Thursday, October 25, 2007

Martin Johnson Band: Tonight, Thursday

TONIGHT (Thursday 25th October) for the last time at the Kings Bar, Kings Rd East, Swanage
Starts at 8pm, followed by Frankie Rudd at 10pm and then Disco at Midnight.
Admission Free

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Anonymous said...

Local Live Music Venue Closes

The demise of the Kings Bar will leave a terrible hole in the local live music scene.
The Victoria Club was ruined by the loss of the upstairs club room to flats.
The Kings Bar will become shops below and flats above. What a terrible shame.
For those of you who didn't know, the Kings Bar hosted six blues festivals, several jazz festivals, open mic nights and more. There were gigs by artists such as JAMIE CULLUM, LIANE CARROLL (both jazz pianists and singers), BEN WATERS (international boogie woogie pianist), THE GUV'NORS (7 piece funk band), saxophonist CLAIRE HIRST, trumpeter BARBARA SNOW and, at the recent new blues festival, members of Jools Holland's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.
Not forgetting all the wonderful music from local artists such as Jon Sibthorpe, Frankie Rudd, Steve Darrington, Martin Johnson, and so many more.
The Kings Bar offered a positive affordable alternative to the Mowlem Theatre, because not only did the owners give it free, but they were always ready to spend their own money to encourage live music.
Thank you Bruce and Chris for giving us so much great music over the years.

Now what will happen to the local live music scene?

11:48 AM