Monday, February 26, 2007

Road works?

The third road crossing [outside Somerfield] is currently having works done. Is any of this work really necessary, where is the gain, what is the cost?

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Free money?

Well, more a case of get back what you're owed. In case you may not have seen the recent press ... your lender should not have charged an "exit fee" if you paid off or moved your mortgage elsewhere. It's simple to get a refund. I simply wrote a polite letter explaining that I believed I was owed a refund, enclosing the statement detailing the exit fee. Two weeks later cheque arrives.

Washpond Lane?

What is happening in Washpond Lane between Brickyard Lane and the turning before Herston Yards Caravan site ? There is a huge amount of fairly unsympathetic tree felling and hedge clearance; and the adjoining fields are all marked out with posts and tapes. Is this some kind of environmental improvement work ? the pleasant wooded lane is going to take years to recover and right now is a total mess. Does anybody know ?

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Saturday, February 24, 2007


A word of warning. Ignore information given on the Mowlem website. We wanted to see a film: tried to phone to check — no one answered. Looked at the website: which said it was on. Turned up -- and no, it wasn't. Result. Day messed up for two entire families. Do they provide an email address for contact? (No).Do they care? (I doubt it.)

Friday, February 23, 2007

No comment

Just thought I'd post a comment saying that I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAY AT ALL ABOUT ANYTHING. Mind you, there are an awful lot of roadworks around at the moment.
AND have you counted and mourned for all the trees that have been killed recently
Yours Ho hum

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Council tax

You lucky residents of Swanage will be paying from the beginning of April more council tax than any other householders in Purbeck.
Those with memories not that long can remember former mayor Tony Miller boasting that the investment the town council was making in the caravan park would be reaping rich rewards.
He was predicting a zero town council tax, and even, that the residents might expect a bit back.
Well that was then. This is now.
And the amount the town council is asking from you is going up rather more than 22 %.
Not the 5 % that the other council tax setting authorities - the Police, the Fire Brigade, Dorset County Council and the Purbeck Council have all been forced to keep within.
The Government says 5 %. Swanage says 22 %. As a parish council it doesn't have to stick to 5 % and the books have to be balanced.
This year the average council tax for Swanage town council has been £67.60. From April you will be paying £82.55 on average. In terms of the whole council tax it isn't much. The County council takes over £1,000. Purbeck has increased its share from £138.60 to £145.39. The police cost us on average £156.51. Considering the concerns about the police coverage of Swanage that might be considered steep. The Fire service takes £53.19. Total, for those, just over £1,400.
Then there's £82.55 for Swanage.

Have you heard any debate about it. Have I missed the discussion?

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Thursday, February 22, 2007


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Left or right?

I came across this site the other day -

It occured to me that some of the threads on this blog have a lot of "you must be a Grauniad reader" or "you must be a Torygraph reader" perhaps those posters would like to check what their "real politics" are. Perhaps they could update us if they try it out.
A few people have labelled me as an extreme right wing thinker but this showed me as being a little to the left.
Right or wrong I don't know, but an interesting experiment.

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Recycling? (Panorama Rd)

It seems many people are concerned and disappointed that the so-called "recycling" centre in Panorama Road no longer allows people to buy or take away any items. Everything is dumped and will go to expensive and often unnecessary landfill. This seems contrary to the whole spirit of recycling. If we no longer have a use for something, we should let someone else have it. See the popular "freecycle" websites [eg] It also seems contrary to Dorset County Council's own policy. See their website [ ] where under Household recycling centres, they say "Household recycling centres are managed by contractors that work to recover as much waste as possible for reuse or recycling. They are then permitted to sell most salvaged items on site."
If you think the policy at the Panorama Road "recycling centre" should be changed, you may like to write to Mr D Blackburn, Contracts Supervisor, at Dorset County Council, Colliton Annexe, DT1 1XJ or email him at

Monday, February 19, 2007

Swanage Blues Festival (2-4 March)

Thanks to everybody in Swanage who's put up a poster, made a donation, taken an advert on the website (only £12 for a whole year - still some places left!), and generally given me so much encouragement and support.

Just to let you all know that the BBC will be coming for an outside broadcast live from the festival, and if you fancy being in the audience, there's more information on the website at

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Swanage connections?

Life on Mars.

Did anyone know that Swanage has a crater named after it on Mars?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Points of view

Have just done a quick analysis of the swanageblog home page. Pier Head 56 comments, Anti Social Behaviour 70 comments - 12 other subjects, excluding "new subject" these having from 0 to 13 comments, average 4.4.
Looks like Swanage comment might be polarised between the "haves" and "have-nots".

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


On May 19th 4 young Swanage mothers will be doing the Moonwalk in London, walking through the night in aid of Breast Cancer.Emma and Susannah aim to complete the half marathon and Sharon and Anna will attempt the full marathon.Please support them by visiting
where you can sponsor them.

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