Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue badge parking

Perhaps someone needs to set me straight on this one, BUT people with blue disability badges seem to be parking all over the town, and in the most inappropriate places? Many a time the occupants of the vehicle jump out and set off on their way with aliments undetectable to me. It would help if far more double yellow lines had “no loading or unloading at any time” kerb markings (where double yellow lines actually mean what they say). What concerned me were the cars parked with blue badges along Victoria Avenue today. People were obviously attending the market, but could park with better access IN the car park. They just used their blue badges to avoid paying for parking in the car park. Also at the bottom of Seymer Road/High Street there is terrible congestation for similar reasons. AND why can’t someone stop the bikers parking all over the Quay at weekends? ps don’t ask me to help they could get rough!

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 5:09 PM


Anonymous said...

The average age of the bikers is about 60. The helmets come off to reveal white hair or shiny pates. Having a large bike is often the province of empty nesters with a bit of disposable income after the kids have grown up. Do they do any harm by parking where they do?

Anonymous said...

No, unless they park where pedestrians walk. I dread to think if a bike fell over on anyone, especially a child.

Why are there always several cars parked on double yellows at the north end of Shore Road, where it meets the beach? This creates a difficulty for cars entering town, pedestrians, and the pedestrian crossing. These cars as often as not do no have blue cards. Are these people who think they are above the law?