Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swanage Walking Group

Is the Swanage Walking Group a bunch of old age pensioners who never venture outside Swanage and cannot walk more than 5 miles or is it the friendliest, best organised and most successful group in Swanage?

Posted by Robin from Swanage to swanageview at 29/12/11 9:24 PM

Swanage Railway (models)


At last Hornby is going to produce models of the push-pull sets that were used on the Swanage Railway between 1959 and 1964. There were 20 sets of which 4 were used on the Swanage Railway every day.

Posted by Robin from Swanage to swanageview at 29/12/11 7:20 PM

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pier Head

A planning application has been submitted for this site.

Click the title link above (where it says "Pier Head") to go to direct to the design and access statement.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

New subject

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Swanage Town Twinning Association

Does the Association make all its members feel welcome?

Posted by Robin from Swanage to swanageview at 23/12/11 10:14 AM

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

C-SCOPE Marine Plan Consultation

Draft C-SCOPE Marine Plan Consultation (Click on title for link to C-SCOPE website)

You are invited to comment on the Draft C-SCOPE Marine Plan. Your feedback is particularly important as this is a pilot project which could help to inform national marine planning. The Draft C-SCOPE Marine Plan is a non-statutory plan which aims to provide users, managers and regulators of the marine plan area, whether in public, private or voluntary sectors, with direction, policies and advice to ensure that their plans and activities contribute to sustainable development in the area. While the Plan should be taken as a whole, it is also intended to be complementary to existing plans and strategies. It seeks to avoid duplication as far as possible but does sign-post users to other relevant plans and strategies where they overlap.

Additionally there is an aspiration that the C-SCOPE Marine Plan will become a material consideration for local planning and regulatory authorities when making decisions on new applications for development, and eventually be given some statutory recognition through incorporation into local plans and national marine plans when they are developed.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Swanage cyclist

Swanage cyclist killed , driver pleads guilty.

Thoughts go out to his family as the legal side continues , at a time of the year when he will be especially missed by family and the cycling community :(

Posted by David Furmage to swanageview at 19/12/11 6:10 PM

National Trust Studland TV programme

The National Trust Studland program on the BBC.

Can anyone help me. I am looking for a copy of the program the BBC aired a few years ago about the management at Studland by the National Trust. If anyone has a copy that I could copy for use with geography students at Leeson House I would be very grateful.

Thank you

Ben Keen

Posted by benn to swanageview at 19/12/11 3:04 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Purbeck Model Railway Group

The Group meets in the Catholic Hall, Rempstone Road. The layouts include Corfe Castle and Ashburton in 1/43 scale. Should the layouts be based on Purbeck prototypes to promote the area and the Swanage Railway?

Posted by Robin from Swanage to swanageview at 18/12/11 10:10 AM

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day Centres

Peter Clark (of the Swanage and Isle of Purbeck Lib Dems) attended the DCC debate on the future of the Day Centres in Dorset. This is his feedback.

The consultation report and recommendations are all
laid out in a long report (item 7), which is available on the Dorsetforyou website.

As I see it, the situation is as follows.

D.C.C., encouraged by Debbie Ward, the director of Adult Services, seem to
have listened to the consultation. Can this be true? I believe that it is!

The overall preference was to keep the Day Centres in the ownership of
D.C.C.(option 1) This was especially so in the cases of the users of the Day
centres and their carers. Option 3 was the least popular. There was a
widespread view that income streams could be improved both by changing the
qualifications needed to use the Centres and by increasing the use of the
premises by outside bodies. The point made forcibly by Mel and Gerry Norris that
closure of the premises would result in larger public expenditure elsewhere
was also given prominence.

As a result a Partnership option was recommended. The aim would be to
maximise opportunities for partnerships with other groups and to establish
multiple use of buildings.

The Chief Executive voiced concern about how much of this would be possible.
Andrew Cattaway, the responsible cabinet member, was very positive in his
comment that 'this can be achieved.'

A fuller report on how this might be achieved will go to the May cabinet.

That's it. Good news so far, but a long way to go.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sewage on Swanage beach


Posting this partly to raise awareness of this threat to Swanage‘s greatest asset (the beach), but also as a health warning to beach users.
Raw sewage is being discharged at Swanage beach currently (0930hrs 12/12/11)

There is an incredible stench along the seafront near the banjo pier, making standing on the prom unpleasant at best, and frequently impossible. Standing at the end of the banjo peir had me wretching.

There is also a swimmer in the sea, and surfers preparing to go in. I have chosen not to risk going in the sea today.

Given that there have been no adverse weather condition (flash flooding), discharging sewage at this location is entirely unacceptable.

The public have a right to access this water, use the beach, and walk along the seafront, and this event has taken that right away. Meanwhile Wessex Water are still billing us for sewage treatment.

If you experience sewage at Swanage if should be reported to the Environment Agency who will investigate it. Here is a handy link showing you what to do....

Swanage's great asset should not be turned into a soup of health threatening shit.

Posted by Charlie The Bikemonger to swanageview at 12/12/11 11:04 AM

Sunday, December 11, 2011

High-speed broadband?

On Tuesday evening Purbeck District Council will vote on whether they should contribute £360,000 towards a £9.7M joint Dorset County Council/British Telecom initiative to install high speed fibre optic broadband across Dorset. It is my understanding that £330,000 of this money is already available as part of a grant from central government, therefore only about £30K needs to be contributed by PDC. If Purbeck District Council does not contribute then we will be left in the slow lane of the communication age. If PDC does contribute there would be a huge opportunity to create new internet based jobs across the District, and particularly in Swanage.

There will be an allotted 15 minutes for public participation before the Council meeting begins for members of the public to explain to councillors why it is so important that this contribution be made. Please come to the meeting at the District Council Offices in Worgret Road, Wareham, on Tuesday the 13th December. The meeting starts at 7pm.
Posted by Stephen Foote

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Swanage and Purbeck's 3rd Walking Festival 28 Apr-6 May

Organisers are delighted to announce the launch of the Third Swanage and Purbeck Walking Festival, which will run from April 28th until May 6th 2012.

The programme is set to be as diverse as possible this coming year, take a leisurely stroll for a mile and a half walk around Swanage, discovering the fascinating history of this beautiful Victorian seaside town, or for the more active take the day out, with sixteen miles along the South West Coast Path on the infamous 'Jurassic Roller Coaster. Expect a variety of experiences, with discounts for those opting for trips on Swanage Steam Railway, and pub lunches included for some, or how about resting your feet and eating a packed lunch, sitting in a flower-filled meadow and looking out to sea?

Main Sponsor Oswald Bailey, the outdoor clothing and camping retailer, is once again supporting the festival and says....
“We are delighted to be involved with this popular event in the walking calendar once again, as a Dorset based family firm with 19 shops around the UK, the event totally encompasses the ethos of our brand. We want to encourage people to get outdoors to appreciate what our natural landscape has to offer and this event is the perfect way to do that.”

Festival organiser Andy Pedrick, commented:
“The festival is now well and truly established and it has proved tremendously popular, it’s a great way for everyone to explore the Purbeck’s, and learn about how special the area is. Next years programme will include events of special interest, such as photography, art and food, and family activities etc. It’s going to be fantastic.”

More details can be found on the Walking Festival website,

Monday, December 05, 2011