Sunday, January 29, 2006

Takes all sorts

For several years now this Country has been invaded by people from all over the world. many of them willing to work here for wages that are to say the least abysmal.

It seems to me that any firm or Company that employes these people should be named and shamed.
Not only that, the local folk should be made aware of just who cares little about their own Country.
We have no need for Eastern Europeans here, not if they are prostitutes or workers in hotels or cafes.

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 1/29/2006 12:57:47 P


The Postman said...

Well -- no posts have yet been censored on this site, which says something about users over the last year or so. Some close calls though. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I would agree it's immoral to pay people less than the legal wage. But it seems to be clearly racist to be asking people of foreign origin to go home. And I can't agree with that.

What do others think? Free speech or draw the line somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Racist? That is pushing the imagination more than a little. If you think that we do not have a problem go and look at any of our cities. You will be lucky to hear your native language spoken.

It is time the British stopped burying their collective heads in the sand and woke up to what is happening here.

Anonymous said...

I have just spent last weekend in one of the larger hotels in Swanage, where the junior staff were Hungarian. Every single one of them was friendly , courteous and efficient.This is in marked contrast to the surliness and general poor behaviour of the local youths hanging outside the arcade. I for one am pleased to see these people in our country.

Anonymous said...

This kind of vile and ignorant rubbish saddens me beyond belief. Exploiting anyone is wrong. Exploiting people's ignorance and trying to pass this off as "reasonable comment" is wrong too. I won't go into detailed refutations, but I will just remind the original poster that xenophobia is born of fear. If you're afraid , it's our society you're afraid of. Why are YOU so insecure? Peverilpen

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to learn that there are still some around with little grasp of what is going on in their own Country.
What you appear to say is that you would not employ British people, But you would employ foreigners.

To accuse another of fear because he has the well being of his Nation at just talking through your hat.

If you are British? then it would be better if you stopped and had a look around your Country.

People like you not prepared to defend their own land.

That saddens me. Or are you talking though your pocket?

Anonymous said...

My worry is not "foreigners" in this country but racist small minded stupid people who blame anyone not exactly the same colour or religon as them for all the worlds problems. Why not crawl back under a rock and close your eyes, then you will not have to worry about the country and we will not have to worry about you.

Anonymous said...

And anyway, I thought the BNP already had it's own web sites. Peverilpen

Anonymous said...

Not only aware of what is happening in this world. But it sounds as thought you just laddered your tights.
I suggest that you crawl back under where you came from in the dark unaware of what is happening

Anonymous said...

"just laddered your tights" ah racist and sexist, 2 stereotypes for the price of one !!

Anonymous said...

I have read all comments on this subject and can see both sides, I myself run a company in London were it not for so called Foreign workers, I would have no staff! British/english workers as you call them do not want to work in the freezing cold as warehouse men. we actually have labour shortages in the UK an we would be in dire straits without them!

Anonymous said...

I also go to local london stores where as you say english is a foreign language, we are losing our identity as a country but their has to be a fine line between both arguments. not all foreigners are on the take, I have had the pleasure to meet in my work some very decent people. We are the worlds nation, think of spain/France and now Bulgaria invaded by Brits for cheap summer homes!

Postman2 said...

I worked all over Europe when I was younger, often for very little, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I never experienced any of the racist, xenophobic opinions expressed on this blog thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the original poster. I can't find a single Purbeckian prostitute in Swanage any more and I'm fed up with the situation. Can't the council do something?