Monday, September 12, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Negative Economics see:-

DAILY MAIL Friday 16th September 2011

“Are you winding my up ?
HALF the time they sit motionless, but this week when the tail-end of Hurricane Katia bent tress at right angles across Britain, 13 wind farms had to close because they were generating too much electricity.

Enough energy to power Bristol was lost and the National Grid must now pay wind farm operators almost £2m. to compensate for the disconnection, which is higher than the going rate for the fuel.

Never forget, some genius in Whitehall came up with this energy plan. Well paid for it he was too.”

In view of the corruption of the environment, ecology and shore aspect I would ask our planners to justify the economics of the proposed wind farm off Purbeck in light of the above article.

Rob Owen ~ Swanage

Swanage Senior Forum said...

A-Z Health and Care Market Place

10:00am - 12:00pm, Saturday 24th September, Mowlem Community Room


The Friends of Swanage Medical Practice, Swanage Senior Forum and Dorset POPP (Partnership for Older People Projects) have worked together to provide a forum for Health and Social Care services in Swanage.

Come and meet your GPs, Youth Club Workers, Children's Centre staff, Swanage Community Hospitial staff (including Minor Injuries Unit team), District Nurses, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellors, Advisors on drug and alcohol mis-use - to name but a few - who will be available to talk to you about how they provide care and support to our community.

Dorset POPP have kindly sponsored this event to enable us to bring together over 20 different services from statutory to voluntary to retail.

You may not need these services right now, but in the future they will still be there for you - now is the time to learn about them !

Refreshments available.

Health & Care Market Place
(for everyone from babies to senior citizens)

The Community Room, the Mowlem
Saturday 24th September
10.00 to 12.00

Do not miss this chance to speak to over 21 providers of
Health & Care Services in Swanage

Coffee/Tea + Cake £1

Swanage Senior Forum said...

Hi - could our flyer for the event be published as well ? Couldn't work out how to add it to the comment ?

Many thanks.

The Postman said...

If you have aflyer, send me jpg (or pdf) to

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest I know that our councils have certain plans for things like floods , traffic jams etc . But what plans do we have incase of a Zombie invasion ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have so little detail but it seems the buses to Purbeck School are expensive! and chaotic.

Public meeting at Purbeck on Thurs 29th - I think.

More details from Arkwrights.

Anonymous said...

A UTube item is of local interest at:- Poole Flying Boats during WW2.


David Furmage said...

Blue flag award.

So we are only meant to have 3 discharges during the bathing season. So how do we get a blue flag and is their testing to get one out of date and behind the times:( I would rather swin in clean water:)

Anonymous said...

Heroes Haven Fundraising Dinner

There will be a fundraising dinner on 13 October at Windjammers Restaurant in the High Street. Tickets to this three course repast are a very reasonable £20 which includes a £5 donation to Heroes Haven. Time is 6.30 for 7 pm.

This is a chance to have an evening out and put something into a good cause. Tickets ave available from Windjammers and from Georgian Gems.

Anonymous said...

What does it all mean? First the ducks and now the sword has gone from the stone at Wareham roundabout, it can only mean that King Arthur is come again to save us from.........

Anonymous said...

Nice place to live.


Swanage Blues Festival said...

Anybody interested in the recent Swanage Blues & Roots Festival can read comments by clicking on Swanage Blues above

Swanage Blues Festival said...

Anybody interested in the recent Swanage Blues & Roots Festival can read comments by clicking on Swanage Blues Festival above

Anonymous said...

Royal Victoria Hotel Grade II listed building ignored by planners?

There seems to be various advertising and new doors appearing on this one time revered building -but no enforcement. Is some official going to make the landlord of the East Bar take down his plastic first floor advertising board, before it's been there four years, and he no longer has to reinstate the balcony?

David Furmage said...

Council Tax blow for second home owners.

Well I would have to say about time this happen. I have always said if you can afford a second home you can afford to pay the full amount on your council tax ;)

Swanage Blues Comments said...


The recent Swanage Blues Festival was the 16th that I have organised.

If you click on the Topic Heading above - "Swanage Blues Comments" - you can read what people thought about Swanage and the last blues festival on 7, 8, 9 October.

If the link doesn't work, go to, then Past Festivals, and finally "2011 October".

Steve Darrington

Anonymous said...

Gypsy and Traveller sites for Swanage - PDC Consultation

I would like to make you aware of a Council report that has been made public today regarding gypsy and traveller sites, ahead of a Council meeting on 8th November. Consultants have been working on behalf of Dorset councils to prepare the Gypsy and Traveller development plan document. A consultation is planned for Nov-Feb across Dorset. After trawling through around 100 sites, the consultants have shortlisted four sites for consultation purposes. One is in Wool and three are in Swanage. Two of the sites at ‘Herston Fields’ and Washpond Lane have been promoted by the landowner for this purpose. The remaining site is within county council ownership in North Swanage. We are disappointed that at this stage we only have four sites for consultation, which is insufficient to meet the known gypsy and traveller needs in Purbeck. We hope the consultation will help attract landowners to suggest further sites for consideration.

Please note that Council on 8th November is only being asked to agree to publishing these four sites for consultation purposes. Council is not being asked to agree to the principal of whether these sites are suitable and should be allocated. Decisions on the sites that will be allocated as gypsy and traveller sites will come later in the plan process. By then we hope other sites will be suggested for consideration providing us with greater choice.

The papers are available here:

Anonymous said...

Co-op Heating.

Can anyone tell me what is going on with the heating in the co op. It seems to be really chilly in there in the summer months, so there must be some form of air conditioning. But now in winter the staff seem to be walking around in arctic gear. It is often colder in the store than out in the car park.

Charlie The Bikemonger said...


Posting this partly to raise awareness of this threat to Swanage‘s greatest asset (the beach), but also as a health warning to beach users.
Raw sewage is being discharged at Swanage beach currently (0930hrs 12/12/11)

There is an incredible stench along the seafront near the banjo pier, making standing on the prom unpleasant at best, and frequently impossible. Standing at the end of the banjo peir had me wretching.

There is also a swimmer in the sea, and surfers preparing to go in. I have chosen not to risk going in the sea today.

Given that there have been no adverse weather condition (flash flooding), discharging sewage at this location is entirely unacceptable.

The public have a right to access this water, use the beach, and walk along the seafront, and this event has taken that right away. Meanwhile Wessex Water are still billing us for sewage treatment.

If you experience sewage at Swanage if should be reported to the Environment Agency who will investigate it. Here is a handy link showing you what to do....

Swanage's great asset should not be turned into a soup of health threatening shit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone having problems with TV reception at the moment, a lot give the scrambled/no signal message?

Robin from Swanage said...

The Group meets in the Catholic Hall, Rempstone Road. The layouts include Corfe Castle and Ashburton in 1/43 scale. Should the layouts be based on Purbeck prototypes to promote the area and the Swanage Railway?

Robin from Swanage said...


Does the Association make all its members feel welcome?

Robin from Swanage said...


At last Hornby is going to produce models of the push-pull sets that were used on the Swanage Railway between 1959 and 1964. There were 20 sets of which 4 were used on the Swanage Railway every day.