Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Broadband funding for Dorset

£9.4 million broadband allocation for Dorset

Here is a link to a document released by the government today detailing their commitment to superfast broadband I the uk: http://t.co/RhHnFew

As you can see, Dorset is to receive 9.4 million to help with updating broadband services. Unfortunately, allocations will be left in charge of local councils, and thus if they don't know what to do with the money, it'll be left unspent. However, it looks like local businesses and residents will have a say too, so there is hope here.

So, come on Dorset county Council - now is your chance. The money is there for the taking and the government want to assist rural areas - there should be no excuses anymore.

No excuses.

Posted by Reece de Ville to swanageview at 16/8/11 9:12 AM


Anonymous said...

We may well be raising flase hopes. I just did a speed check for a location in the town centre and this said I should be able to get 17 mbps. Cue for scornful laughter I suspect but does anyone manage this? I have a nasty idea we will be told that we are OK as we are.

Although this money allocation sounds good it is contingent on match funding being found and as all the public bodies are cutting furiously this may not be easy to find. I suspect that a large chunk will go to upgradingg the DCC WAN which provides a network for all CC facilities and schools. The rest on bringing up speeds for rural locations to 2mbps possibly.

Anonymous said...

BT offer a 20mbps business package here. Whether you would see more than 8 is debatable though. I can't help thinking cable is the answer and however much they pay around with ADSL it will never be as good.

Anonymous said...

we can't even get to Wareham on the train!

Anonymous said...

One day you may even be able to get a boat to France from Swanage. Oh, hold on, that was in 1911 not 2011 when you could get a train to London. Perhaps someone will set up an airship service.

The Postman said...

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