Sunday, September 18, 2011

A-Z Health and Care Market Place (Sat 24 Sept)

A-Z Health and Care Market Place

10:00am - 12:00pm, Saturday 24th September, Mowlem Community Room


The Friends of Swanage Medical Practice, Swanage Senior Forum and Dorset POPP (Partnership for Older People Projects) have worked together to provide a forum for Health and Social Care services in Swanage.

Come and meet your GPs, Youth Club Workers, Children's Centre staff, Swanage Community Hospitial staff (including Minor Injuries Unit team), District Nurses, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellors, Advisors on drug and alcohol mis-use - to name but a few - who will be available to talk to you about how they provide care and support to our community.

Dorset POPP have kindly sponsored this event to enable us to bring together over 20 different services from statutory to voluntary to retail.

You may not need these services right now, but in the future they will still be there for you - now is the time to learn about them !

Refreshments available.

Health & Care Market Place
(for everyone from babies to senior citizens)

The Community Room, the Mowlem
Saturday 24th September
10.00 to 12.00

Do not miss this chance to speak to over 21 providers of
Health & Care Services in Swanage

Coffee/Tea + Cake £1


Anonymous said...

Just checked the date, no its not April 1st so why print this. Ohh is it because the health care in swanage is a joke? 2 weeks + for a face to face doc appt; , 4 weeks for a nurse appt: upto 3 weeks for a diabetic nurse, no medical cover at weekends community nurse unable to help people just out of hospitals, old peopel left 4 weeks before being seen by a doctor despite visits to swanage hospital. over 6 months for CBT conselling very poor physotherapy care( also only 1 appt : every 10 days despite letters from specialist. And having to travel over 10 miles for a NHS dentist!

David Furmage said...

Easy tiger , slow down your give yourself a heart attack!
Thou you have got a point;) Maybe this room in the Mowlen is the new health centre. Saves ploughing and concreting a field out in the middle of nowhere. Going to have to pop up and see what this is all about.