Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swanage Walking Group

Is the Swanage Walking Group a bunch of old age pensioners who never venture outside Swanage and cannot walk more than 5 miles or is it the friendliest, best organised and most successful group in Swanage?

Posted by Robin from Swanage to swanageview at 29/12/11 9:24 PM


Anonymous said...

Is this a trick question to get us to take part, or is it a paradox to make us ponder?

Or is it really quite irrelevant?

Baggy said...

I can confirm that they do venture out of Swanage and are friendly.

Visited Studland for the weekend and came across them by Knoll House Hotel - they were very friendly.

Anything that gets people out enjoying the free fresh air and our beautiful area can't be bad.

Tony said...

Baggy -thanks for the kind comment. Details about the Swanage Walking Group can be found on our website which includes our programme of walks. Visitors and new members are very welcome - just turn up.