Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ye olde councille websitte (oyez)

Has anyone checked out the Swanage Town Council website? Here are a few things that are wildly out of date, there must be more!! apparently,under Disability Info, Randalls still exists in Station Road and Emmanuel Baptist Church still has a step, long gone. Electric wheelchair hire is available in Wareham at St Johns Hill. Under Churches they should be aware that the Brethren Chapel closed several years ago. What else is wrong, out of date and or misleading? Have a look and see!

Posted by Barnacle to swanage view at 10/25/2005 08:06:19 PM


Anonymous said...

Its a lost cause. There was some discussion months ago on Swanageview about the state of the Town Council site. I contacted the firm which designed it but they said updating it is down to the council. It is, as they say, a trip down memory lane. Maybe they are hoping that if they keep it untouched for long enough it will be a source for historians.

More importantly where are all the documents, like minutes of council and committee meetings and accounts which other councils publish on their sites? Take a look at how small towns in the US do it. A miracle of transparency compared with our lot. They actually seem to enjoy telling the public what they are up to. What price open (local) government.

By the way, did anyone from the Bretheren establishment think to ask the council to remove their listing when they went? Most unlikely.

Anonymous said...

I went into the local library to ask if I could log on to STC web site and download a list of Councillors and their addresses. The librarian discretely told me not to bother trying and it would be quicker to walk up to the Town Hall and ask for a printed copy...

Anonymous said...

If someone can supply a list, i will add it to the site at

Anonymous said...

I owe the council an apology. Theri website does have minutes of meetings and the most recent are only a few months old. They go up to June 2005 for the council, May 2005 for policy and resources but only April 2004 for best value working groups. Unfortunately the list of agendas ends at May 2004. Could try harder as it always used to say on my school reports.

You can find this under home >> council >> meetings >> meetings information so it does not exactly though itself in your face. The link entitled "concillors" which one might expect would lead to a list of members in fact leads to a page headed Best Value Performance Plan 2003/2004 as do several other links!