Friday, February 26, 2010

Town Clerk to Retire

'Minutes of the recent Policy and Planning meeting (21 December 2009) recorded that the Town Clerk is proposing to retire in March 2010, subject to details being resolved. The current Deputy Town Clerk, Martin Ayres, would be appointed Acting Town Clerk for a minimum period of six months'.

Is Mr Leeson of retirement age then? If not, it will be interesting to know on what grounds he is 'proposing' to retire. This is particularly relevant given public sector stringencies especially when early retirement is almost always the most expensive option for an employer.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Childcare survey

Dorset County Council are conducting a survey for parents and carers with children aged 0-4 or children with a disability aged 0-17. Completed questionnaires must be returned by 19 March.

I found some Questionnaires on a table on the ground floor at Swanage Library. You can also complete the survey online, at:

Or you can phone Rhonwen George at the Market Research Group, on 01202 961377,  if you have any questions.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

School Consultation (Feb 2010)

'New Consultation for Wool, Bere Regis, Swanage and Langton'.
Consultation: definition - 'to seek information or advice from someone'
Consultant: definition - 'a person who is qualified to give expert professional advice'

Here we go again!

Future school provision in Purbeck - consultation
A review of educational provision in the Purbeck area is currently under way.

The key purpose is to create a school system which is more efficient, effective and fit for purpose, enabling all children and young people to achieve high standards.

Update on progress
A period of public consultation is currently taking place in the Langton Matravers, Swanage and Wool areas on fresh proposals for primary school provision. In addition, public consultation is taking place in Bere Regis concerning which pyramid of schools Bere Regis School should reside in. Copies of the consultation documents for each of these areas can be found by clicking on the link below marked "Consultation documents".

Update letters have also been sent to staff, governors and parents and can be found below by following the relevant links.

Drop in sessions are being held within these areas during March. They are informal and are designed to provide anyone with an opportunity to meet officers and to submit their views. Attendance can be at any time during these sessions. Dates, times and venues are listed below:

3 March 2010
Wool First School, High Street, Wool
3.30 - 5.30 pm

3 March 2010
D'Urberville Hall, Colliers Lane, Wool
6.00 - 7.30 pm

4 March 2010
St Mary's Catholic First School, Folly Lane, Wool
3.30 - 5.30 pm

9 March 2010
Bere Regis First School, Rye Hill, Bere Regis
3.00 - 5.00 pm

9 March 2010
Children's Centre, Chapel Lane, Swanage
6.00 - 7.30 pm

10 March 2010
Swanage First School, Mount Scar, Swanage
2.00 - 4.00 pm

16 March 2010
St Mary's RC First School, Manor Road, Swanage
3.30 - 5.30 pm

17 March 2010
Swanage St Mark's First School, Bell Street, Swanage
2.00 - 4.00 pm

18 March 2010
St George's First School, High Street, Langton Matravers
3.30 - 5.30 pm

Project Manager
Name: Rick Perry
Mobile: 07979240761
Full details for Rick Perry
Name: Purbeck Review

Full details for Purbeck Review

Missing dog: labrador/retriever

DOG FOUND> Owner thanks those who helped in search
Lab/retriever Honey went missing on Monday 15 February 2010 between Studland and Corfe Castle, near Swanage in Dorset. Honey has been seen near the Wytch farm oil field, and on 21 February was seen near Woolgarston, Corfe Castle, but she is a very nervous dog and could not be caught, although it is thought that if someone with a dog approaches her carefully it may be possible to catch her. Honey has been micro-chipped. She is wearing a disc with her name on it,and a green micro-chip tag. Honey is a much loved pet and companion and her owners are desperate to have her back.

If you see Honey , please ring her owners on 01929 425340 or 07847 242002.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Second homes

Saving Swanage from second homes

I've just bought a house here which was a second home and want to put some sort of covenant on it so that if I decide to sell it can't be used as a second home again.

How do you go about it? And what's the best way to define who can buy it? Are there always loopholes?

Thank you

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Conservation area management

Swanage and Herston both have conservation areas with stringent rules about development. These are major assets to the town both environmentally and economically.

Unfortunately there is very little awareness of the importance of maintaining and enhancing the conservation areas. So far as I know PDC has no means of monitoring them for unauthorised changes and there has been a steady attrition ranging from upvc window frames to steel shutters on business premises, the latter having been given a certificate of lawful use last year because PDC was unaware of their existence for four years. A fact which tells us a lot about how little real concern there is for keeping the character of the conservation area.

I am posting this to find out whether there would be any support for establishing an informal organisation of occupants of premises in the conservation areas, both business and residential with the aim of exchanging views and information and expressing a collective "users" opinion on proposed changes and enhancement. I recognise that the views of the occupiers are frequently opposed to one another but I think a forum along these lines would be valuable and give those involved and insight into the concerns of the others.

I am able to offer a venue for meetings which is within the conservation area and basic facilities to produce a newsletter fr example.

