Thursday, January 03, 2013

Help tell the story of Durlston Castle

Help Tell the Story of Durlston – Your Pictures and Stories Needed…

An exhibition at Durlston Castle, planned for Easter this year, will tell the intriguing story of Durlston Park and Castle in the 20th Century through visitor’s photos and recollections.

Do you remember the camel at the Tilly Whim Inn? Did you listen to Jim play at the Castle? Were you at Durlston during the War?

The Rangers would love to get copies of your photos at Durlston from 1900 to the present day – from the everyday (picnics, walks or family holidays) to the extraordinary, and your stories (large or small) to go with them.

From the lady, once a waitress at the Castle who’s son (now retired) learned to ride his bike around the ramparts of the Castle, to the son of the Wartime Lighthouse Keeper, punished by his dad for stealing a box of hand grenades from the army base, or the couple who met (and were later married) at Durlston, the Rangers need your stories and photos.

Said Countryside Ranger Ali Tuckey, “Durlston is a place which has played a big part in so many people’s lives and our small collection of family photos provide a fascinating record of this amazing place and the millions of people who have visited over the last 100 years. We’d love to see your photos and create an archive of your memories and stories of Durlston”

If you can help in any way, please get in touch with Durlston by emailing, calling 01929 424443, visiting or popping into the Castle.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

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