Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shore Road (access)

Slightly off topic ... yesterday we were on the Shore Road, the closed part, as ambulances tried to get access to a woman who had fallen / was taken ill.

The paramedic car could not get through locked gates at the North end, and when the ambulance arrived it had to drive up on the pavement behind the seating shelter to get access to this road section.

The patient was clearly a hospital case and what if she had suffered a heart attck or worse?

Please do not mention 'the road remains clear for emergency and other vehicles' in the first reply ... what about an accident waiting to happen on Shore Road. The Council could be in very deep water, maybe they will be ... this is, after all A ROAD and a very densly populated tourist location likely to lead to emergencies!!!

Surely a key is available for these situations, but as the Police were about as well, I guess it is not known by the emergency services where it can be obtained?

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Anonymous said...

just ask the people in the council owned tourist info, fisherman's catch or fortes who all have keys?
However i agree the barriers are terrible. Close the road all year round by putting up access only signs and a 2mph speed limit. why should cyclist have to get off and walk?

Anonymous said...

Cyclists should be banned.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, there ARE keys, but if essential emergency services do not know where they are available from, how are members of the public supposed to know and assist, one asks?

Possibly, it could put a bad face upon what safety at a seafront should imply in publicity propaganda.

Anonymous said...

'Cyclists should be banned.'

If this doesn't happen, a clearly marked cycle lane would keep cycles in line, forewarn pedestrians of cycles, and might prevent an accident that is bound to happen.

Has anybody been nearly (or actually) run over by those demon electric cart drivers in Swanage - what really gets me are those who 'walk' their dog while they tootle along in their carts! Oh, well, its initiative, I suppose, but how do they clean up dog mess?

The Postman said...

I noticed the other day that cyclists are banned on the closed stretch of road. As for emergency vehicle access, it may be that they are quite happy to drive around the barrier. They certainly know who to contact if they need a key.

Anonymous said...

We are talking about driving an ambulance past the Mowlem entrance and behind the shelter, on the pavement!!!

The time factor was like this. We walked along the pavement by the clock, a paramedic car passed us and could not gain access to Shore Road. It, presumably went around the block past the station, couldn't get access there either. It returned to the clock again as a member of the public grabbed the attention of the driver as to what had happened. The female paramedic and the member of the public then had to walk a hundred metres or so to the patient lying on the ground in front of the loos. By the time we reached The Mowlem, an ambulance arrived, a Police car arrived, PC had a quick reccie and drove off ... the rest is already written ...

Adequate ... sensible to lock access gates ... suitable means for an ambulance reaching this isolated spot ... ? No, I don't think so!

It cannot be the first time, the next occasion may be time sensitive and result in fatality, I hope not?

Ill thought-out and not a good advertisement for Swanage.

Anonymous said...

Is the St John's Ambulance fisrt aid station not still next to the White House?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they walk in the first place instead of driving around losing precious minutes?

Anonymous said...

The female paramedic arrived in a smaller vehicle at the banjo pier, she and the lady who called for assistance walked to assess the patient.

The ambulance arrived at the Mowlem end a few minutes later.

Let's not get 'clever' on this one ... it could have been an elderly relative of yours who needed urgent attention. The fact remains that it is no use defending the undefencible ... the system is unsatisfactory.

Clearly, there was also no First Aid Post!!!!!