Any takers?

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swanage Museum/Heritage Centre

Volunteers are wanted to help with work at the Swanage Museum/Heritage Centre. If you're interested in any aspect of Swanage history, and would like to help, do get in touch. Contact details are on their website:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Classical Festival (Seranata) Kimmeridge 26-28 August

One of our readers has posted the following on the earlier listing:
I've just found that the site has now launched and does have some extremely good artists. Geoff Sewell and Blake are performing and I've just found you can buy tickets from £55 for a full day with an evening performance and free camping so I've just purchased tickets! I'd suggest people look at the site as it has everything on there about the festival including the artists and the people behind the event - which includes Geoff Sewell. I hope that helps everyone!

Who's watching?

Does anyone know if this blog (or the one at Virtual Swanage) is read by the Mayor or any members of Swanage Town Council, the Town Clerk or Deputy Town Clerk, as a matter of policy? I seems to me that they should, in order to feel the pulse of one conduit of town thinking.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Good News

Can anybody please provide just one bit of news about Swanage which is encouraging? Which would cheer one up on a February afternoon? Which would inspire any young family to want to move here? Or stay?

The news is all so bleak, negative and backward thinking. There has to be something good going on in Swanage!

Let's hear about it!

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Purbeck View School

With an advert in the local paper I see that Purbeck View School plan an expanding. Does anybody have any ideas as to where this will happen?

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sports Centre for Swanage?



From the 19th January PDC report on Council Core Strategy - Key Issues Item 2.9:

In Swanage there is opportunity to investigate how a new sports hall could be provided for the benefit of residents.'


What do Swanageview's bloggers feel about the need for this, in light of all of the other priorities for the town? What facilities would you want to see it have?

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Subject

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Swanage Railway connection to mainline

Swanage Rail link under threat if funding not secured.

* Friday, 05 February 2010

The impact on the Town and the Isle of Purbeck of losing the service in the early ‘70s was dramatic, reconnecting the line would have an equally dramatic positive impact

February 4th 2010:

A Town & Community collectively holds its breath……………..

The much loved Swanage Railway, devotedly restored over the last 30 years is in danger of missing a key deadline to re-connect to the main line as local councils ponder funding issues.

Swanage is on the Dorset Peninsula known as the Isle of Purbeck and is an idyllic Victorian seaside resort, nestling at the eastern gateway to the spectacular World Heritage Jurassic Coast. Access to the region is limited to a single road in through Wareham and Corfe Castle or via the chain ferry at Sandbanks. This limited access has always restricted the number of visitors the region can comfortably support or the ability of local residents to travel to Bournemouth and Poole for work or education.

Having originally been closed in the early ‘70s, a dedicated band of hard working volunteers have spent the last 30 years restoring the line with the fervent hope of achieving a regular service by connecting to the Network Rail system at Wareham. This achievement is now in jeopardy as a key milestone approaches, namely Network Rail’s process planning for future signalling requirements. To achieve this and give it every opportunity of re-connection after 2012, the railway in the form of the Purbeck Rail Partnership needs an investment of £3 million to be committed by the end of February.

Apparent sources of funding from the Swanage Town Council, Purbeck District Council and elsewhere have so far not been forthcoming even though reputedly significant sums of money are invested or held elsewhere.

Informed estimates of the likely increased annual contribution to the local economy of a direct rail link are in excess of £7 million so what better investment could be made in the region’s future?

“The impact on the Town and the Isle of Purbeck of losing the service in the early ‘70s was dramatic, reconnecting the line would have an equally dramatic positive impact on the region from a social, economic and commercial perspective” said Julian Maughan, Vice Chairman of the Swanage & Purbeck Hospitality Association.

Once the investment has been secured, there are still a number of tasks to be funded and completed before the line can be re-opened for regular passenger traffic. However, without inclusion in Network Rail’s Poole to Wool re-signalling scheme for 2012, it is unlikely that such an opportunity will arise for many years. Hence this is the chance of a generation.

A regular rail connection to Wareham will allow people to travel between Purbeck and the rest of the country without using their cars, thus alleviating pressure on the county’s already crowded roads, as well as the environment.

Swanage Railway is already running regular train services over most of the branch. This has a substantial impact on the economy of Purbeck and Dorset. In 2009, Swanage Railway carried a record 224,000 passengers. Furthermore, the first through passenger trains from outside Dorset since 1972 arrived in Swanage with several more planned for 2010. Even these irregular charter trains had a major impact on the local economy as they brought many people into the area, benefitting the retail and hospitality trade in Swanage

For more information please contact Mr Julian Maughan Vice Chairman - Swanage & Purbeck Hospitality Association 01929 423972 /

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Swanage Secondary School

Secondary Update. Parents will not give up !!

