Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Anonymous said...

'Dead Easy' - The Premier of a new play at the Mowlem, running 10-15th July, by west end theatre playwright Jeremy Paul. Tickets on sale at box office or at the Advertiser Commercial Lane.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else heard that there are two cash points in Swanage where frauds have taken place and people have had their accounts cleared of money?

Anonymous said...

Will those who polluted Ballard Down with a large white peice of cloth with a red cross on it now remove it.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how quiet the pubs have been this year? (not just in the hot weather) Are people socialising elsewhere? And is this because drinks are so expensive in the pubs nowadays, compared with supermarket prices?

If you do go to a pub for a drink or a meal, do you feel you get value for money?

Anonymous said...

Could someone in the know enlighten
us about WiFi access from the set up at
the town Hall Please

Anonymous said...

Wow all you holiday home people better watch out now is there not a new lawa saying that unocuppied homes can be seized to house people, with no right of appeal, another crushing blow for all the hard workers !

Anonymous said...

Why was the posting about the Jazz Festival removed?

Jazz weekend?
7 Jul 2006 by The Postman
Am I right to deduce from the number of jazz-theme paintings in some galleries that the Jazz weekend is upon us? If anyone with any knowledge of this would care to let anyone know, please post a comment here.

swanage view -

Anonymous said...

I have just sat through an evenings TV and I would say 80% of the adverts were forgein dubbed cant we even make our own Tv ads now? its like watching a badly dubbed porn movie

Steve Darrington said...

Can anybody recommend a good website that will help me to compare prices of everyday items over the last 50 years please?

Anonymous said...

I see the wooden steps leading down to the beach at Sheps Hollow have been removed,making it difficult for people to get up or down. I gather this has happened twice now, for use as firewood by a few inconsiderate morons. Presumably it's the same people leaving glass bottles (and broken bottles)on the beach. How dense and uncaring do people have to be not to realise that this might seriously injure someone? I see in the Echo that on Ballard Estate a house recently had its fence kicked in and wood was also taken from a bungalow under construction.

What can be done? Perhaps if someone sees this going on they could call the police and maybe take photos with their mobile if they have one.

Paul Angel said...

Everyone (including me) has had a moan about the state of the Mowlem, especially the disgusting mock-victorian bars, so i decided to have a moan to Hall & Woodhouse, who share responsibility with the trustees (as far as I know). Here was their very positive reply:

Good news!
There is a major internal and external upgrade planned for the Mowlem in 2007. I couldn't agree more that it is currently not doing itself justice.
Thanks for your feedback.
Nick Sellick
Area Manager

Now I think that's great, and even better if they consult local people about the new look they could go for. So I thought we could have a conversation here!

My opinion: Go for a clean contemporary look with the bar that sticks out clad in oak, the signs modern and maybe backlit, the glass should be cleaned up and left as glass, the lower area where you can sit outside should have some decent benches and lighting, the interior should be white and have local art in it in a changing display, and they should reflect the modern building, the coastal location and the local art scene...

What does anybody else think - BE POSITIVE!

Anonymous said...

What's this about the town council caravan park? There was something in the paper in weymouth that the council had been told it shouldnt be selling caravams amd taking commisions on the deals and that the council might have not only to hand over the running of the bar and catering for someone else to run, which its done, but to do the same with the whole caravan park. what's going on? have I missed this being written up locally?

Anonymous said...

Have you all noticed the increased number of American, Australians and French tourists this year? The world wide marketing for the Jurassic Coast seems to be working.