Monday, December 19, 2011

National Trust Studland TV programme

The National Trust Studland program on the BBC.

Can anyone help me. I am looking for a copy of the program the BBC aired a few years ago about the management at Studland by the National Trust. If anyone has a copy that I could copy for use with geography students at Leeson House I would be very grateful.

Thank you

Ben Keen

Posted by benn to swanageview at 19/12/11 3:04 PM


David Furmage said...

Not sure if this link will be any use to you

Anonymous said...

The programme won't tell your students much about geography, unless that subject has been expanded to cover the tricky task of dealing with a clique of residents.

It will teach them not to live in Studland!

Anonymous said...

It was one of the worst programmes every made about Purbeck. A very narrow representation and not a balanced reflection of the folk who live in Purbeck.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect the gent asked if anyone had a copy not what opinions you had on the subject!

David Vincent said...

This show does come up pretty often on BBC4 (just at random times), so maybe worth keeping an eye out on the program schedule.

David posted the link to the information on the BBC. If not it maybe worth asking some of the people on the Parish Council in Studland.

Anonymous said...

As it's for educational use, it's probably worth asking the Beeb.