Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Recycling? (Panorama Rd)

It seems many people are concerned and disappointed that the so-called "recycling" centre in Panorama Road no longer allows people to buy or take away any items. Everything is dumped and will go to expensive and often unnecessary landfill. This seems contrary to the whole spirit of recycling. If we no longer have a use for something, we should let someone else have it. See the popular "freecycle" websites [eg] It also seems contrary to Dorset County Council's own policy. See their website [ ] where under Household recycling centres, they say "Household recycling centres are managed by contractors that work to recover as much waste as possible for reuse or recycling. They are then permitted to sell most salvaged items on site."
If you think the policy at the Panorama Road "recycling centre" should be changed, you may like to write to Mr D Blackburn, Contracts Supervisor, at Dorset County Council, Colliton Annexe, DT1 1XJ or email him at

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