Thursday, August 11, 2011

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David Furmage said...

I did open a new subject in the last new subject column was about red rubber bands ;)

David Furmage said...

Red Rubber Bands.

Is it me or do these rubber bands seem to be everywhere ? If so can Mr Postman/woman please put them in their pockets and reuse them again! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Red rubber band??

Are you stretching the humour a tad?? LOL.

David Furmage said...

Happiness is by far the best medicine ;)

Reece de Ville said...

Comment title : 9.4 million broadband allocation for Dorset

Here is a link to a document released by the government today detailing their commitment to superfast broadband I the uk:

As you can see, Dorset is to receive 9.4 million to help with updating broadband services. Unfortunately, allocations will be left in charge of local councils, and thus if they don't know what to do with the money, it'll be left unspent. However, it looks like local businesses and residents will have a say too, so there is hope here.

So, come on Dorset county Council - now is your chance. The money is there for the taking and the government want to assist rural areas - there should be no excuses anymore.

No excuses.

David Furmage said...

Article from the Avertiser page 4 August 18, 2011 by George Willy.


With our busy simmer season in full swing , about the last thing we want is the news of a sewage spill located in the press as happening ' just yards from Swanage's Blue Glag beach.'

Wessex Water has launched an investigation into what is delicately described as ' sewage solids ' that escaped onto the privately-owned beach at Ocean Bay following recent intense rainfalls.

As the report makes clear , if the spill had happened on the adjoining public beach- which is of course owned by Swanage council - we would be disqualified fromhavong a Blue Flag. The award recognises ' excellence in cleanliness.'
Beach owner Dick Woodford said ' The thing that appalled me is that it took Wessex Water 24 hours to turn out.I spent the first day cleaning up the mess on my own.'
Wessex Water said the spillage occurred ' following a period of intense rainfall which temporarily inundated the system'
The result was that what were delicately described as ' sewage solids ' escaped into a private beach - ' a very important seafront area.'

So anyway being a member of Surfers Against Sewage and I am hoping soon to be a representative for the them for Swanage and Durlston bay. I find this appalling and upsetting not just for myself and my family , but for the many people who use our beach.

This is SAS’s core campaign protecting the health of recreational water users from sewage polluted water.

Scientific studies have consistently highlighted that those using beaches, lakes or rivers forsports are most at risk of falling sick from an illness associated with sewage polluted water. In some cases this risk is 3 times greater than your typical bather because sports like surfing involve more immersion and ingestion of water.

Despite SAS’s success at virtually eliminating continuous sewage outfalls there are some notable brown spots’ across the country where raw sewage is still discharged on a daily basis and these areas are subject to current SAS campaigning. The main examples of this are in Brighton, Guernsey, The Thames and Northern Ireland.

We are also seeking improvements to the combined sewer overflow (CSOs) systems that pollute recreational waters all too ferquently, usually after heavy rainfall.

The way water companies plan their investment programmes also requires major attention. Much of the current investment has ignored or disregarded the impacts of climate change, in particular changing weather patterns that will result in increased flows of water into and out of the sewage works without treatment because there is not enough capacity to store the sewage. It is therefore discharged through CSO’s. More pollution incidents are expected because of this and that means more time out of the water for the likes of YOU and US!

Surfers Against Sewage have a alert text system which is free to sign up too , which I myself use and many times during the summer have received text stating sewage is going to the bay. I suggest anyone to have this text service. Link here

I hope this is sorted out soon and make everyone feel safe to use our beach.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have comments on mobile phone coverage in Purbeck/South Dorset between the big 3 providers, Vodafone, Orange, 02. I understand some people have problems with 02 at certain times as their network tends to get overloaded. Any info gratefully accepted. Thank you.

Mowlem Live Music said...

Let's all get together and support the attempt by the Hospitality Association to bring the Mowlem Theatre into the mainstream of Swanage's thriving live music scene!
On Saturday, 27 August 2011 at 7.30pm there will be three bands - well worth your money.
Click on 'Mowlem Live Music' above to go to the Mowlem website.

posted by Steve Darrington

Anonymous said...

Localism Bill

Does anyone have any thoughts on the planning aspects of the Localism Bill? This will enhance the position of parish councils, such as Swanage Town Council and enable any local group of 21 people or more to demand official recognition and support and draw up a "neigbourhood development plan" As a result, it is claimed, "Neighbourhood planning will allow communities to come together through a local parish council or neighbourhood forum and say where they think new houses, businesses and shops should go – and what they should look like." (source "A plain English guide to the Localism Bill")

The idea of a couple of dozen random and self-selecting and unelected citizens being able to take control of planning looks pretty scary to me. You notice the word "or" in my quote. You can set up in opposition to the parish council and there does not seem to be anything to stop a determined developer setting up a group if they can persuade 21 noddies to join it and writng their own neighbourhood plan for their patch of the town.

On the other hand it looks like the residents of a conservation area could put themselves in a better position to safeguard the area against unsympathetic changes, an area in which it must be said PDC have been more than a little lacking. A problem we have discussed on here in the past.

Anonymous said...

GCSE results

In case you missed seeing seeing this years results for Purbeck School here is what the Echo reported:

"Results at THE PURBECK SCHOOL showed 60 per cent of students achieving five or more GCSEs at grades A*-C, with Joshua Dobson obtaining 15 GCSEs at grades A*/A.

There were also outstanding performances by Jessica Hammond, Hannah Lyons, Hannah Roberts-Owens, Joseph Poole and Jonathan Dent, all of whom achieved 10 GCSEs at grades A*/A.

Headteacher, Richard Holman said: “This confirms the school’s recent OFSTED rating of good. The school has a number of outstanding features and we are very proud of our every student’s successes.”

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the outcome of Education Swanage's meeting with the government last 10 August???? There is nothing up on its website and my enquiries are not being answered.

BrambleBayFerryplc said...

A five-week A351 closure will be imposed 24-hours-a-day between the Baker’s Arms and Holton Heath roundabouts, forcing traffic to make a lengthy detour through Sandford, across Wareham Forest’s B3075 and back onto the A35.

The closure comes into force on September 19.

Swanage Resident said...

Title: Closure of the current rubbish tip

Does anyone else think it would be better to use the current rubbish tip site as a car park for visitors and locals to use to park and walk along the coastline and enjoy the countryside rather than just filling it all in and fencing it off like the old tip was when that was closed?

All they would have to do is remove the fencing and the rubbish containers to turn it into a car park.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Rainbow Kebab Licence extension

I note the number of responses has reduced to over 150 down to 146. Censorship ?

Anonymous said...

Affordable town/village business premises

Is anyone else finding it a problem to find start up business premises? Is this similar to the housing situation, in that there is plenty of it, but there is very little that is affordable.

Asking around quickly we have come across a number of people who are looking for premises to run a business from.

How big is this problem ?? It seems there is a need for start up business/workshops/farm buildings/barns, that could include a range of business uses.