Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Education Swanage

Does anyone know the outcome of Education Swanage's meeting with the government last 10 August???? There is nothing up on its website and my enquiries are not being answered.

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 31/8/11 12:05


The Postman said...

I was told by Carl Styants the other day that the meeting went well, but they won't hear until October.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Postman. No doubt the Government takes its time.

It would be interesting to know how many viable parents signed up as being interested.

Paul Angel said...

I should apologise as we have been a bit slow to put out news over the summer. The interview did seem to go well, as far as it's possible to tell. It was quite tough, some really in-depth discussions, but that's to be expected and will help make sure the best proposals go through. We hope we're one of them!

One of their comments was that they were impressed with the number of parents who'd expressed an interest. We had interest from parents of about 200 children in the right age group completed our form with about the same again in younger year groups, so we were well over the minumum requirement.

It feels like a very long wait til October now!

Anonymous said...

Paul - Thank you, and I wish you every success! You will get little thanks but (like so many others) you will get your reward one day.

Anonymous said...

Previous Swanageview blogs on this subject have attracted a lot of negative feedback. Not this time. I guess that regardless of one’s opinion – for or against – everyone is waiting with anticipation for next month’s decision. I am still to be convinced that the proposed new school would be able to offer my children anything like the depth of education available at the existing secondary schools in the district\area. However, Education Swanage’s case must have been boosted by the recent school bus fiasco which has affected many Swanage children attending The Purbeck School.

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse breadth with depth!