafes, the beach and beach huts. What does Swanage spend the money on differently? Why coundn't the Town supply the above bus service, from the local revenues?

Anonymous said...

Can't say I agree with you wanting an all year round bus, I would say there is little call for it up and around Durlston.
I live in Bon Accord and the summer bus was bad enough as there is parking allowed on both sides of the road all the way up the hill into Bon Accord where there is parking on both sides of the road which runs all the way down past the hospital it was a nightmare, and the worst bit was if you are driving up the hill and on the blind bend you come face to face with the bus coming down the middle of the road, everytime I saw that bus some car driver was backing up to let it though as it's main route was in the middle of the road.
And don't get me started on the coaches that sit in Bon Accord with engines running waiting to go back down the hill to do their pick ups add the bus to that and the horns start being hit up this end of town I live up here for the peace and quiet not the diesel fumes

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should campaign for double yellow lines on one side?

Anonymous said...

So you expect to run a bus service, all year round, including all overheads, on £1 and £2 tickets.

No chance.