Swanage parents fighting for secondary school
7:00pm Monday 1st February 2010
Dorset Echo

This resolution was passed by Swanage Town Council at its meeting on 1st February:

Swanage Town Council deplores the recent decision of Dorset County Council's Cabinet (1) to conduct no consultation with the residents of Swanage on the County Council's intentions towards the future of Secondary school education
in the town; and (2) to carry out no Economic Impact Assessment of the likely economic and social effects of the planned withdrawal of Secondary education from Swanage.

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James Day Home To Close! ?

Has anybody else heard this news? I heard today that it is actually planned to close in two months time. The reason? Apparently it is not financially viable. Frankly this is a load of toffee and is more likely to be about making a quick buck by developing the site.

Call me cynical, but, don't we have enough derelict ex-care homes in Swanage already?

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Volunteer of the Year?

I learned at yesterday's Council meeting that PDC wishes to recognise a Volunteer of the Year, for each parish in the district. I suggested that this should be made widely known, to attract nominations from the community... but apparently there is only a week or so before the deadline. Although I've asked for wider publicity next year, for the moment, if you have any proposals, please publish them here and I shall make sure they are passed on. Or if you prefer to do this less publicly, send to me at mailATmikehadleyDOTnet

Purbeck Core Strategy: consultation latest

Preliminary report on PDC consultation:

Distributing new housing around Swanage, Upton, Wareham and larger villages was the preference of respondents to Purbeck District Council’s recent consultation on Planning Purbeck’s Future.   However, the response to the proposal for a large supermarket on the edge of Wareham was less clear-cut ... more on website

Monday, February 01, 2010

£1m South West promotion

A £1 million regional promotional campaign for the South West launches in
early February and is aimed at attracting visitors from London and the
South East, Midlands and Birmingham to the South West.
The campaign is being funded by the South West RDA together with various
regionally based public and private partners. The campaign aims to attract
additional visitors out of the main summer holiday season with part of this
campaign to look at  the new look regional tourism website,

What about a reef off Swanage?

The Environment Agency (EA) has supported the first phase of a scheme to
obtain permission to sink a ship that can be used as an artificial reef for
divers at Ringstead. ‘The lack of premiere diving venues in the South West
was a key finding of the recent Enjoying Water strategy, led by the EA.
They are keen to encourage more people to use the coast and inland water
for recreation in a sustainable manner.  The first phase of the Wreck to
Reef will concentrate on commissioning independent experts to produce a
series of surveys necessary to progress the project in a sustainable way.
The EA has contributed £8,000 towards a marine survey of the proposed site,
an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of sinking a vessel and a
comprehensive business plan.

Bereavement Balls

Cremated remains of humans could be encased in concrete bereavement balls
and placed on the seabed to create an artificial reef and rejuvenate the
diving industry at Ringstead off the coast of Weymouth and Portland.
The bereavement balls are part of the Wreck to Reef project, which has
already been donated a Castle Class navy ship which will be stripped down,
cleaned before it is sunk. The project also hopes to source a second wreck,
which will be used as an educational resource for schools, with live
web-cameras showing the development of marine life.

Weymouth Spirt of the Sea Festival 3-16 July

The 2010 Spirit of the Sea Festival, held in Weymouth and Portland have
expanded the event from nine days to 14 days to attract more visitors from
around the country.  The festival will take place between 3 and 16 July
2010. Roy Griffiths, the event managers from Creative Solutions, has stated
that they are looking for a title sponsor for the festival. Festival
attractions will include the hugely successful Dorset Seafood Festival, a
series of concerts on the beach and a marine exhibition. Anyone with ideas
for events can call Mr Griffiths on 01305 832512. More information can be
found at:

Child bus fares going down

[This from Wilts&Dorset website (1 Feb 2010)]
Travel for Child fare until you are 19 - all day, every day

We know that 14 is too young to be hit with adult fares and do you hate the 9 o’clock rule? Dorset residents can see this on the front page of today’s Bournemouth Daily Echo or read it on their website[ ]
Well from Saturday 13th February we are changing the rules for bus fares for young people.
* Adult fares will only kick in on your 19th birthday.
* Accompanied children up to the age of 7 will go free.
* The dreaded 9 o’clock will be scrapped. Young peoples’ fares will be available at all times. The only exceptions are Nightbuses in Bournemouth and some college routes, where the college tell us what to charge.
* For families travelling together we are coming up with some great group deals. More to follow soon.

Ship pavement

I see that the shattered stone pavement outside The Ship is being replaced today (1 Feb 2010) — and with Purbeck stone too, it seems. I asked for this (and other pavements in Swanage) to be repaired years ago. Wonder how long this will last?
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Swanage Bayview Holiday Park Transition

Anonymous said...
Could we begin yet another thread for 'Swanage Bay Holiday Park Transition' - (subtitled 'The Never-Ending Story'!) even though I am sure many are growing weary of it? It HAS achieved more posts than any other in the history of SwanageView and is clearly an ongoing topic of discussion for the town. Thanks.